Fact Check: The Washington Post on Donald Trump and John McCain

[Above image: Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference]

Donald Trump appears to have gotten under the skin of not only Democrats, but also fellow Republicans and the news media. Has that subjected Trump, a Republican presidential candidate, to unfair and/or inaccurate reporting?

An article in the Washington Post today is headlined, “Trump slams McCain for being ‘captured’ in Vietnam.”

The article’s lead sentence states, “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump slammed Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a decorated Vietnam War veteran, on Saturday by saying McCain was not a war hero because he was captured by the North Vietnamese [emphasis added].”

Is this report accurate?

In fact, Trump’s actual quote is the opposite of what is presented in the Post’s first sentence.


1. The Post did not provide context at the outset disclosing that McCain and Trump have been feuding, with McCain characterizing some Trump supporters as “crazies” and Trump stating that McCain graduated last in his class in Annapolis. The charged rhetoric continued at the conservative Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa this weekend.

2. When a panelist characterized McCain as a “war hero,” the Post is accurate in reporting that Trump initially said McCain is “not a war hero.” But then, Trump immediately modified his statement saying– four times– that McCain is a war hero:

“He is a war hero.”

“He’s a war hero because he was captured.”

“He’s a war hero, because he was captured.”

“I believe, perhaps, he’s a war hero. But right now, he’s said some very bad things about a lot of people.”

3. Did Trump say McCain is not a war hero because he was captured? No, not in the exchanges represented in the Post.

4. Is the Post’s characterization an accident? It would appear not, because it is repeated in the Post’s caption of the video clip, which also states: “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a decorated Vietnam war veteran, was not a war hero because he was captured by the North Vietnamese [emphasis added].”

Further, in the Post’s second sentence, Trump is quoted as stating of McCain, “He’s not a war hero…He’s a war hero because he was captured,” but the article selectively left out the phrase Trump had uttered in between: “He is a war hero.”


Trump actually said the opposite of what the Post lead sentence and video caption claim. The Post might have been able to get away stating that Trump “implied” McCain was not a war hero because McCain was captured, but even that would have been a subjective interpretation since Trump had actually stated the opposite.

It’s true that Trump stated one time that McCain is not a war hero. But Trump stated four times that McCain is a war hero–and that was not accurately characterized in the article.

For interpreting and characterizing Trump’s true quote in a way that is at best questionable, and for selectively using some quotes and leaving others out, the Post receives Two Little Devils. (Ratings scale at end of article.)


Obviously, all are free to draw conclusions about any candidate or politician. But the news media has a responsibility to do its best to report accurately and fairly–even when reporters find a candidate and/or his positions to be personally distasteful.

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Read the Washington Post article and watch the Donald Trump C-SPAN video excerpt:


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364 thoughts on “Fact Check: The Washington Post on Donald Trump and John McCain”

  1. I can see how some may be confused by reading the transcript. But if you watch the video, you see what the Post says is true. The transcript doesn’t convey the gestures, tone and body language. You can disagree with John McCain’s politics all day long, I have, but this attack Is beyond the pale. Trump needs to apologize and quick.

    1. No, he doesn’t need to apologeize for anything he Told the Truth. McCain sold out his fellow soldiers to the enemy. That is treason.

      1. @Gail: You need to get a life. McCain did NOT “sell out his fellow soldiers to the enemy.” You’re completely and totally LYING about that.

        McCain broke until torture. That is why he can’t raise his arms above shoulder-level today. If you talk to his “fellow soldiers”–who, in point of fact, were NOT ‘soldiers’ – they were Air Force pilots, and there’s a helluva difference–you will hear that they defend him and his conduct 100%.

        So, sober up, put the Kool-Aid away, and quit insulting men and women who have sacrificed a helluva lot more than you have, or will, so that you can run your mouth with oral diarrhea.

