(READ) Republicans target taxpayer-funded ‘free’ health care for illegal border crossers

With the border crisis escalating to catastrophe, Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and Dr. Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana) have re-introduced legislation that that they say will ensure the long-term integrity of health insurance for poor Americans: Medicaid.

More than seven million immigrants, drug traffickers, human traffickers, suspected terrorists, and hardened criminals have illegally crossed the Southern border into the US in the first three years of the Biden administration. One of President Biden’s first acts in office was to open up the border to unprecedented illegal crossings that have shattered all records and exacerbated an historic and deadly fentanyl epidemic in the US.

The Republicans says “Protect Medicaid Act” bill would prevent liberal states like California from forcing American citizens in other states to subsidize state programs that expand Medicaid benefits to illegal border crossers.  

“Tennesseans and the American people do not want their tax dollars subsidizing Medicaid for illegal immigrants,” says Blackburn. 

“Medicaid for migrants is a magnet for more illegal immigration,” says Cassidy.  “This is terrible public policy for California citizens who depend on Medicaid, middle-class families paying taxes, and state debt. Taking care of the most vulnerable Americans should be our priority. Attempting to provide health care to everyone around the globe for free is not possible or feasible. Compassion that cannot be sustained is not compassion.” 

Federal law already bars illegal immigrants from receiving Medicaid, but states like California get around federal law by using state funds to extend Medicaid benefits to illegal immigrants. 

Other liberally-managed states, including Washington and Oregon, have also recently instituted expansion of healthcare options to illegal immigrants, with some of them not being required to show documentations, such as green cards.

This new bill would prohibit federal money from being spent administering state Medicaid benefits paid for by American citizens to non-citizens.  

If a state chooses to give Medicaid benefits to illegal residents, the bill ensures that state does so entirely on its own dime, without any costs to taxpayers in other states.

Sens. Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi.), Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.), and John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) have also signed on to the bill as co-sponsors.

Read more about the legislation here.

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3 thoughts on “(READ) Republicans target taxpayer-funded ‘free’ health care for illegal border crossers”

  1. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    It’s touching to hear the politicians talk about “education for immigrants” and “no free health insurance” etc., but… The systems of governance in the USA are so badly broken that the laws, new or old, are not worth the time to consider. There is a war being prepared for. Texas is not a war zone yet, but stay tuned. The Citizen Armies are literally preparing for hand to hand combat. Some words like “up to your ass in alligators” and “forgot to drain the swamp” come to mind. Health insurance is a wonderful topic, best reserved for later.

  2. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Re : U.N.’s Secret Filthy Hand
    in Destroying this
    Once-White (90% in 1958!),

    Communists Make Maps for Anti-White Racists—to Reach America :

    Change the word, “crossed,”
    in here—to C R A S H E D ; and
    add “Anti-White Racists” to list
    of people-of-color INVADERS,
    all of whom, except for Chinese
    among them, lower the collective
    I.Q. of this once-space-age
    nation to below the sustainability
    number of about 96 I.Q. :

    “More than seven million immigrants, drug traffickers, human traffickers, suspected terrorists, and hardened criminals have illegally crossed the Southern border into the US in the first three years of the Biden administration.”


  3. Bet nobody saw this coming when the ACA was passed to provide health care to those who could not afford it.
    I never considered it but then I never thought we would open the border to drug addicted dope smugglers, USA hating terrorist sympathizing ideologues, or pedophiles smuggling children.
    Not saying that many, if not most, of those crossing the border illegally are not just seeking a better life but since there is zero vetting of the millions known and clearly no vetting of those sneaking past Border Control we have no idea of who they are, where they are now, or what their intentions are.
    If we do not get control of the border we will not only be in jeopardy of bankrupting the nation, we may see terrorism take hold and destroy US completely.

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