The transgender lobby; Israel’s bomb shelter capital; 4-day school week

In today’s managed info environment, whenever a social topic catapults to the top of the headlines and agenda, you can bet there are special interests pushing it behind the scenes.

We wanted to find out who is behind the transgender lobby that has rather suddenly emerged as a burning issue of our time not only in the US but also in other western nations.

Who made that happen?

We found a relative handful of well-funded people and entities pulling strings in media and at hundreds of nonprofits, social media companies, and medical and political institutions.

Sunday on Full Measure, we’ll tell you what we learned.

Also this week, a fascinating sidebar involving the war in the Mideast.

A couple of years ago, Scott Thuman reported from Israel on a town known as “The Bomb Shelter Capital of the World” and the people who choose to face down danger and live there.

With the recent islamic extremist terrorist attacks on Israel, the town was put to the ultimate test. We’ll tell you what happened.

And what do you think about the idea of a four day school week?

More school districts across the country are trying it out as a strategy to attract and retain good teachers.

We’ll visit a large school district in middle America that’s just switched to the schedule. It could be coming to a town near you.

See you Sunday!

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