(UPDATED) Another New York man is the latest black suspect jailed in suspected racist hate crimes against Asians

A homeless black man reportedly stabbed a 35-year old Asian woman more than 40 times after following her into her apartment.

According to the New York Post:

The homeless man accused of killing Christina Yuna Lee inside her Chinatown apartment was ordered held without bail at his Monday night arraignment after prosecutors claimed the fiend stabbed Yuna Lee more than 40 times.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Jay Weiner granted the district attorney’s request to remand Assamad Nash, 25, who was charged with murdering the 35-year-old creative producer and leaving her butchered inside her bathtub after following her home early Sunday.

Photos courtesy of New York Post. Read more here.

Suspect Assamad Nash (left) and Victim Christina Lee
Courtesy: NY Post

Previous stories:

Another black man in New York is charged with a violent, unprovoked attack on an Asian person.

Police say Simon Martial pushed 40-year old onto the subway tracks to her death Saturday night.

Michelle Alyssa Go Photo courtesy of: New York Post

The following is an excerpt from the New York Post in July 2021:

A woman charged in a string of anti-Asian hate crimes in Queens was ordered held behind bars without bail Saturday.

Maricia Bell, 25, told police she was at the scene of the four attacks, which began on May 23 and ended Wednesday, when she allegedly hit a 75-year-old woman in the back of the head with a hammer, according to the criminal complaint against her.

Police showed Bell a photo of the last victim, who was taken to the hospital and needed seven staples to close the wound.

“I was there. She was begging for money. I hit her,” Bell told police, according to the complaint.

The woman, like all of the victims, was Asian American.

Read the rest of the New York Post article here.

Suspect Marcia Bell is allegedly responsible for four separate, brutal attacks on Asian-Americans

Original article by SharylAttkisson.com below:

Two more black men have been arrested in New York City in connection with unprovoked attacks; one on an Asian man and another on a police detective.

Authorities say ex-con Jarrod Powell was caught on camera stomping 61-year-old Yao Pan Ma in the head as Ma was collecting cans. Caution: the video is brutal.

Above: New York Post article about Jarrod Powell’s arrest
Victim Yao Pan Ma

Separately, police say Akeele Morgan walked up behind a New York police detective and hit him in the head with a stick.

Police identified the attacker as Akeele Morgan

The original article follows:

Another African-American man has been arrested in an Asian hate crime in New York City.

Police say Juvian Rodriguez began hurling insults at an undercover Asian police officer saying, “Go back to China before you end up in a graveyard!” and “I’m gonna slap the holy piss out of you and stab you in the face.” Rodriguez was arrested and quickly released.

Juvian Rodriguez allegedly assaulted an undercover Asian police officer

Meantime, an Hispanic man charged with trying to shove an Asian undercover cop onto subway tracks was also released without bail without bail today with the judge proclaiming “My hands are tied” under New York City bail reform rules.

Ricardo Hernandez faces three hate crime charges in the attack on a police officer on a train platform in Long Island. Police say he has at least 12 prior arrests under his belt. Hernandez reportedly approached the Asian undercover police officer and tried to push him on the subway tracks saying, “That’s why you people are getting beat up…I got nothing to lose..I will f–k you up!”

Police say Ricardo Hernandez used racial slurs as he tried to shove an Asian undercover police officer onto subway tracks
Courtesy: CBS 2 New York

Previous reporting follows:

A new arrest in a five-month-old hate crime against an Asian couple in Washington State makes the fifth time in a week an African-American male has been implicated in possible hate crimes.

Police say a 15-year old African-American teenager is charged with second-degree assault in Tacoma. They have not released his name.

A teen attacks and punches an Asian couple in Tacoma, apparently unprovoked

In Charlotte, North Carolina, police have charged an African-American man, Xavier Rashee Woody-Silas, for allegedly violently trashing a convenience store with his friend yelling racial insults at the Asian-American owners.