        1. McCain’s injuries, like John Kerry’s were twisted in to something more in an attempt to build him up for public office. Though he may have been tortured, the extent of his injuries were caused from his crash / eject of his aircraft and not receiving proper medial treatment while a prisoner of war. Same as John Kerry receiving a medal for ducking down to avoid injury and getting a grain of rice in his arse! The fact is, McCain has time and again sold out his country and his party. He is a more consistent Demoncrat than Obama! No war history supports what he has done to damage this country with his milk-toast stance on most everything.

          1. Honest to god does it really matter? Parsing his injuries is seriously childish. The man survived a palne crash and was then held prisoner for 5 years. How is any of it an exageration? He can’t lift his arms to this day.

            You know what Trump said is wrong.

          2. Totally agree… McCain has time and again sold out his country and his party.
            Trump scares the **** out of everyone because he is not so PC, tells it like it is and is beholding to no one…We need someone like him and I hope he doesn’t drop out…
            His popularity grows as more people realize that he would not be under anyone’s thumb…
            America needs someone like him ATM… We are in deep trouble and he is a very successful businessman… unlike most of the other candidates who are just “more of the same” …

          3. Lots of big talk from someone who wasn’t there and who hates McCain because he’s more or less a moderate Republican.

        2. Ron Gonshorowski

          Warren Miller,
          McCain was a U.S. Navy pilot. He broke one arm and one leg when he ejected. If he had ejected correctly he would not have broken those appendages.
          There are reports if you wish to research them that he broke within the first three days and was nicknamed the Songbird.
          The Vietnamese had good reason to hate McCain. On his previous 22 missions, he had dropped God knows how many bombs killing God knows how many innocent civilians. “I am a war criminal,” he confessed on “60 Minutes” in 1997. “I bombed innocent women and children.”War is one thing, collaborating with the enemy is another; it is a legitimate issue that strikes at the heart of McCain’s character…or lack thereof.
          Yes, I am a Vietnam Veteran. U.S. Air Force, 22nd TASS, 1966.

        3. to many people (that were pow’s with him) said he was never tortured. only one said he was tortured was McCain. google code name songbird…nuff said.

        4. McCain not a hero, he’s a spoiled brat that trashed military hardware and protocols. He even admits it, in part.

          1st: his crippling injuries are due to improper ejection procedures the other POW pilots got right and ejected safely. 2nd: He got shot down while ignoring his unit’s established evasive actions. He pretty much got to flip everyone off his whole life.

        5. He was a Navy pilot and not a very good one at that. Being captured by the enemy does not make one a hero. It’s called bad luck not heroism.

          1. Donald Trump’s remarks teach a valuable lesson in life. Leave the military service of everyone who served their country honorably off-the-table in running for an elected office. Donald Trump has finally “jumped the shark”. Especially after his comments on God and forgiveness; and his comment on Communion that Evangelicals will not like. If you want a definition of what that phrase “jumping the shark” means consult the history of the TV show “Happy Days”. Hint: it has to do with “Fonzie’s” time when he was doing a water skiing jump. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumping_the_shark

        6. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether that opinion is right or wrong without being childishly insulted by you or anyone else Mr. Knowitall.

        7. j. winston zedmore

          “McCain broke under torture.” And yet, you leave it at that. His actions after the “break” are what concern those of us that see an ocean of difference between his “war heroism” and that of unquestioned heroes like Bud Day, James Stockdale, Robbie Risner, Jeremiah Denton, Everett Alvarez, and many others. You’re content to leave the question unanswered; the Code of Conduct covers every day of one’s captivity, not just up to the break. We have no evidence that he rehabilitated himself after the break. His post-break actions continue throughout too many terms in DC and fuel our speculation that he was owned by the NVA who delivered him to the DNC. Our concern is that labeling him a “war hero” diminishes the status of the POW’s who demonstrated real heroism every single day.

          1. Darktowermaiden

            And yet Donald Trump took every measure to avoid serving his country, so which is worse? Say whatever you want about John McCain or Kerry or any other soldier YOU deem as “not a hero” at least they showed up and tried.

