HHS awards $1.4 billion to develop next-gen Covid-19 tools

The following is from Beckers Hospital Review.

As part of Project NextGen, HHS has awarded more than $1.4 billion in grants to support the development of the next generation of Covid-19 vaccines and technologies. 

Project NextGen is a $5 billion initiative led by HHS’ Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response that develops public-private partnerships to advance the development of more effective, longer-lasting vaccines and technologies “to protect against Covid-19 for years to come” and stay ahead of variants, HHS said in an Aug. 22 news release. 

Here is a breakdown of the awards: 

  • $1 billion was granted to support four clinical trial partners of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority in testing vaccines in Phase IIB trials.
  • Regeneron received $326 million to support the development of a monoclonal antibody to prevent Covid-19 infection. Clinical trials for the antibody are slated to start this fall. 
  • $100 million was awarded to Global Health Investment, a nonprofit managing BARDA Ventures’ investment portfolio, to “expand investments in new technologies that will accelerate responses in the future.” 
  • Johnson & Johnson received $10 million for an innovation competition challenge focused on developing technologies to improve preparedness in the face of future infectious disease threats. 

HHS plans to grant more awards by the end of the fiscal year, the release said. 

Read entire HHS press release here.

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6 thoughts on “HHS awards $1.4 billion to develop next-gen Covid-19 tools”

  1. Another medical SCAM, likely aimed at making the next pandemic more deadly in order to acheive the depopulation goals of Bill Gates and his ilk who don’t want the rest of us using up THEIR precious resources or clogging up THEIR beaches, parks, and forests, and don’t need us now that they’ve developed robot butlers and maids.

    Those of us who aren’t billionaires have reached our expiration date and need a little assistance finding the off-ramp from planet Earth. Enter COVID and the COVID “vaccines.”

  2. I’d be more interested in Taylor Swift starting a New Bakery store products this October = New Pumpkin Cinnamon spiced Bavarian Donuts, to be sold at Grocery stores across the U.S. = New Swifty Tasty Donut products ? ” Kisses Taylor Swift ! = I’m not a Rude person , I just don’t like criminals hacking me all the time cheating me out of Millions since 2001, Those friggen pot Belly Pirates ?

    1. Bill Andrews,

      Table sugar is poison.

      Read the books I list in below link.

      As for your
      “Swifty Tasty Donut products”
      idea :

      Rather, “New Swifty Nifty Vitamin/Mineral” health
      line, based on the latest reports from Nutrition
      Science, as Big ”Medicine” is killing us for
      lack of any focus on NUTRITION in
      doctors’ offices.


       [[ Note : Sugar’s high-then-low energy
      results entrain the brain to feel manic
      then depressed—resulting in adult Bi-
      Polar Disorder ]] :
      Below post found here :



  3. Re:”How close are we following campaign politics?”… This poll doesn’t really apply to me for the following reasons: A) Too much of the media narrative feels scripted B) Can we have FREE elections that aren’t rigged by Oligarchs and Foreign powers? C) Since we see evidence for weather weapons and DEW events-political campaigns feel like a distraction from what appears as a last-ditch effort of a global Cabal as they inflict more FEAR and suffering on the 99% D) If we continue with this current monetary charade and allow the WEF/WHO to control our lives and Governments-how much of a difference would a faux election make in the end? [ …and besides: the U.S. Corporation is bankrupt–and until we restore The Republic we are playing a fool’s game.]

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