One of the store owners said of the attack, captured on surveillance video, “he just walks in the store with a metal pole. No one sees it at first until he starts hitting things with it. …His friend came towards the end, stuck his head through the door and said ‘That’s what you get. That’s what you get you Chinese motherf******.’”

Police say Xavier Rashee Woody-Silas trashed a
convenience store owned by Asian-Americans
Xavier Rashee Woody-Silas is under arrest after North Carolina anti-Asian rampage

On Saturday, New York police released the photo of an African-American man who allegedly committed a crime against an Asian woman and her children on the subway.

Authorities say the suspect used anti-Asian slurs and spit at the Asian family, then “knocked the victim’s cellular phone out of her hand and proceeded to kick it out of the back door of the subway car, onto the tracks as the train was still moving.”

Police allege this unidentified man committed a
hate crime against an Asian family in New York City

Earlier in the week, also in New York, police filed hate crime charges against another African-American male in a brutal attack against an Asian woman. Police say 38-year old Brandon Elliot had previously stabbed his mother to death.

Brandon Elliot was arrested in a New York hate crime

And on Friday, an African-American man, Noah Green, allegedly ran over two white police officers at the U.S. Capitol, killing one of them.

Green, reported to be linked to the radical Nation of Islam Muslim group, was shot on the scene when he allegedly jumped out of his car and lunged at police with a knife. He later died. Police have not speculated as to whether he may have targeted his two victims because they were police or because of race.

Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans was killed by an attacker Friday

Officer Billy Evans was killed. The second officer, Kenny Shaver, was released from the hospital Sunday.

Capitol Police Officer Kenny Shaver is released from the hospital Sunday
Noah Green was shot after allegedly attacking U.S. Capitol Police

In the Tacoma arrest of the unidentified teen, videos apparently recorded by at least two attackers shows one of them lunging at and punching the couple while the woman screams out. In another clip, the person recording the video is cussing and lunging at the Asian man, and using racial slurs.

The Asian man, 56, reportedly suffered a broken rib. He told KIRO-TV that he “filed a complaint about the Nov. 19 attack the same day, but heard nothing from police. More than four months later, a family member identified the couple in the viral video of the incident when it was played on local news.”

The man told reporters he forgives his attacker.

“I want him to be better. I want him to know this is bad.”

No word on whether police are still looking for the second teenager involved.

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47 thoughts on “(UPDATED) Another New York man is the latest black suspect jailed in suspected racist hate crimes against Asians”

    1. And don’t forget those two black girls who killed that non-white guy in DC a couple of weeks ago while they were stealing his car.

    2. The simple recognition of this trend will be made to appear racist which knowing you through your work is not the case. But that won’t keep the one trick ponies at CNN and MS-DNC from painting you as such. Furthermore in order for a problem to be fixed there must first be enough integrity and intelligence to recognize THE problem. Characteristics lacking in the Democrat Party and at the risk of being redundant except the usual media. You are NOT usual. I grew up as a Democrat proud of my grandfather and his cousin Harry who dropped the big on on Japan twice. By today’s standards they would be republicans.

  1. Thank you for your dauntless effort to expose, and share, the truth Sharyl. Until I read this article, I thought the left wing media was trying to blame Asian hate crimes on white people.. like they do all other racism.

    1. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for black people to be “racist, bigoted, homophobic or mysogenistic! This CRIME is only relegated to WHITES! Everyone knows that!

    2. We need to have a long, uncomfortable national discussion about racism in this country. With inner city black males. It’s long overdue.

      They can turn in their illegal street guns and other weapons at the door.

      Consider that only 13% of America is black, and consider their oversize share of the violent crime in this country. And black males make up maybe 4% of the total black population after allowing for women and kids. Maybe 3% after deducting those older folks beyond their shootin’ years.

