(READ) Republican: Top US health agencies must ‘come clean’ about reported Covid vaccine harms

A recent data analyses published by the private research organization OpenVAERS shows higher rates of certain adverse events associated with specific Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccine batches or “lots.”

This analyses was based on information received from Freedom of Information Act requests filed by the Informed Consent Action Network.  

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), head of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, wrote FDA Commissioner Robert Califf and CDCDirector Mandy Cohen highlighting the analyses and reiterating previous requests for data on adverse events associated with Covid-19 vaccine lots.

Johnson originally requested vaccine lot data on December 29, 2021, but both the FDA and CDC refused to provide complete responses on the issues. 

“These obvious and alarming safety signals cannot be ignored and the pressure will only continue to build for you and your colleagues to finally come clean with the American people about what you know regarding the harms caused by the Covid-19 vaccines.

As a former manufacturer, this data provides strong evidence that the vaccine manufacturing process was not in control. If these data analyses are accurate, then your agencies have kept this vital information hidden from Congress and the American people for years, despite my requests for this data beginning in December 2021.

Rather than being honest and transparent with the American people regarding Covid-19 vaccine adverse events, your agencies have sowed distrust, downplayed vaccine safety concerns, and dismissed vaccine injuries as conspiracy theories.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin)

The full text of the senator’s letter can be found here.

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3 thoughts on “(READ) Republican: Top US health agencies must ‘come clean’ about reported Covid vaccine harms”

  1. It would be interesting to know if there’s any sort of pattern as to different vaccine “batches” and the locations at which they were distributed — for instance if the more-toxic “vaccines” were distributed in red vs. blue states, suggesting the possibility of INTENT to harm (or fail to protect) one political population over another.
    That sounds a bit paranoid, but lots of things that sounded paranoid at the beginning of the pandemic later panned out to be well-founded suspicions.

  2. My wife got colon rectal cancer, her sister got ovarian cancer and her husband got prostate cancer after getting vaccines. Time for the companies to come clean!!!!

  3. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Not just VACCINES ( Experimental Gene Injections )
    are used to destroy our health and SAFETY—as the
    Moronic Medical Mafia push dangerous “recreational”
    drugs on children and adults alike :

    Forwarded Message :

    Dear Dr. Miller,

    Re : Marijuana and Medical Morons

    Stupid/Moronic, Low I.Q. and Low R.Q. ( “reasoning quotient,”
    now under development of evaluation panels by psychologists )
    POLITICIANS—Right and Left !

    Marijuana is a GATEWAY drug,
    and effects psychosis in folks
    “who use it too much” ( who de-
    cides the “too much”—doped-
    up teen-age boys ? ).

    So, now, the MEDICAL MORONS
    wish to Legalize Psychedelics :

    What could
    go wrong,
    there ?

    Drug-User Libertine Liberal
    Leftists’ BRAINDEAD views –
    advanced by the Democrat
    Party, now – ought to terrify
    you even more, giving them
    access to TRIPPY ‘60s drugs,
    which two Gay(less) men were
    on while butt-boinking in the
    Senate Office Bldg. (( not to
    be charged !, because they
    know too much about sen-
    ators’ butt-boinking parties;
    and study “The Franklin
    Coverup”—to learn of the
    extent of that corruption,
    from Reagan’s White House
    forward )).


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