Full Measure After Hours: Clean Energy’s Dirty Little Secrets (PODCAST)

We all love the idea of green energy and saving the environment, but must reconcile with the toxins and pollutants created during clean energy production, operation, and disposal.

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14 thoughts on “Full Measure After Hours: Clean Energy’s Dirty Little Secrets (PODCAST)”

  1. Sandra Gail Gildroy

    Sharyl, your reporting is stellar. I learned so much from this podcast. We mostly hear Go Green, Go Green, Go Green on regular news sites without ever hearing the toxic down side.
    Thank you.

  2. Love most of your investigative reporting but the one on so called green energy. You never showed the benifits of no carbon small footprint enormous power generating New generation nuclear power. Thorium is the most amazing.

  3. Another aspect of using green energy, especially in electric vehicles, is using large lithium batteries to power these vehicles. The damage that lithium mining causes is also an environmental disaster.

    1. Oil and gas well drilling not an environmental disaster, wake up and look around you. Ever visit Texas? Someday you will have to clean it up with your tax dollars

  4. A few days ago, many conservatives were gloating over the fact that a new study claims that ethanal is worse for the environment than regular gasoline. They don’t seem to realize that this study will not be used as a reason for returning to regular gasoline but rather to force more people into electric cars or even to deny people the right to own ANY kind of private automobile.

  5. The proved many new physics Energy idea’s !.. Example Did you Know you could Harness the Thermo- Water in Yellowstone Park and Raise the Pressure reactivity with restrictors to Turn Even more New High pressure water pumps in series energy fields, than use them all in series to Turn many New Green Energy Thermo- Reactor Turbines IV. ( E>>P;E ) Wm. A. Many past Physics discoveries, Rochester, IN.. ‘ Aea 15 Indiana’ the wonderful thing is creating New energy inside of pipes that never exhaust or have to further process Hydro- carbons… ! America Book of New physics secrets from Area 15 Indiana where physics happened….

    1. Thank you for watching “Full Measure” and listening to the podcasts.
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    1. Thank you for your support! You can download podcasts several ways. What platform are you using? Typically, you can download them from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Art19, or wherever you prefer to listen. You can also download the episode from my website post, just by clicking download. I hope this helps!

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