(POLL) Voters blame Pres. Biden for poor economy

Nearly half of voters think the economy is in poor condition, and think voting President Joe Biden out of office next year would help.

That’s according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

The national survey found that 37% of likely U.S. voters currently rate the economy as “good” or “excellent,” while 47% give it a “poor” rating.

Forty-eight percent (48%) believe the defeat of Biden in next year’s election would be good for the economy, while 34% think Biden’s defeat would be bad for the economy, and eight percent (8%) say it would have no impact.

Another 10% were not sure.

Four years ago, when President Donald Trump was in office, 58% of voters rated the economy good or excellent, but 44% said it would be good for the economy if Trump was defeated in the next election. 

To see survey question wording, click here. 

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5 thoughts on “(POLL) Voters blame Pres. Biden for poor economy”

  1. 98% of voters are illiterate when it comes to understanding how the economy functions.

    Take another poll, and you’ll discover that more people think the latest winner on American Idol is a better singer than any opera star that has ever lived — and it’s not even close.

    Take another poll and you’ll discover that more than 55% of the adult population believe in ghosts.

  2. Sorry but these polls are useless. A good chunk of the electorate is simply stone-cold ignorant when it comes to finance and the economy. Asking them to explain the basics is beyond most of them. Meanwhile, there’s just a lot of partisan noise out there with rightwing media proclaiming doom and gloom non-stop – this despite the fact that job growth and employment are at historic levels while GDP growth has remained robust despite the Fed’s repeated rate hikes. The inflationary pressures that came about largely due to supply chain dislocations and war in Eastern Europe are now heading in the opposite direction.

    Bottom line: there is a lag effect which I would suggest we are seeing at work. Ask the same questions a year from now. Barring the unforeseen, Biden’s favorability ratings will reflect that strengthened economy.

  3. This Article and this year 2023 in mankind’s History, and How to Jointly turn the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission whistle Blower unit ) and FBI ic3 into a New Economic Dynamo. Example; Having the FTC come out with a New App on all your devices Free allowing you to see and interact with all the Hundreds of Data Brokers violating your Apps and Browsers privacy settings, Then the FBI ic3 tracks down these people, and then the FTC. Fines them for Data Laundering cyber crime activities ? Putting a better end and profits into stopping Billions every year losses in cyber crime and Data Laundering money making schemes ?? ” The More you know From agent Mulder and Scully from the X-Files !

  4. The Obama/Biden (former Bushy clan) gang is merely symptomatic of a much bigger flaw in the Central Bankster program. When more folks awaken to how they’ve been conned (for centuries) by a predatory pirate cabal, perhaps we might create a practical holistic eco-financial model. Until collective well-being counts as a priority for sustaining human life, the reign of psychopaths will most likely continue. Breadcrumb trail: https://rikitikitavi.substack.com/p/the-satanic-cult-most-people-have ; Money is God–https://rikitikitavi.substack.com/publish/posts/detail/120404152?referrer=%2Fpublish%2Fposts

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