(GALLUP) 47% of Americans identify as religious, 33% as spiritual

The following is from Gallup News.

Nearly half of Americans (47%) describe themselves as religious, another 33% say they are spiritual but not religious, and 2% volunteer they are “both.”

Although the vast majority of U.S. adults have one of these orientations toward the nonphysical world, the 18% who say they are neither religious nor spiritual is twice the proportion Gallup measured when it first asked this question in 1999.

Over the same period, the percentage identifying as religious has declined by seven percentage points.

These results are based on a July 2023 Gallup poll, which updated a question that had been asked previously in 1999 and 2002.

All told, 82% of Americans have some type of spiritual belief system. This proportion is down from 90% in 1999 and 87% in 2002.

Partisanship, Age Biggest Differentiators of Religiosity and Spirituality

The greatest variation in religious or spiritual beliefs is seen by party identification and age.

Among party groups, Republicans are the most likely to identify as religious, with 61% doing so, while 28% say they are spiritual.

More independents say they are religious (44%) than spiritual (32%), while Democrats are about equally as likely to say they are spiritual (41%) as religious (37%).

Twenty-one percent of both Democrats and independents say they are neither religious nor spiritual, compared with 8% of Republicans.

Among age groups, the oldest Americans — those aged 65 and older — are most likely to identify as religious, at 57%, compared with between 38% and 48% of those in younger age groups.

Young adults are much more inclined than other age groups to say they are neither religious nor spiritual.

The 26% of young adults without a belief system is nearly three times as many as the oldest Americans (9%) without one.

Read full polling results here.

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2 thoughts on “(GALLUP) 47% of Americans identify as religious, 33% as spiritual”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Sharyl, recall your report – several
    years ago – about VOODOO magic.

    I’ve warned against that form of
    P A G A N I S M for 5 decades.

    So, your survey is grossly misleading,
    as Santeria folks are “spiritual,” too—
    those animal-/human-SACRIFICING,
    people-of-color gangs flooding into
    America, from South America / Central
    America / and Mexico (( Santeria is a
    combination of Paganism and Catholic
    rites—both reformulated to use charms
    and animal/human sacrifice, in order to
    acquire personal and/or gang power )).

    Forwarded Message :

    H E D O N I S M // S A N T A R I A // List of Marxian Left’s Bad Social-Engineering:

    Dear Editors of The Federalist,

    “All that is not related to the creation of children,
    or the raising of children into adulthood, is
    hedonism.” —Ancient Greek Philosopher

    [[ NOTE: I’m still editing and adding to this
    report, about Marxian Elites’ STEPS toward taking
    down America — the West — but absent, here, are
    my many analyses on the PSYCHOLOGY under-
    pinning that growing MADNESS ]]

    “Rethinking Butter and Cheese”—
    and ALL of Marxian Shadow-Cabal’s
    anti-white /
    anti-Christian /
    anti-Western /
    anti-merit /
    schemes :


    1) Unknown to the vast majority of Americans,
    the above “mistake” about what foods are
    healthy is actually just one of the Marxian
    Shadow-Cabal’s many, many, many secret/
    hidden ASSAULTS against the WHITE
    Christian West’s morally good/virtuous, and
    HEALTHY, societies—cognitive-dissonance-
    type assaults, applied over many decades!
    Some examples follow—and not in any
    order of importance (( read my essay on the
    “Russian Manual of Psychpolitics,” written
    in Bolshevik Russia in the 1920s, about how
    to destroy the West, such as a FORCE-Inte-
    gration of the BLACK RACE into them; and
    a ubiquitous access to PORN; and . . . )).

    ( SNIP )


  2. Here’s the main difference between “religious” and “spiritual”: In a Christian context, if you are “religious,” you must follow the moral rules regarding sexual behavior that are laid down in the New Testament; if you are “spiritual,” you don’t. I don’t think I’m overstating the reason why so many people today are opting for “spiritual.”

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