Ramaswamy; Moms for Liberty; The Debt

He says he’ll attack systemic government corruption, close down whole bunch of federal agencies, and eliminate 75% of the federal workforce.

Republican Vivek Ramaswamy is a businessman, billionaire, and political outsider running for President.

Sunday on Full Measure, he’s the first in our interviews with Democrat and Republican hopefuls. I ask him about Trump, who he would pardon, and what would be his first executive actions in office.

Also Sunday, Lisa Fletcher catches up with Moms for Liberty.

We first met these two women when their movement to stand up for parental rights at school was in its infancy.

Now, it’s caught on and has become national.

And Scott Thuman explores a persistent and vexing US problem that nobody seems to be doing much about. The crushing national debt.

Hope to see you Sunday!

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8 thoughts on “Ramaswamy; Moms for Liberty; The Debt”

  1. Antichrist spirit means someone or something that stands against the knowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord… How can a Hindu( (Antichrist spirit) lead a Christian nation? He supports George sorrows by taking money to further his agenda, he says that he will not support Israel… How could anyone VOTR him as the president of our America that would not support our biggest ally which is Israel? He reminds me of Barack Hussein Obama that came along and no one knew anything about him.. mr. Obama knew how to tickle the ears of everyone with lies and deceit, this man has the same attributes… People wake up???❣️

    1. He said it won’t be necessary.to do another aid package because he will.negotiate broader normalization between Israel and its neighbors. This is continually taken out of context. My mind wonders if the left is fearing him as well. He is a wild card.

  2. beware. through his multiple medical companies he’s no more than a well-spoken useful tool for Big Pharma, Pfizer in particular – https://www.pfizer.com/news/press-release/press-release-detail/roivant-and-pfizer-form-new-vant-company-focused-developing
    ….and it’s all there, in not-our-friend wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vivek_Ramaswamy

    1. The fortune.com article is obviously a hit piece and smear job. Since when are tax returns public information the author so frequently refers to? There are other glaring errors so I won’t waste my time in a deep dive fact check of all the other so called evidence.

  3. To say that nobody is talking about the $32Trillion plus National Debt is incorrect. Many in Congress are talking but that is the only thing they do, TALK! Every year the federal budget adds more to that debt. Nobody in DC is will to stop digging! There is more than enough tax revenue to run the government, pay the interest and pay down some of that debt.
    I would guess, non scientificly, that more than 90% the voters are fully aware of the debt and about 40% are greatly concerned. The others are all in for the freebies the government is using to buy votes.

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