Chilling and familiar: suspected govt spying on a journalist

As my lawsuit against the government for its forensically-proven spying on me continues, the spying surely continues. Undoubtedly I wasn’t the first journalist surveilled by the government and, since nobody was held accountable, I certainly wasn’t the last. Below, you can read a familiar-sounding account from journalist Breanna Morello, who has been covering the January 6 pro-Trump demonstrations and riots at the US Capitol.

It’s worth mentioning that one government agent who admitted being part of the surveillance against me (who recently turned up dead) said that the rogue unit he was part of under then-US Attorney Rod Rosenstein at the US Attorney’s office in Baltimore was spying on “hundreds” of US citizens–not just me and not just other journalists. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed improper surveillance by our government on a massive scale. Nobody was ever punished. (Except for the whistleblower, Snowden.)

And there have been numerous documented cases of our intel agencies spying on members of Congress and their staff.

There was a time when any single instance of this type of unconstitutional activity by our government would have generated international headlines and outrage. Today, it’s become normalized.

Spying on Trump and other political opponents? Well, they deserve it.

Spying on journalists? Who cares? I’m not a journalist.

Spying on innocent US citizens? So what, if they have nothing to hide?

The complacency surrounding my case and others likely means there are dozens if not hundreds of government units and operations conducting illegal surveillance with impunity.

Read about Breanna Morello’s experience below.

Read more about Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI here.



NOV 26, 2023

I’ve been a journalist for the last eight years. After exiting corporate media two years ago, I have launched my work as an independent journalist and producer. Since my departure from Fox Corp, I have noticed some strange things happening to my electronic devices. Just recently, those “strange” glitches have been escalating. 

If you are familiar with my work, you are aware that I reach out to federal and local agencies for comment on subjects they never want to actually address. However, I give every agency the opportunity to ignore me.  

Recently, I detailed a story of a non-violent, January 6th defendant and veteran who was added to a terror watchlist known as “Quiet Skies.” I reached out to all the usual suspects for comment on this story including TSA & DHS. TSA said they would get back to me but never did. 

This story caught a lot of people’s attention with over 200,000 views. My interview was even shared by Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. That same night, several strange things started taking place. Around 3:30am ET, my smart television turned on by itself. When it turned on, it was at full volume. It woke me and my dogs up. After getting out of bed and unplugging my TV, I was woken up again. This time it was my computer. My computer – which was off – suddenly turned on and made a loud noise at 5am ET. After going to my desktop, I noticed it was glitching.  That same day, I was alerted that someone had logged into my home surveillance camera system and kicked me out. I contacted my alarm company. After a specialist came to my home that Friday, I asked him about the issue I had. Specifically, I asked him if it was possible that it was just a glitch. He looked at me and said, “absolutely not.” So, I have since changed my password and WiFi connection. 

The issues do not stop there. I have had my cell phone signal turned off several times over the last few days especially when I am speaking to sources. Now, I carry two cell phones. When the signal drops on one, the other phone still has service. 

A few days ago, I glanced over at my desktop screen and my computer mouse was moving. No one was near my desk. 

Recently, I added another WiFi router for my home because my signal would repeatedly drop. Strangely enough, my WiFi had always worked in my home – well, that was before I started doing hits on InfoWars with Owen Shroyer. Once I did, I began to experience the issues. At one point, my signal was so poor we had to jump off the video call and do the discussion by phone. Perhaps one could view this as a coincidence **if** I didn’t appear on weekly podcasts with no issues. Yet and again, these issues had never happened to me prior.   

As many of you know, the government is no stranger to illegally targeting journalist. Sadly, this has happened to legendary journalist, Sharyl Attkisson.  Attkisson has openly discussed what she caught the federal government doing to her. 

I am no stranger to being cyber-stalked either. When I was a teenage, unbeknownst to me, some man hacked into my devices and stalked me for years. I didn’t know about him until I was in college. This man knew everything about me and even contacted my sister to tell her he was in love with me. He later blackmailed me, posed as me, and threatened me. The incident was extremely traumatic and put me in an extremely dark place. 

The difference is, I was younger when that happened to me. Now I am older and much wiser. I WILL NOT RUN IN FEAR. These intimidation tactics will never work. I will fight back the best way I know how – through my reporting.  

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