‘Reform Pharma’ initiative underway to end Big Pharma influence, corruption

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Can the pharmaceutical industry be rehabilitated?

The directors of Reform Pharma, a new initiative of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), believe it can.

The initiative, launched last weekend at CHD’s 2nd Annual Conference, is a 50-state project whose goal is to restore medical freedom, promote fully informed consent and end Big Pharma’s political influence and direct-to-consumer TV drug commercials.

“Big Pharma has captured the healthcare system,” said Amy Miller, Reform Pharma director of marketing. “Reform Pharma aims to end pharmaceutical industry corruption and restore healthcare integrity by identifying and removing the specific mechanisms the industry uses to embed itself deep within our government, our media and our school system.”

CHD lawyer Justine Tanguay leads the project as director of campaign and research, along with Miller, a marketing executive and co-founder of the Tennessee Coalition for Vaccine Choice.

Commenting on the launch, CHD President Mary Holland said:

“One only has to look at the handling of the Vioxx debacle to understand the type of corruption running rampant throughout this industry.

“CHD’s Reform Pharma initiative will be dedicated exclusively to its mission of addressing the corrupt merger of Pharma and government that we witnessed so vividly during Covid. We are proud to launch this crucial targeted initiative to enhance and amplify CHD’s other important work.”

Over the past two decades, the pharmaceutical industry has racked up over $100 billion in penalties for illegal activities ranging from fraud, product safety violations and off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products, according to Reform Pharma’s press release.

Reform Pharma is guided by a “10-Point Plan” to:

  • Restore Medical Freedom
  • Separate Pharma & State
  • Reform Regulatory & Oversight Agencies
  • Establish Scientific Integrity in Research & Publication
  • Hold Perpetrators Accountable
  • Ban Pharmaceutical Advertising
  • Reinstate Vaccine Manufacturer Liability
  • Protect Doctor-Patient Relationship
  • Prohibit Gain-of-function Research
  • Secure Affordable Drug Prices

The initiative initially will focus on restoring medical freedom around vaccines, educating parents on the over-prescribing of psychotropic drugs for children and teens and exposing organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that push vaccines and drugs on behalf of pharmaceutical companies.

“People’s ability to work, travel, socialize and attend events should not be based on their vaccination status or their level of compliance to unjust, arbitrary and unconstitutional mandates,” Tanguay said.

Reform Pharma will work to end censorship, shadow banning and gaslighting, which “restrict the public’s access to the full body of medical science,” Tanguay said, so people are able to make fully informed medical decisions for themselves and their families.

The AAP is high on the initiative’s list of organizations that must be reformed. According to Tanguay, the organization is seen by most as ethical and dedicated to promoting children’s health.

“But when you look underneath the surface, they are a lobbying arm for Big Pharma,” she said. “They’re promoting all these things that are against children’s health and well-being — and a lot of people aren’t aware.”

With significant funding from government, corporations and foundations, the AAP aggressively promotes vaccines for babies and young children despite concerning safety signals.

Reform Pharma also is looking to end the backdoor dealings and the leveraging of Big Pharma and the U.S. government’s collective money and power that perpetuates the cycle of sickness and pharmaceutical dependency, according to Tanguay.

As part of that effort, the initiative will target the revolving door between the government and the pharmaceutical industry.

“You have someone that’s in charge of the FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] and then all of a sudden they’re in charge of vaccines at Merck,” Tanguay said. “That has to end.”

Reform Pharma also seeks to end direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising in the U.S. — the only other nation besides New Zealand that allows this practice. (Continued….)

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Visit Reform Pharma website at this link.

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1 thought on “‘Reform Pharma’ initiative underway to end Big Pharma influence, corruption”

  1. I don’t why Big Pharma should be blamed for Governmental corruption.
    Big Pharma should only be blamed for breaking the laws. It is the Government that allows employees of the Government or Big Pharma to go back&forth with the Health Industry in a sort of incestuous relationship with Big Pharma.
    It is the Government that immunized Big Pharma from any illegal and immoral consequences arising from the development of the COVID vax. This provided them an incentive to assert (or lie) about the effectiveness and safety of the COVID vaccine. They only did their unethical acts because: Our overweening out-of-control, fat man Government incentivized them to.
    Big Pharma may be to blame for their illegal and immoral acts. But so are criminals who break our laws. They may be wrong for breaking any law(s) (a court will decide this); but allowing the Government to immunize them or reward them for their corrupt and illegal actions is a recipe for disaster.
    Big Pharma shouldn’t be penalized; they do a lot of good., But just as all people shouldn’t be penalized for engaging for being people, Big Pharma shouldn’t be punished for engaging in capitalistic behavior. Legal remedies keep the citizenry in check; why shouldn’t this work with industries?
    What should happen-and what will clean up the rubbish that accumulates from having a big Government-is if Big Government reduces its overwhelming and elephantine size.

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