          2. “We have no evidence that he rehabilitated himself after the break. His post-break actions continue throughout too many terms in DC and fuel our speculation that he was owned by the NVA who delivered him to the DNC.”

            DNC? He’s a REPUBLICAN.

          1. Leon Cieplinksi

            Nice to know that people who never wore a uniform have the right to insult those who risked their lives on behalf of their country. Useless Internet Cowards.

        8. Pilgrim Minister

          From McCain’s, biography, Quote ” I said, O.K., I’ll give you military information if you will take me to the hospital.”

          They took him to hospital, he divulged Military Information and claims they only took him to hospital when they found out daddy was an admiral !!!
          Also McCain was a POW for 5 1/2 years, yet he says he was only tortured for 4 days!! He broke clear as day, there is no shame in breaking under interrogation, but McCain is lying.
          As to being a hero?? No he wasn’t, there are many Soldiers who did more and suffered more yet received no recognition. Mc Cain should apologize to the Vets who he dishonored and put in harms way due to his selfish attitude….

        9. Warren you sir are the one that not only needs to put down your sippy cup of koolaid but you should get some education on that which you are trying to convey.. McCain did NOT get tortured because he told them everything and more about what they needed to know freely…he broke his arms and a leg in the ejection from his wounded airplane…do a little research and you will find that most of his fellow prisoners indeed loathed him and his nickname was “songbird” because he sang like a canary…again do some research its out there especially now that Trump got everyone’s attention about “senator McCain”‘s true character…hes hiding a bunch and so is Kerry ..if it comes out they will both be in prison…

          1. You find me one legitimate news source that doesn’t take this songbird nonsense from Vietnam Veterans’s Against John McCain. It’s crap.

        10. Warren try doing a little?lot of research before blasting people,
          John McCain has been a traitor since Nam. His nickname in the Hanoi Hilton was Songbird and not because he had a beautiful voice. He told the VC everything they wanted to know and even had a comfort wife to keep him cozy at night. He’s not a war hero. Trump was right again. And by the way the VC didn’t break his arms. He did that to himself when he bailed out of his dying jet cause he couldn’t remember to keep his arms close together when pulling the ejection level. And did I mention he graduated 4th from the bottom of his class from the Naval Academy. If his father and grandfather hadn’t been admirals he probably wouldn’t have qualified to get in. Yeah, he’s a real hero alright. You might ask about the accident he caused on the Forrestal that killed another pilot because he was hotdoggin.

        11. I totally agree with Warren! Thank you Warren! I come from a military family, my Dad was Army, my oldest brother and best friend (also Army) was killed in Viet Nam, another brother was a Marine, and now my Grandson, also a Marine and on deployment as we speak. Many friends and relatives also served our country so people like Trump can say the things he does! They are all Heros Mr. Trump, whether they were physically captured, mentally captured, or lost their lives while serving or because of serving. You are wrong to say what you did and you do need to appologize to our military who deserves a hell of a lot more respect than you showed them! And whether McCain wants an appology or not, he deserves one – immediately!

        12. It’s bloody obvious that Warren Miller is the adult here and the rest of you are children. I can’t stand McCain (“RINO” is an understatement; it’s not like the GOP establishment is great to begin with) but you all prove Warren and others’ point about how scummy the attacks on McCain are.


        14. Warren, I noted in your post you rather contemptuously upbraided Gail for stating that John McCain and his friends were soldiers, after which you claimed they were Air Force pilots. Well I hate to nitpick, and normally I wouldn’t, I just didn’t like your condescending tone, but John McCain and many of the others were U.S.Navy pilots, not Air Force pilots.
          Now many of the folks in the Hilton were indeed from the USAF, but as a Navy Veteran myself, they certainly all were not, as your post tried to convey.
          Next time maybe taking the time to cool off a bit when posting will result in a little less vitriol and name calling and a little more accuracy.
          Rich in New Mexico.

