Men banned from Ladies’ NXXT Golf Tournaments

As America’s transgender culture wars continue, male golfers have been banned from participating in NXXT Professional Woman’s Golf tournaments.

The announcement, made on International Women’s Day, effectively bans Hailey Davidson from the tour.

Golfer Hailey Davidson

Born as “James,” Davidson, the golfer won a scholarship to play on the men’s team at Wilmington University in Delaware and then transferred to the men’s team at Christopher Newport in Virginia. Davidson changed names to “Hailey” and reportedly underwent surgery and treatments to change appearances to try to look like a woman, competing against women golfers.

Golfing on the women’s tour, Davidson chalked up three wins.

Supporters of men playing in women’s sports call the decision to ban men from participating in NXXT events “transphobic,” though there’s no indication it was made out of any sort of fear of transgender people. Instead, say tournament organizers, it’s to protect women’s and girls’ sports, which have increasingly been encroached upon by men and boys.

As we navigate through the evolving landscape of sports, it is crucial to uphold the competitive integrity that is the cornerstone of women’s sports…Our revised policy is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to celebrating and protecting the achievements and opportunities of female athletes. Protected categories are a fundamental aspect of sports at all levels, and it is essential for our Tour to uphold these categories for biological females, ensuring a level playing field.

NXXT Golf CEO Stuart McKinnon

Earlier this year, the Cactus Tour in Arizona made a similar change, barring men from playing in the mini-tour.

Bobbi Lancaster, a retired doctor, was the first male to compete in Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Qualifying School. Today, Lancaster says it’s unfair for men to compete in women’s sports.

“I don’t think it’s fair to have transgender women like me competing against cisgender [nontransgender] women in women’s sports. Period, end of story,” said Lancaster.

As far as LPGA policy, it requires men to undergo “gender reassignment surgery” in order to compete alongside women. Davidson reportedly began hormone treatments in 2015 and had surgery in 2021.

Transgender activists say it’s important for the mental health of transgender players to be able to participate on the teams of their choice. They say being male is no more of an advantage than other advantages available to athletes, such as natural ability, and access to good coaching.

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