(FORUM) Biden Administration and federal officials remain free to unconstitutionally censor because nobody is stopping them

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Did you know that thanks to a Supreme Court temporary ruling, the Biden Administration and federal officials remain free to press for censorship of their political opponents, Trump and his supporters, Covid vaccine risks and other info online in this coming election year?

Congress could step in and make it clear that the Constitution prohibits the government from tampering with free speech. But they don’t seem to be interested in doing so.

So who enforces the Constitution on our behalf? Who punishes unconstitutional violations?

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10 thoughts on “(FORUM) Biden Administration and federal officials remain free to unconstitutionally censor because nobody is stopping them”

  1. As it relates to censorship and many of the ills facing America, I suggest the Media (MSM, Social Media, and many big corporations) is the problem. The Media should be the protector of the country keeping in check all political parties. Currently the media is not reporting the unbiased, honest truth to the detriment of America. The media is not only leaning left but it is reporting lies and other times not reporting facts.

    If the Media reported only facts and truths the political parties would refrain from everything that is happening. The Media does not care about America and is actually destroying America.

  2. She’s right.
    We have an imperial Presidency, and Congressmen are fine with it since it enables them to be re-elected without any fuss.

  3. Let’s face it. The uniparty and deep state are alive and well in Congress.
    They are perfectly fine with the censorship of Americans. Especially of Trump and Trump supporters.

    Plus we have a few generations of snowflakes who were indoctrinated by the leftists running our schools. And we know that they haven’t a clue about the First Amendment.

    Not to mention those who still think that MSM tells the truth.

    We are losing our Constitutional Republic.

  4. https://unlimitedhangout.com/

    Thankfully independent media has not been totally squashed but they are continually trying. I tell everyone to listen to Sharyl and Whitney Webb among others. Keep spreading the hope and the truth that if we are fighting for freedom it inherently means we are FREE unless we let them take it away. And, I believe they’ll never actually be able to do that completely.

    Keep up the good fight!
    Thank you, Sharyl!

  5. You point out the obvious that has been the root of our societal breakdown as of late. Do something absolutely corrupt like create the false narrative that Trump is a Russian puppet and what happens? The government spies on the candidate, the President elect and the sitting President and no one in power is punished?

    Crossfire Hurricane and the special council hamstrings the Administration for two years.

    Does anyone serve time?

    Walk through an open Capital doors with police 10 feet away who do absolutely nothing to stop you and your life is turned upside down.

    My point… When government officials, including the President himself, break the law and go against the Constitution or essentially tell SCOTUS to got to hell there seems to be no mechanism for punishment let alone anything for create future deterrence.

    This has to change!

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