        15. He broke his arm when he jumped off his plane according to his service record. Don’t make it worst than it is. He has no right to call people CTAZIES AND HE SHOULD BE THE ONE TO APOLOGIZE. HE HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING FOR THE VETERANS. Name ONE THING HE DID FOR THEM,,,,before you comment. I voted for him because my husband is a disabled Vet. but he disappointed us…..

        16. Trump will never get the nomination. The republicans hate him. He is already planning to run independant which will split the vote leaving the democrat to win….go trump!

          1. watch some more news on tv. only way to derail trump is to spread the nonsense he cant win cause nobody likes him. that’s there only chance against him. Trump is only 1 of few saying what he will do for the love his country, when the others just want talk bout him. he isn’t going 3rd party. he speaks truth when all were fed is political correctness. jobs and national security (feeling comfortable in my own country) are the answers! ILLEGAL immigrants hurt our jobs and economy. Jobs are the answer, coming from a guy with a job, if everyone had a job that wanted a job, this country could prosper in every aspect. From culture to your bank account.

        17. songbird mccains arms are like that cause they broke from ejecting
          out of his air craft the man is right … I cant stomach donald trump as well
          and trump does not know about songbird mccain he states things
          to suit his own ego… songbird divulged locations of U.S. troops
          and aided in the cover up along with john kerry about MIA POW’s..
          I have no skin in the game trump would be a good
          leader attempting to show no bias I just wish to be free
          to me truth is freedom.

      2. Gail is spot on the money….plus Sen. McStain is the one politician who has done the most to “squelch” manifold congressional investigations into the fact, that the Victor Charlie govt…kept 100’s of U.S. POW’s in camps after the war. Sadly, they’re all likely dead by now.

        John McCain should be tried for TREASON…and executed via firing squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. From everything I have heard. McCain should not have been allowed to fly. He was not intelligent enough to even get in an aircraft let alone fly one. I think the Navy made a huge mistake by allowing this person to become a pilot.

      4. Trump was a rich kid who got deferments, to avoid the draft. To me that is bigger treason. Trump is a egomaniac, who love to see his ugly mug in the press. He would be an awful president!

      5. How the hell do you know? You better have some credible sources – not disgruntled enemies of McCain.

      6. That’s TOTAL BULL, J McCain NEVER SOLD out his fellow soldiers, where on earth did you get that from ????????????????? Check out McCain’s cellmates testimony about J McCain,,, Bud Day on John McCain on You Tube

    2. Sorry Maggie, I have to disagree, Trump has nothing to apologize for. We have, so far, Freedom of Speech in the USA which … SHOULD … allow us to say whatever we want to say. Unfortunately, the PC Speech Police are slowly removing that right. Heaven forbid that we say something someone else finds annoying.

      My take on Trumps comment is that McCain may well be a hero but so are all of the other Viet Nam Vets (incidentally, I was there as well as in the first Gulf war). So, why is it that he gets the “Hero’s Welcome” and all of those who fought and didn’t get captured get the “Ho Hum, their sacrifices don’t count” Welcome from the press?

      1. That is exactly how I took the comment…..and that might well have gotten out had he had an uninterrupted minute to explain…..they were ALL heroes, not just McCain because he was captured!!! Yes, he was captured and had a story to tell….the others just came home and went about their business….but none of them were less than heroes themselves!!!

        1. I totally agree with MM Chief.. Freedom of Speech , which is in the Bill of Rights is being chipped away everyday by the bias media.. I am so fed up with all of this political correctness. I agree with Trump. I am sorry McCain was captured and held for 5 years but what is heroic about that.. There are men who go to war , come home and no one notices. We just lost service men in Tennessee and the media posted it and moved on.. But Trump says McCain isn’t a war hero and the entire media is flooded for days .. And we wonder what is wrong with America..Case and point my friends, case and point.

        2. While personally I think that McCain & Trumps back & forth was petty & Trumps became vicious, I still thought it was in bounds.

