Govt. & Researchers Spend Your Money, Keep Big Secrets (Podcast)

CDC and researchers can spend your money, come up with questionable findings, and avoid oversight by keeping details secret. A case in point is a study claiming to support the safety of Covid-19 vaccines.

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3 thoughts on “Govt. & Researchers Spend Your Money, Keep Big Secrets (Podcast)”

  1. This article . The facts are Sharyl there doing more then that. There hacking into your devices when there not supposed to be connecting to any kind of internet. Just ask News anchors at News channel 57 and News channel 22, + Lauren Moss at News channel 16 all around in South Bend IN. Violations of privacy and illegal search . Also hacking into TV’s that’s not supposed to have that kind of 2-way photo diod’s in them watching people in there Homes ? I want Millions in damages like Erin Andrews got when people did that to her 6-12 Million in damages ! = Former Father Hesburg Notre Dame = Without Justice there can be no peace ! Nobody is above constitutional right Laws in this country !

  2. Earlyer post facts ? The tech companies Weaponize all these Devices by making them able to receive multi-communications signals like Wi-fi, Blue Tooth , Celular and other signals secret backdoor communications all in each device .. These devices have become a Brothel of Federal cyber crimes, even much of the Gov. agencies are also being hacked into on the News in past year, and come to find out in past 10 years or more while you had all your O.S. and App browser privacy security and privacy settings set for past 10 years, Google also was violating them settings hiding in background and was collecting it all for there A.I. take over of everybody fake anti-trust and fake privacy Data settings = Grand illusions ? I wonder How much Data, Data brokers and Google has collected in past 10 years on Politicians on Both sides using various devices and members of Congress and there Family members in past on these various devices ??

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