The untimely death of a witness and defendant in govt. spying on me

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An historic victory of sorts was had in my case, Attkisson v. DOJ, in the government spying on me, when I received a clerk’s default against one of the defendants: a seedy character named Ryan Dark White. It is the first known such default in a case of the government spying on a journalist.

White had admitted to being part of one of the government surveillance operations against me. He provided us some details, some of which we were able to verify, and then disappeared and refused to respond shortly after we named him as a defendant in the lawsuit.

White said the rogue group he worked with under then-US Attorney Rod Rosenstein spied on “hundreds” of US citizens. I just happened to have sources who helped me prove it, in part by unearthing unique government IP addresses in my computer used as part of the surveillance. White said the group included then-Secret Service agent, Shaun Bridges, who was later convicted and sent to prison in a separate government corruption case.

With the government refusing to hold its own agents accountable, the Dept. of Justice has fought my lawsuit every step of the way, and provided private attorneys to defend Bridges– funded by your tax money, of course.

I learned throughout the years that the courts don’t necessarily care that we have forensic proof of the government intrusions. I once thought that such irrefutable evidence sealed the deal. Case closed. Instead, they require that you, in advance of a trial and discovery, point to who, specifically, knew what and when, and provide evidence of that. Assuming the guilty parties aren’t going to tell on themselves and turn over damning documents, the only real way to get the information the court requires is through the process of “discovery.” But the only way to get discovery is to first obtain the information the court wants. But the only way to get it is through discovery. It’s a senseless loop.

The Dept. of Justice is fighting discovery, instead of cooperating. One could ask why they would spend tax money and all these years fighting… if their agents were innocent? If they would simply provide the necessary documents, we’d see that we’re barking up the wrong tree– if that were the case.

With the government withholding documents, interviews, and information that we need; and the court requiring us to have it in order to proceed, it puts us in a tough place.

One of our last motions to keep our lawsuit alive provided documentation we could muster without getting appropriate discovery. We did what we could to document what we knew about who was behind the forensically-proven government intrusions into my computer.

As part of that effort, we found and submitted a document verifying that White–as he’d claimed to us–did work as an information under US Attorney Rosenstein. It was an important document connecting White to Rosenstein in an official capacity after White was charged with an unrelated crime in 2015. In the document, Rosenstein asked for court documents to be sealed for White’s safety because White was “currently assisting law enforcement in an unrelated investigation.” (See the court document below signed by Rosenstein himself.)

After we filed the proof regarding White’s connection to Rosenstein on June 13 of this year (2023), we learned that White had reportedly died three weeks earlier, on May 22, at age 55.

Details are unavailable, but what seems important is that White will never be able to provide more information that helps my case.

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19 thoughts on “The untimely death of a witness and defendant in govt. spying on me”

  1. Sorry to hear about this latest setback. Don’t lose heart and keep up the good fight! We haven’t forgotten about the atrocious abuse of power our government has inflicted upon you.

  2. What is also interesting is that Ryan White died 3 days after signing his public apology for the “false sex trafficking” charge he was accused of in 2022. With the level of corruption in our government, I am skeptical of this being a coincidence. Someone knows how he died – another “suicide”?? We will probably never know. But even more questions now abound.

  3. If you have worked with the DC mob you know that spending “tax dollars” is not in their vocabulary.. The 33 trillion deficit shows they really don’t need those tax dollars because they own a money press.
    If you could borrow 33 trillion I am sure you could beat them.

  4. This is very disturbing in several respects. The government spying speaks for itself. You have joined MLKJr as a victim of this kind of over-reach.
    But what bothers me most is the number of people in my acquaintance who will never hear a word about this, because they choose to ignore anything that doesn’t fit in their chosen narrative.

  5. The shame of is while we view the courts role as a defender of We The People against government corruption, in reality the courts are a party to that corruption — facilitating and covering it up.

  6. I don’t like to be too political, but here goes. I’ve supported you Sharyl by donating to your cause (often) and buying your book STONEWALLED (which is amazingly scary). It astounds me how our Gov has turned against its citizens. I’d like to see you get some results. Here is the commercial: You had trump as Pres and nothing changed. Why are the Republicans barking up that tree again. (As an aside, I keep getting emails from Trump’s people begging me to fund their defense lawyers to keep them out of jail. Why would we go through another 4 years of the crazy stuff?) If DeSantis got in the White House, I’m sure he would order the DOJ to release ALL the info. You’d have an ally in place to help. Not just a celebrity who wants power and to be loved by everyone. Where is the sanity in the Republican Party?