          EXCEPT for the WAR HERO part. The actual words he used “He’s not a War Hero” then quickly followed several times conceding “he is a war hero BECAUSE he was captured”… That,s BS!

          He is saying that McCain being considered a war hero is only because he was captured & that others who served, captured or not were equally War Heros.

          His WAR HERO status was NOT awarded to him because he was captured. It was his exceptionally heroic actions DURING captivity. Ultimately his actions are like to have saved other lives.

          Of course Trump has Freedom of Speech just as we all do, but I know that a man that is so petty & ignorant about the sacrifice McCain made for this country has no business being the Commander In Chief of our military. Words DO have consequences.

          1. You are so right, You’re statement could very well have been mine, Bud Day, one of the most decorated American Warriors of all time said as much and more about J McCain’s Experience,,,,But I think you may be familiar with that, anyhow, Great Post,,,and why the heck is trump attacking John McCain ?????

      2. The 1st amendment protects you from prosecution for your speech. It doesn’t protect you from the criticisms of the public. Trump has the intellect of your average high-school dropout. I don’t even care that he insulted McCain, it’s that what he’s saying is so… unintelligent, it’s irritating. He’s no idea what happen to McCain, despite it being so well documented, and him having a whole team of people working for him to look this sort of thing up. God Almighty, why do we have to suffer through hearing him talk for months on end until he finally gaffs himself out of the race?

      3. MMChief, thanks for your service. When I enlisted I was too young to be sent. But even without going to Nam, when in uniform I was treated like I did. I mentioned the “Ho Hum” welcome from the press but failed or are trying to forget the name calling and spitting of the general public. I remember, when stationed in Norfolk, VA the signs on peoples lawn. “Dogs and Sailors Keep of the Grass.

        This is a lot different than what you see today. I believe in some way it is because of what we faced when we “came home”.

        All service members are “heroes” just for putting on the uniform. However, at some point that 15 minutes of fame should be up. Was McCain a hero back than, of course he was, there is no doubt about it. But his 15 minutes has long expired, he has now, in too many instances, gone over to the enemies (democrat party) way of thinking. As a Conservative/Republican he, and too many like him, are not heroes.

      4. Wow. Maybe because he spent 5 years in captivity…
        You have the right to free speech; sometimes that speech has consequences from others who also maintain free speech.

      5. Trump has nothing to apologize for. McCain is a war *veteran* but I’d hardly call him a hero. McCain served his country and was tortured, he deserves a medal honoring him for that, but that doesn’t make him a hero.

        Heroic actions are typically purposely putting yourself into a very dangerous situation in order to either rescue someone or to single handedly turn the tide of a battle. McCain was shot down and captured. He was just doing his job.

        I am annoyed at the “spin” of coverage of Trump. He started by railing about illegal immigrants; the media made it out that he was saying that everyone of Mexican descent is a criminal or a rapist. In proper context (illegal immigrants), every illegal immigrant *is* a criminal the moment they enter the US illegally. Many illegal immigrants are in fact smuggling drugs for the cartels in exchange for help getting across the border.

        Even the broader based coverage is misleading. He’s been called a “clown”, an “unserious candidate”, a “carnival barker”, and the reporting on his strength in the polls is even slanted towards how his support is going to evaporate and that we’re not really seeing the real deal citing a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo. Yet Jeb Bush, who is virtually tied with Trump, the same poll results are touted as accurate.

        Trump may be a bombastic loudmouth, but why the media would feel comfortable calling a man worth ten billion dollars an “unserious candidate” with such authority is beyond me. Trump has the financial resources to outspend the record setting Obama campaign without even picking up the phone. He obviously knows how to make headlines, and he is starving career politicans for oxygen by taking over the debate on a daily basis. He has the added credibility of not being beholden to campaign donors or lobbyists because he is self-financing, and he’s saying whatever he wants simply because he can.

        My prediction is that Trump is going to not only win the RNC nomination, but the presidency.

