(POLL) Most Democrats blame global warming for Maui wildfires

Climate change has produced a political divide in voter reaction to the recent wildfire that devastated the Hawaiian island of Maui.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

In fact, officials have said the cause is likely bare electrical wires and leaning power poles. One of the worst and deadliest wildfires in California history– like many other wildfires– was said to be caused by power company PG&E poorly maintaining its power lines and land, according to investigations.

The Rasmussen survey finds that 47% of likely voters say they believe it is likely that climate change caused the Maui wildfire, including 26% who say they think it’s “very likely.”

Forty-five percent (45%) say it’s not likely the wildfire was caused by climate change, including 27% who say they believe it is “not at all likely.”

More than 100 people were killed and hundreds more are still missing after wildfire swept across Maui earlier this month. 

Seventy-nine percent (79%) of Democrats think it’s at least somewhat likely climate change is to blame for the Maui wildfire, but only 22% of Republicans agree.

Among voters not affiliated with either major party, 40% say they believe it is at least somewhat likely the Maui wildfire was caused by climate change, while 51% don’t.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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18 thoughts on “(POLL) Most Democrats blame global warming for Maui wildfires”

  1. In that case, most Dems are idiots. Invasive grass allowed to grow unchecked added fuel to the fire that most likely was started by a lightening strike follow by the government’s inept response. Anyone hear about the fact that the fires in Canada earlier this summer were started by an arsonist? Of course not. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

  2. This is how demented the lefts brain actually is. Strong winds from the aftermath of a passing hurricane like storm, the fact power wasn’t turned off, power lines blown down, sparks fly, starting a fire at early morning hours, strong winds fanning the flames. That alone is the reason. Nothing to do with global warming. A lot to do with bad judgement and perhaps slow response from fire fighting companies not realizing the present danger. Guaranteed there will be policy changes by Hawaii Power Company after this disaster. So very sad a complete town is destroyed.

  3. Is there a correlation between people get their “news” from MainStreamMedia (ABCNBCFOXCBSPBS) and people that get their “news” from other than MSM?

  4. The reason that 79% of democrats believe it was caused by “climate change” is because democrats are delusional mass formation sheep. Reality almost always escapes them. The real reality is that Lahaina was a whaling port and also an agricultural port for sugar cane, pineapple and cattle. The cattle ranchers and farmers brought in invasive grass species such as guinea grass for pastures and feed. These invasive annual species replaced the perennial green native flora that was there for thousands of years. Land was cleared and grazed for those industries. Lahaina was surrounded by cultivated agriculture and cattle grazing which prevented fires from happening.

    By the first decade of the 21st century most of those industries were phased out for tourism and the invasive species engulfed the former farm land. Add to that the enviro zealots did nothing to manage the land. Then you add the fact that Lahaina is on the leeward side of the island and is extremely dry. Compound that with the winds from a normal atmospheric/meteorological pressure gradient that produced extremely high wind velocities for an already windy island.

    Similar to most fires we have, it all goes back to ignoring the warning signs and poor management of the land. So in reality policies are the more likely cause than “climate change.” Ignorance is a choice and democrats rarely choose wisely.

  5. In the past million years, Earth has experienced multiple cycles of extreme cooling — glacial periods or Ice Ages, and extreme warming — interglacial periods. In none of those previous cycles, human activities were involved. In fact, human civilization didn’t even exist until Earth emerged from the last glacial period.

    So are we experiencing global warming? Absolutely. Just like every other transition from glacial to interglacial period in the past million years. Whatever the cause, human activities are not among them.

    Global warming / climate change is NOT about the climate. It’s about CONTROLLING you. PERIOD.

  6. Even if, and that is a bit IF, the fire was a result of climate change, the democrat government failed miserably in their response. The failed to use the warning sirens to alert the residents of Lahaina. That failure resulted in more deaths than should have occurred. So one should ask if the democrats are pulling a CYA in blaming climate change.
    Another issue with wildfires is the dead brush the environmentalist block from being cleaned up. This happens often in CA, WA and OR. Three leftist democrat controlled states. Forest management is an important factor in reducing the affects of wild fires.

    The fact the electrical grid failed has to be investigated also but is a separate issue.

  7. Re: “Most Democrats say global warming is to blame for Maui wildfires”…
    When did the Liberal class become morons? I believe Chris Hedges was accurate when he labeled the new liberal class as “Neo Liberals.” Neo dinosaurs and hypocrites are also apropos. We may also presume that most of these so-called “liberals” as enabled via the Fake Media are shills for the technocratic transhumanist agenda. More ‘Weffers’ and anti-humanists who are trying so desperately to tell us that there are too many of us, and that euthanizing 7 Billion humans is a warranted option. The Deep State minions(aka-the committee of 300) are sociopaths taking orders from Psychopaths. If we follow these unsane anti-humanists, perhaps we deserve to die off. [https://rikitikitavi.substack.com/p/money-a-debt]

  8. This article and Milo poster here is actually on the right track. Past recorded Sea corral reef shows that there Nucleus also showed past signs of Ocean warming events = ( Oxygen ), O 16 —> O 18 extra Protons in Corrals Nucleus = Past History Cycle of Sea warming events. By drilling down in ocean floor they extracted past Corral life back from the time of around when Caesar ruled in Rome till modern times… Something to think about = In past History at the Beggining of the Industrial Revolution when they made changes everybody worked together and that made things cheaper to make the changes. Now days Corporations and most Governments use Climate change to make everything sky high prices and un- affordable highjackers, like big pot belly pirates with a toothpick on the side of there mouths ( Scally Wags ! ) and two raised eyebrows ? Son’s a %#÷\*;= Donald Trump says to put em all in Jail ???

  9. I find it troubling that we have not had any updated news from that area. Where is the reporting? Some survivors have come out saying they were stopped from fleeing the fires by police. Is that true? There are anomalies here that need clarification. Just some HONEST reporting please.

  10. My earlier post about Milo post ? A New Ureaka thought New term = Forensic Archaelogy !.. And info to Neil D. physicist and NASA = EXAMPLE ; Once and for all I think we now have the New knowledge to close the book in forensics as to what really took out most of the pre-Historic life on Earth at the time of the Dinasors. ” Was it a asteroid that entered the earth that fried them or was it A massive solar flare mass ejection event from the Sun at that time ? By doing some research we now can answer that for sure by analyzing there remains in a New way by checking a controlled check of there Nucleus to see if extra protons are evident ? Even some bugs of that time, that did still survive that event like ancient cock roaches would show signs of these fact changes = collecting old signs of life and analyzing DNA and Nucleus~ proton cell changes of around that era. This New info by Wm. Andrews Rochester, IN.

  11. Supreme ineptitude and malfeasance is to blame. Period. I can vouch as ‘kama’aina’ that county and state govt. in Hawai’i is as captured, corrupt, inefficient, arrogant and tone-deaf as anywhere else. Maybe more so.

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