(POLL) ‘Gender’ is not a ‘choice’

Ninety-eight percent (98%) say gender is not a choice.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 839 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Two percent (2%) say gender is definitely a choice!

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

Is “gender” a “choice”?

2% Definitely yes!

98% Science says: No

<1% I’m not sure

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6 thoughts on “(POLL) ‘Gender’ is not a ‘choice’”

  1. Are the best biologists of the world being quiet on this issue due to not wanting to be cancelled, or are they confused too, or do they think this is so stupid it’s not worth their effort? those who think this is an issue to be debated, need serious therapy, in my opinion-so where are all the psychologists?

    1. M,

      “Gender” is behavior
      while sexuality is
      parked in the genes,
      and not alterable.

      Behavior is LEARNED.

      Male vs. Female
      Sexuality is not
      learned, but the
      behaviors tradi-
      tionally expres-
      sed by each may
      be MIS-learned
      in the family, and
      via at-large society.


      1. Yes, I agree. Since this seems to be a society issue today and not going away, maybe it’s the family structure and parenting we should be putting some effort in teaching and supporting. The old fashioned Home Economics taught (nutrition; child and infant behaviour, family finance etc.) in schools did this and I feel bringing this back into the classroom, maybe with a more current name, would benefit kids of all sexes. Common sense living skill courses should be a requirement-not even a choice! Remember when kids had to take an egg home and keep it from breaking for a month, while feeding, bathing and doing other everyday necessities? Think of the responsibility it taught on how precious a life is!

      2. And we probably wouldn’t even be having a debate about it, if it weren’t for the transgender community wanting to conflate the two when it comes to activities divided by sex, like women’s sports and women’s bathrooms and trying to claim that active preferences defines one’s sex.

        1. Michelle Myers and Jeff,

          It gets much more complicated :

          Forwarded Message :

          Helena, would you
          forego women’s
          right to No-Fault
          Divorce ?

          70% of divorce in America is initiated
          by ( hear-me-roar ) women, who ( mostly )
          strip husbands of their house and wealth,
          and impose – via Libertine / Sympathetic /
          Anti-Male / Feminist judges – limited access
          to their children (( loss of gender-affirming
          father-figure in a boy’s life—yes, feminine/
          masculine inculcations are part of identity
          LEARNED within mother-father family forma-
          tions )).

          And 60% of men in Scotland is
          unknowingly raising children not
          their own (( wrap your mind around
          that, regarding the very bad impact
          of RADICAL I-can-SEX-just-like-a
          man F E M I N I S M )) !

          —-Divorce of married
          —-couples with children
          —-is the Root Cause of
          —-Mentally Harmed
          —-children; and of gender
          confusion, resulting from
          lack of two-parent – male/
          female – households.

          The “ACLU” had engineered
          no-fault divorce :

          which destroyed America’s Mental-Health
          institutions, in the Fifties, by shutting them
          down, all across the nation !, and on the
          weak principle of EQUALITY under the law
          —FORCE integrating them ( putting insane
          people on the streets )—to be “FAIR” and
          “Merciful” and

          And the ACLU imposed PORN
          on once-Christian America, now
          E V E R Y W H E R E exposed to
          children ( in school libraries, too,
          no less of a HARM/problem ).

          And the ACLU had removed
          the physical and mental
          standards/tests in 1958—to
          eventuate lowered standards
          to qualify as a fireman/
          policeman/army-man/. . .
          UNLESS she’s Buffy-The-

          And the ACLU had . . .

          What utter FOLLY,
          as we suffer
          that moronic mind’s/
          organization’s bad

          The ACLU is CRAZY-
          stupid—read my essays
          on the PSYCHOLOGY
          driving Libertine Liberal
          Leftism; and find/study
          this book : “Leftism—From
          de Sade and Marx to Hitler
          and Marcuse,” by
          Erik von Kuennelt-Leddihn
          ( 1974 ).


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