The Sharyl Attkisson Podcast - Catherine Herridge, Me, CBS, and Boeing Dreamliner fires

Catherine Herridge, Me, CBS, and Boeing Dreamliner fires (Podcast)

A lot of you have been asking me about the reported firing of Catherine Herridge from CBS and the network’s reported seizure of her notes. That got me thinking about my own experiences with news censorship and one story in particular that never aired: my investigation into the Boeing Dreamliner fires.

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7 thoughts on “Catherine Herridge, Me, CBS, and Boeing Dreamliner fires (Podcast)”

  1. Jeffery Wayne Tartt

    The first thought I had after hearing about Catherine Herridge was Sharyl Attkisson. I maybe wrong but apparently CBS is controlled by the Deep State. What other conclusion could one come to?

  2. I sure do wish you would put these in text. I do not have time to listen to videos or blogs, but I can read at “my speed”. Interesting stuff I would like to be able to read about.

  3. I just listened to your roadtrip stream on consciousness… You are amazing and thank you. As a pilot I was very interested in the Dreamliner battery. I also just found out that Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews, who fired Catherine Herridge, is being awarded the 1st Amendment Award. My wife says you can’t make this shit up.

  4. Like Mr. Tartt, I thought about Sharyl Attkisson when Catherine Herridge was ‘let go’ by CBS. When CBS confiscated all of Ms Herridges files, it was a pre emptive move so they did not have to hack her computer like they did Sharyl’s

  5. Dreamliner battery fires was a story that should have aired, multiple nights, since the lithium battery issue surfaced again in EV fires. As I listened I thought Boeing was influencing the week-night executive’s decision.
    My conspiracy theory is she called Boeing and they offered her big $$$ to kill the story!

    Subsequently you mentioned CBS ethics (small e for sure) committee stifling the story and Boeing was making calls around; my conspiratorial mind jumped to my senior Senator, a state well known for Boeing jobs, blocked any action by Congress.

    How about you, Catherine or Tucker team up and nail those with dirty hands on blocking what was a true PSA story!

  6. Well. That story shows why people who want to know what is really going on in the world don’t watch the mainstream news much anymore: it’s controlled by cowards, corporatism and extreme bias.

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