      It’s a conversation that will never happen, no matter how stupid things get. The fact is that pointless violence is a shameful characteristic of this demographic, and has been for decades. Our squeamish, pearl-clutching politicians and the bootlicking liberal media won’t touch it with a stick.

      If pointing that out makes me a racist, so be it. I’m not, but that will be the story.

      1. For a person, any person, to partake in conversation there needs to be a minimum level of intelligence; which has nothing to do with education.

      2. The problem with ‘illegal’ street guns is that they were either sold by legal gun owners who then reported them as stolen or they were stolen from gun owners who are either too irresponsible to safeguard them or too stupid and probably both.

        1. key word in your statement seems to be “stolen” from gun owners -isnt that a crime? As for legal gun owners selling guns and reporting them stolen , thats really your answer for thugs having guns ? nothing more needs to be said about your statement

        2. Concealed carry laws that force you to leave guns in your car when going to certain places are part of the blame. What is the more likely scenario.: 1) a law abiding person using his legally concealed weapon by mistake at a forbidden place or 2) his weapon, stolen out of his vehicle while attending the forbidden place being used by the criminal who stole it to commit other violent crimes.

        3. Yes it’s the gun owners fault not the degenerative criminals who uses the stolen guns to kill people. What a dip! Answer me this genius, why do the areas of the country with the most gun per capita and the least restrictiotive gun laws have less gun/gang crime than the areas that have the most stringent gun laws?

      3. Witnesses, videos, affidavits, statistics…they’re all LIES because they dispute the Party Line. Wake up comrade ‘bobdog’. There is no proof but ‘Party’ proof, there is no truth but ‘Party’ truth. See you at the show trials or maybe the Gulag.

  2. The attackers are all weak people who would never become anything to anyone. They have no talents and resent OTHER PEOPLE for THEIR lack! EACH HUMAN BEING has within them to BECOME. It just takes work BUT they think that it shouldn’t!

    1. While all that may be true, but because they are weak, they seek out weaker victims and make sure they, the attackers, outnumber the victims.
      They are Violent for the sake of being Violent. When they get back with their friends, just like them, they can brag about the damage they caused upon an innocent and weaker person.

  3. What is going on! I read NYC news every day and every day there is an attack of an Asian by an African American, some vicious – especially one on the subway where the black attacked an innocent Asian male and beat him until he was crumpled in a corner. It was videotaped, but no one helped probably scared for their lives. Why doesn’t Obama or some other black icon – maybe Oprah? – come out and call for peace. Attacking someone because of their race is WRONG. We went through the “polar bear” attacks – now this. Enough already!

    1. The ‘icons’ see nothing wrong with what is happening. Most of them probably approve. Many would like to participate, but do not dare.
      All of a sudden, attacks on Asians became an epidemic and came to the attention of the media. Hundreds of attacks went unnoticed the past year or so, because they do not want to give Blacks a bad name by reporting the truth.

  4. Here’s the dirty secret.
    If POC were not included in the crime statistics America would be as safe Luxembourg.

  5. Yes, the threat is real but the important point everyone is missing is that this isn’t new. Attacks on Asians by Blacks have been happening for a very long time.

    I was born in this country. As an American of Asian ethnicity, I have always felt comfortable and accepted among White Americans, Eastern European Jews and Latinos. On the surface, we may look different but we share a common view in the importance of family culture, work ethic, objective morality and good humor.

    In my personal experience with Blacks, I can only describe it as “contentious” and I think the topic requires a deep-dive understanding of why this is the case.

    I feel Blacks have held a bitter grudge against Asians and in some respects, against Jews because we are held in esteem by the mainstream media and academics as “model minorities” — people with the right aptitude and attitude to excel in this country given the challenging circumstances.

    Asians don’t usually cry racism unless it’s against Affirmative Action policies and racial quotas that end up hurting Asians at elite schools. But for the most part, Asians are not involved in the mud-slinging in politics because they come from countries where speaking up can cause unintended harm to their families.

