Spoiler Alert: RFK, Jr; Saudi “Sportswashing”; and the Future in Farming

RFK Jr. speaks with Sharyl Attkisson on Full Measure

Top Democrat leaders say they aren’t worried– but could Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. turn out to be a surprise spoiler in campaign 2024?

RFK, Jr. is planning a “major announcement” Monday. Widespread speculation is that he intends to leave the Democrat party that is shunning him so that he cannot challenge President Biden in the primary.

What impact would Kennedy’s third party candidacy have on the race?

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll interview Kennedy on the eve of his big announcement. He’ll talk about what the Democrat party is doing to sabotage his campaign and smear him, how Biden is refusing him Secret Service protection, how he plans to attack America’s chronic disease problem, and what he think of Donald Trump’s compliments.

Also Sunday, Lisa Fletcher looks at Saudi Arabia’s controversial strategy to buy into U.S. sports and athletes. Critics call it “sportswashing” and say it’s an attempt by the kingdom to distract from its human rights issues.

And Scott Thuman is on the farm to show us some of the high tech tricks being used in the heartland to grow food. It could be the key to making America “food independent.”

See you Sunday!

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