Pharma developing human bird flu vaccine for possible future pandemic

The following is an excerpt from The Vaccine Reaction.

Pharmaceutical companies GSK (formerly known as GlaxoSmithKline), Moderna and CSL Seqirus announced that they are developing and ready to test human vaccines against avian influenza H5N1 (also known as bird flu) as a precautionary measure to prepare for what they believe may be a future pandemic.

Now that certain strains of H5N1 have infected not only birds but also animals, vaccine manufacturers have said they could develop hundreds of millions of doses of bird flu vaccine for humans within months if a new strain of avian influenza were to begin infecting human beings.

Moderna had been working on an experimental mRNA pandemic influenza vaccine prior to 2020 that was modified to create the Covid vaccine, and Moderna officials report the company plans a small human trial of an mRNA pandemic flu vaccine in 2023 that will contain the new H5N1 subtype.

Sanofi Pasteur already has a vaccine targeting the H5N1 virus in stock that company officials say could serve as a basis for producing vaccines containing current strains of the virus.

A GSK spokesperson said the company was awarded contracts with the United States, Canada, the European Union (EU) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to supply a vaccine in the event of a potential bird flu pandemic. The spokesperson stated:

This will ensure the ready production and supply of this vaccine, and together could provide at least 200 million doses of pandemic influenza vaccine to governments around the world.

Risk of Human Transmission Remains Low

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC), although avian influenza A viruses usually do not infect people, there have been some rare cases of human infection with these viruses.

The illness in humans from avian flu virus infections ranges in severity from no symptoms or mild illness to severe disease.

A small number of humans have contracted H5N1 strain of avian flu in the past, but there are no known cases of human-to-human spread. 

The CDC has said that bird flu is still a low risk to people in the U.S. (Continued…)

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5 thoughts on “Pharma developing human bird flu vaccine for possible future pandemic”

  1. What bird flu? Another made up scam to get you jabbed with toxic chemicals. Reminds me of that BS “monkey AIDS” theory most people fell for. Look – viruses are made in LABS, run and owned by your fellow American Traitor(s) and they know who they are! Wake up, America!

  2. Janine M Largent

    I only take vaccines that prevent disease. I don’t take anything that promises to be my “best protection”. I call that an unproven therapeutic

  3. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Re : Why We’re Vulnerable to Any Flu-Bug : S U G A R

    Forwarded Message :

    Below post found here :

    JungianINTPApril 4, 2023 Reply
    MSG, Sugar, Fluoride—Oh My ! ! !

    Go back to the early 1920’s, folks, when the precursor to the FDA – a scientific commission for protecting our food supply from adulteration – determined sugar additives were dangerous to human health .

    Politics – trumping health – had protected sugar-dependent Coca-Cola—because it was determined to be a national ICON/Treasure ( read “Sugar Blues” ).

    MSG, in all foods, is used by scientists to fatten mice —to test anti-diabetes drugs ( an actual cause of over-FAT Americans, followed by sugar consumption ).

    Fluoride doesn’t protect against cavities, but deadens the ( spiritual gland ) pineal—used in Nazi concentration camps to tamp down aggression in prisoners.

    Oh, My ! ! !


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