(POLL) 47% view new House Speaker favorably

New House Speaker Mike Johnson begins his term as the most popular of the four top congressional leaders. 

That’s according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

The survey found that 47% of ikely U.S. voters have a favorable impression of Johnson, including 25% with a “very favorable” opinion of the Louisiana Republican.

Twenty-nine percent (29%) view Johnson unfavorably, including 18% with a “very unfavorable” impression.

Another 24% are not sure.

Johnson was elected October 25 as the 56th Speaker of the House, replacing former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, California Republican. 

In September, McCarthy was viewed favorably by 40% of voters. 

All the other top congressional leaders – House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries (34%), Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (37%) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (26%) – had lower favorability ratings in July.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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2 thoughts on “(POLL) 47% view new House Speaker favorably”

  1. Lisa Fletcher,

    An aside :

    Do you not see, hear, feel
    CONSERVATIVES’ failures
    in the Culture Wars being
    attributable to FAILURES
    in couching issues in the
    C O R R E C T language;
    e,g., it is B A B Y C I D E,
    not “abortion” ?

    I’ve 70, or so, terms used by
    conservatives—hatched by the
    MARXIAN, Libertine Left—yet,
    Rightists are brain-blind-stupid
    and ignore my examples ( for
    many years ! ).



    It is a fight by Marxists for
    DE-PRODUCTIVE Rights !
    —and they keep WINNING !

    Isn’t killing a WOMBED baby
    DE-Productive / De-Produc-
    tion ?

    Maybe it’s the FLUORIDE in
    water supplies—effecting
    stupidity among

    1. P.P.S.

      Lisa, do you have an interest in
      the psychology driving Left vs.
      Right political affiliations ?

      Sharyl has an interest in it, as
      her previous REPLIES to posts
      – having a PSYCHOLOGY bent –
      would indicate.

      Forwarded Message :


      Conservative Men Suffer Territoriality of Ideation

      — Why They Cooperate Far Less Than Leftists Do —

      Stupidity is Cooked into Men’s Genetic
      Heritage of Masculinity.

      Rightists rarely join forces to cooperate because
      they suffer what this Jungian/Freudian/N-LP
      student has coined as :

      “Territoriality of Ideation.”


      Note, regarding N-LP :

      Recall, Obama had used Neuro-Linguistic
      Programmer-psychologists to mind-control the
      citizenry—to subconsciously manipulate you
      into supporting his re-election (( his first entry
      had been managed through VOTE-Fraud via
      electronic, remote-controlled machines; and
      find that Harvard study !, how machines could
      be remotely hacked, as each machine has cell-
      phone capability—to send and receive signals )).


      Rightists COMPETE over ideas – to be Top-Dog and
      impress that pretty girl ( or boy ) over there – while
      leftists COOPERATE in expressing the most EMOTION /
      FEELING P—and win the prize of being THE M O S T
      CARING rescuer of the poor/needy/downtrodden.

      (( Feminine : right hemisphere’s access to
      AMYGDALA-centered, Reptilian passions ))
      (( Masculine : left hemisphere’s access to Pre-Frontal/
      Executive/Pass-that-Marshmallow-test control on
      AMYGDALA’s Reptilian passions ))
      —if the E M O T I O N / F E E L I N G is too strong
      to be controlled in these CULTURE WARS (( study my
      reports on the underlying psychology driving Left vs.
      Right political affiliations : “The Donahue Syndrome”
      and “My Organic Psychology” )).


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