Louisiana’s Attorney General suing Biden administration over Title IX rule

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Louisiana Attorney General Liz Murrill announced a lawsuit on Monday against President Biden’s Department of Education over the new Title IX rule.

“Today, I am announcing that we have officially filed a lawsuit against the United States Department of Education, to save Title IX and protect the myriad of interests threatened by these new regulations,” she wrote on X on Monday.

Murrill described the rule as “regulatory overreach.”

She said the department’s final rule will “gut the very essence of Title IX and destroy decades of advances in equal educational opportunities, especially for women and girls.”

Murrill also said that “the consequences will be shocking and severe. Boys and girls will be forced to share bathrooms, locker rooms, and perhaps even lodging on overnight field trips with members of the opposite sex.”

Louisiana is joined by Montana, Idaho and Mississippi in filing the lawsuit, according to Murrill.

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1 thought on “Louisiana’s Attorney General suing Biden administration over Title IX rule”

  1. We’re not going to take it

    Yea AG Murrill, and LA!

    Independent Women’s Forum Files Landmark Lawsuit Against Biden’s Illegal Title IX Rewrite
    More lawsuits against this abomination Rules changes of Title IX ought to be filed.

    Congress persons ought to be climbing over each other to implement the Congressional Review Act on these Rules changes of Title IX.

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