Asian-Americans: ‘Silent Minority’? (Podcast)

We examine the debated status of Asian-Americans, with some fellow minorities attempting to label them as “white adjacent” or non-minority due to their success as a group in American society today. Vietnam-born Hung Cao is Exhibit A.

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4 thoughts on “Asian-Americans: ‘Silent Minority’? (Podcast)”

  1. Ken Lipstock, M.D.

    I would like to make some comments about your interviews on your TJ Gov. School segment. The past graduate of TJG school, who is an Asian female, mentioned that more important than merit was “diversity” and “equity”. Those two ideas were simply floated out there with no further discussion. Where is the evidence that diversity is a good in itself. Within medicine now the left is proposing that healthcare become segregated again. They have a robust cottage industry of poorly done research to corroborate their narrative of increasing diversity. But in actuality there is no scientific evidence that black doctors take care of black patients better. But they try to make this claim to set quotas to increase the number of people of color entering medical schools. They have discounted academic excellence in favor of diversity and equity. When it comes to health care this is very dangerous. See this:

    The Asian lady you interviewed said that we should have a diverse work force that can better work with a diverse population. Just as it is in medicine, if we turn our backs on merit and institute racist policies for an amorphous, unproven benefit of diversity our society will take a downward spiral. It is more important to educate a diverse population early on in life so they can achieve without quotas being set.

    A simple question would have been, why do you think increasing diversity at TJ over pure academic achievement is a good thing. If she says it will enable people of color to work better with people of color in the workforce, then one might ask….is that so for engineers at NASA, physicists planning new forms of energy, surgeons, cosmologists? Lawrence Kraus, one of the country`s greatest living cosmologists recently stated that this DEI thing is nuts….what we need is graduate mathematicians and physicists that are the best at what they do. Yep.
    And if she says, for example, white doctors are racist and implicitly biased then have her read the following article that debunks one of those poorly done studies that the left continuously points to to corroborate their narrative.

    Sharyl, thank you for what you do. I hope you take this as constructive criticism. I love your work.
    Yours truly,
    Ken Lipstock

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