        First I believe this because he is going to make the other politicians with their bland talking points look like idiots in the debates; most politicians act like cardboard cutouts in these debates and Trump will be hilarious to watch.

        My second point of reasoning is that he is targeting a few constituencies in a masterstroke move. The libertarian anti-immigration anti establishment Tea Partiers, AND the card carrying union members who would normally vote DNC who are watching their jobs be shipped to other countries. Nobody seems to be successfully courting the latter; whether it is Democrats or Republicans in power, politicians of all stripes don’t seem to mind when another major manufacturer closes up shop in the US and moves the jobs overseas or to Mexico.

        1. Taylor: I am annoyed at the “spin” of coverage of Trump. He started by railing about illegal immigrants; the media made it out that he was saying that everyone of Mexican descent is a criminal or a rapist. In proper context (illegal immigrants), every illegal immigrant *is* a criminal the moment they enter the US illegally. Many illegal immigrants are in fact smuggling drugs for the cartels in exchange for help getting across the border.”

          From Washington Post:
          “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. [>>>They’re rapists.<<<<] And some, I assume, are good people.”

          I am so effing annoyed by the spin the media has taken against Trump at every turn…Yes he can be brash and blunt…but when his words are twisted in print – the rest of the world just happily climbs on the band wagon looking for the nearest tree.

          If you listen to the video https://wapo.st/1d1i3Qy
          (vs reading the propaganda article) The whole thing was completely blown out of context.

          After he stated "They're not sending us their best…they're not sending you…" (I assume he was delivering this speech to many who were of Latino descent, confirming his intentions in statements in other speech/es he's given… that he loves Mexico and Mexicans) I mean what would be the point of stating "…And some, I assume, are good people." then?

          The Post (in their hate for him) however, deliberately wrote/transcribed it as "they're bringing drugs…crime……They're rapists" WAIT UP!…
          (as opposed to using the verbal intended word "their"?

          If you have any common sense and know how to follow a conversation/written statement, that is) one would know that Trump meant "…their rapists" NOT "They're (they are) rapists"

          But yeah…Every media outlet copied that speech transcript verbatim and ran with it to the Hill…
          If anyone actually asked him directly if he actually said that…he would have said yes but only if they asked him the question, not if they showed him the transcript wording.

          They also did the same thing with the Megyn Kelly incident.
          He never stated what the "or wherever/whatever" that blood was coming from…but she chose (as pro-offended feminists usually do) it to mean in reference to her lady parts. So Media fired up the lynch machine again. SMH

          You know, I never cared for Trump's hard ass and sometimes rude interrupting demeanor (On Apprentice) much in the past, but with all these pansy-assed political panty-waist-ers out there (Including the #1 panty-waist-er himself BO) molly-coddling every effing PC issue out there, it's not any wonder why people are so fed up and they're looking to someone who says what they mean, means what they say (leaving everyone's butt-hurt asses to kiss themselves – after-all your personal issues are your own, not anyone else's – grow up!) and knows how to make things happen financially.
          I also love that he can't be/or won't be, bought or bribed like so many other candidates have.(Including the likes BO) I think these traits make for a strong leader, especially when being bullied by other countries…whether we/you like him or not.

          I hope he gets in and does exactly what he says he'll do..Make America Great again!

      6. Right MMChief, my husband is a disabled Vet but he is not called a hero either. Maybe because he was not captured but sustained injuries? I am with Trump, a hero is one who saved his men and not down planes and killed many because he is a show off being a son of an admiral? He is a POW survivor and we voted for him only to be disappointed in his betrayal of veterans while serving in the Senate. He never did anything for them and even voted against any benefit for the Vets. Research his voting record before you comment and also his service record on how many planes he downed…

    3. I believe many in Congress needs to apologize to our veterans, Trump is entitled to his opinion, but he is correct that the fact of McCain being a veteran and has done nothing to help or support them is disgraceful. McCain spews how he’s going to do this and that, but look at his voting record and it shows the complete opposite of what he tells everyone in public, so in saying that…he is a disgrace.