    No doubt this caused tensions with Blacks especially in communities where Asians own businesses. As Blacks suffered from what they perceive as “structural racism”, Asians have benefitted from the same system. This inverse relationship is probably the source of animus which Blacks have against Asians.

    Even before COVID or the squabble with the CCP, Blacks have been hostile to Asians. In fact, only Blacks have ever called me a “Chink” or a “Gook”. In violent attacks against Asians, it is usually from Blacks. In armed robberies, Blacks. In public schools where Asians are harassed or attacked, yes, Blacks.

    I don’t expect Public Officials to do anything about this. The Mainstream Media refuse to call this out for what it is — Racist Attacks on Asians by Blacks. There is only so much Law Enforcement can do. I seriously doubt the Black community will be honest enough to recognize the racism within their own never mind stopping the attacks.

    This can’t keep happening. Asian Americans have the same rights to the 1st and 2nd. I’m not saying we have to go full Korean Rooftop on Blacks but if our mothers and grandmothers are being violently attacked, what would you do?

    1. Growing up and working the first part of my life in the northeast in the seventies I was aware of the animus toward people from Asia in that region of the country.

  6. Hate knows no boundaries. It comes in all colors, sizes, religions (unfortunately) and political associations. We are all susceptible. God help us.

  7. I lived in LA county during the Rodney King riots. Blacks were ruthlessly attacking Asians and Asian-owned businesses. This is well documented.

    I can only assume Asians are considered easy targets.

  8. i don’t know why we keep referring to black americans as african-american. i don’t refer to myself as european-american ….maybe, i should ..maybe, i’m a taupe american …maybe, i’m a non-violent american …maybe, i’m a had=a=father american …maybe, i’m a respected-my-teachers american …maybe, i’m an american who gives a fk …but, one thing i’m disappointed to say …after the knock-out games, the stacy abrams and the don lemons, the sharptons and the michael browns, the ayanna pressleys and the joy reids …i use to like black folks ….now, i don’t trust them …not a single one ….and that’s a crying shame …because now, i’m a racist..

  9. “The only conclusion I can reach is that white people are the problem, most specifically, white Christian men because….. white people”. – MSM

  10. https://hanblecheya-19106.medium.com/change-the-rules-win-the-game-3f1910da9ca8

    Just do what the dems did, only 1000 times smarter.
    Your web site might consider advocating for a realistic strategy towards winning instead of just reporting all the crimes committed by our criminal syndicate govt./media/academia/corporate conglomerate.
    Reporting censorship, or how criminal the DOJ is doesn’t actually accomplish anything. Getting conservatives to use their 37 state advantage to replace horrible governance with the most egalitarian form of governance possible is an opportunity that only comes along once in a specie’s history;

  11. Yes, I expect Blacks to commit a disproportionate number of hate crimes because Democrats continue to lie about their discrimination and victimhood. Democrat leadership has blood on their hands. Words have consequences. Preach love not hate will diminish hate crimes. GOP not doing a good job either.

  12. Metaphorsbwithu

    If the national media don’t report the facts it isn’t happening.

    “Hate crime” designations only apply to one class of people.

    Misinformation is often exceeded in damage done by simply not reporting the truth. The left is expert at exploiting bad behavior but assigning the blame to their targeted opposition instead of the real culprits.

  13. How ironical is that? Blacks fighting for and demanding equal rights and then they go on to assault Orientals just because of their looks.

    I for one am sick and tired of the lame stream media hushing these reports of blacks assaulting other ethnicities. Barely a peep. But reverse the races and everything little thing is front page news.

    Between our current government and the fake news people, racial tensions have increased exponentially.

  14. Blacks seem responsible for at least 80-90% of these anti-Asian hate crimes, yet last year the media were blaming (drum roll) Donald Trump, because he used the term “China virus.” The preponderance of black perps may be one reason that authorities often seem reluctant to classify these as hate crimes despite the apparent absence of any other motive, such as robbery.

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