After Hours: Can a ‘Convention of States’ Dial Back Federal Overreach? (Podcast)

The head of Convention of States Action, Mark Meckler, tells why he thinks this constitutional action can save the country. 

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3 thoughts on “After Hours: Can a ‘Convention of States’ Dial Back Federal Overreach? (Podcast)”

  1. 1. Defund – most are just pension prostitutes
    2. Defang – no unaccountable independent powers in their hands
    3. De-unionize – there is NO place for a unelected unionized government employee workforce.

    Code of ethics for all; not just a partisan see-saw. Guard against political spoils, but when voters demand change, they get it; not four years of deep state sabotage.

  2. Great podcast
    A COS is our only hope for survival as a free society. Unfortunately dark evil forces stand in the way of a convention ever coming to fruition. And those evil forces will not go away or relinquish power without a fight. It may take a bloody revolution to save America.

  3. As one that has been supportive of an Art V Convention of States (CoS) I find that those who oppose it, there are those in the GOP also, may not fully understand how it would work. The greatest fear they have is that it would be a “runaway” convention rewriting the entire US Constitution. They fail to grasp the safegaurds that 38 states must ratifiy any amendment proposed by the CoS.
    This is especially true coming from the people I know who are very conservatives yet oppose a CoS.

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