    1. That’s total BS. Jeb DeSantis is a bought-and-paid-for STOOGE, and this article is neither the time nor place to post an ad for that slimeball.

      1. And this is why Trump is a loser and will lose. Republicans used to have some standing. Now they just follow Trump’s lead and call people names. Me? I’d rather have a strategy to turn the country around.

        Well, get ready for 8 years of President Harris.

    2. Why are you blaming Trump for the chaos created by the Obama-weaponized Deep State, and then regurgitated endlessly by the media?

      Trump did not create the chaos, or as you say this “crazy stuff”. .They will go after anyone who gets in their way. They just don’t see Desantis as their threat right now.

      But Democrats/Media are working over Vivek Ramaswamy and RFKJr – they threaten their traditional grip on the younger voters.

      1. Because Trump WAS PRESIDENT FOR 4 years. He could have done all the things he is saying he will do now. Why nominate a guy who is a lame duck from day one, who couldn’t figure out what to do when he was in power the first time?

        Why not give a chance to a guy who knows how to USE GOVERNMENT to STOP GOVERNMENT?

        I agree that Trump did not create the mess. I voted for him twice. I liked a lot of his policies (the same policies that DeSantis will enact). But DeSantis will have 8 clean years to change things.

  7. You’re one of the last remaining investigative journalists left in America. I’m surprised that our local CBS affiliates still allows you to broadcast your 30 minute documentary every Sunday morning at 8:30. Regardless, I no longer trust our federal government and I worked for them for 25 years. So it doesn’t surprise me that this case has become such a big deal to the DOJ, as the bulk of all the Departments in the Executive Branch have been infected with elitism and sacntimony.

  8. Mr. White also had specific valuable information on a number of cases such as who was involved in the Seth Rich murder. Unfortunately to date this info has not been acted on. I was unsuccessful in getting this info further investigated on Mr. White’s behalf.

  9. Having spent 12 years of my life in court during what SHOULD have been the best years of my life — first fighting and winning against bogus criminal charges, and then seeking retribution from the various parties that concocted the bogus criminal charges — the best advice I can offer is to try to figure out when to cut your losses and get on with your life.

    Given the amount of corruption in our country and especially in our courts, be thankful for any small victories, but don’t ruin your life by seeking an ultimate victory that is unlikely to come. Be thankful for any small victories, and take pride in having fought the fight and been able to tell your story. Eventually things WILL change, and your fight will be a part of that ultimate victory, even if you were denied your own victory.

    Just TRYING to hold the crooks accountable is a victory in itself, especially if it inspires others to carry on the fight. In many ways, the fight IS the victory.

  10. Our judicial system consists mainly of government employees too. Even the judges who are elected, become government employees and thus worried about their paychecks, perks and pensions first and foremost. They instinctively know who and what to protect first.

    Big Government has become a force unto itself in this past century.
    Tax revolt is the only way to tame it. Hence Biden’s 85,000 new armed IRS agents – now we know why. he wanted them.

  11. I’m so sorry! The government has become a Mafia. Worse they have judicial system working on governments behalf.
    The U.S. Government should be called The U.S. Government Mafia.

  12. Thank you for standing up for freedom and for holding the DOJ and FBI accountable for their corruption. It’s a long battle against evil that so many of us were previously unaware of, and we need heroes like you to help lead humanity into a much more life-affirming world. You will surely be remembered as one of the people we are most grateful for when the history is written.

  13. Thank you for standing up for freedom and for holding the DOJ and FBI accountable for their corruption. It’s a long battle against evil that so many of us were previously unaware of, and we need heroes like you to help lead humanity into a much more life-affirming world. You will surely be remembered as one of the people we are most grateful for when the history is written.

  14. Eventually, if you keep digging in the right areas, you find a vast cult-like thing that, since WWII, has set about to ensure that never again will any nation or peoples will rise to challenge their hold over the upper echelons of many nations throughout this war torn planet. You can begin by examining the names of your tormentor: “Rosenstein”
    If you do not go THERE, then the big game will never crystalized in your minds eye, and you’ll soend the rest of your life chasing ghosts that go nowhere.
    You case is basically minor compared to us all us independent researchers/analysts who have been undergoing massive gang stalking and harassment because we thought we had free speech and went down the forbidden path.
    Bottom line is the early 20th century Germans were right about the jews. They are, after all, the most industrialists among us. Think about voting for the new NSDAP. This jew-infected Wiemar republic has to go.

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