      1. We all know the adage. Action speaks louder than words. John McCain owes the veterans denied medical care a HUGH APOLOGY.

      1. War Hero is a phrase used to describe a soldier, combatant or non-combatant who did an extraordinary act to save his own life and that of his unit, platoon from death or injury from the enemy. Extraordinary act, includes killing and injuring the enemy and doing a lot of damage to their equipment or weapons so it could be rendered useless, thus winning the battle or war. Key word is extraordinary.
        McCain is a war hero, in this sense, because his plane was shut down and was captured by the enemy. He did not do any extraordinary act to defend himself. Of course, it is not possible after he was captured. He was given a chance to escape. But he did not since he knew he will be shot if he did so. He did not abandon his fellow prisoners of war.
        POW or prisoner of war is the more appropriate phrase to describe McCain, to separate this group of soldiers who were captured, imprisoned, tortured, beaten, and used for forced labor, enslaved as opposed to the soldiers who were not captured but continued on fighting and killing the enemy. We lost the Vietnam war.
        So the “War Hero” and “POW” phrases possibly could be interchangeable or given to one person.. The War hero could be distinguished by the “Extraordinary ACT” of braveness, as opposed to POW soldier who is captured. (Bergdahl is a POW but not a War Hero). McCain could be both. He may have done something extraordinary BEFORE he was captured.
        To me, I respect all veterans, POW or War Hero. They saved all our lives. They are the reason we are not under the British, Japanese, Hitler, or Sadam Hussein’s rule. We need all of them to fight ISIS, now.

      2. Finally someone said it!! Not all who serve are heroes! I served during Vietnam, never fired a shot, except in Basic Training!

    4. Trump didn’t just dis McCain — he dissed ALL POWs, including WWI and WWI — those on the Bataan Death March, those who were beheaded in Japanese death camps, the hero of Unbroken, the crew of the Pueblo…

      This time Trump, who never served in the military a day in his life, went one bridge too far. Those who support Trump need to tell us of THEIR service! McCain has the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart…negative commenters about McCain’s service should at least be able to have as much…

      1. Playful talk, taken out of context. The folks taking it as if he actually directly insulted veterans are either A> Biased against him to begin with or B> Completely ignorant of dirty politics. Hope you guys dont get your panties in too much of a bundle over a few words, he is about to double down and scorch more of these political frauds that have failed the country.

      2. believing what you want instead of the people that were there with him? lmao…cool…let me know how that works for ya. funny stuff.

      3. I am a vet and I agree with Trump 100 percent. McCain only became a war hero after he became a p.o.w. Then he was awarded all of those medals. A true war hero would either not have gotten caught or put up a fight and or have gotten killed in the attempt. I am quite sure that a fighter pilot carries a weapon and is trained on how to use it not to mention a radio. Besides would anyone have known or cared less who he was, had he not been captured and he would have been like all the others who never received their recognition. You want to see a true hero of that era look on the vietnam memorial and all the names of those soldiers who sacrificed every thing.

      4. So you served and never experienced a crappy soldier, airmen, marine or sailor? You know dam well turds have a way of floating to the top and McCain is one of them. He was a lousy pilot, he daddy got him a job, he was blown out of the air because he was a sub par student and even worse pilot. This does not take away from his service, but it needs to be noted because you can not say blindly that he was a hero.

        Aco 3-505 PIR 82nd Airborne.

      5. Allen, not all of us could be captured by the enemy. Some of us served on the same ship as McCain flew off. They did not get all the accolades even though they were doing their job as the services saw fit. The truth is, McCain was a “hero” because he got caught. A “hero” is not born, they are thrust into that position through circumstance.

      6. Nope. He dissed McCain only. You’re the one throwing in other vets to manufacture outrage and it is in fact you who is dissing them.

      7. The Washington Post did the usual predictable -Out of context facts- which is the usual tried and true journalist method rampant today in our modern media/political axis. We are all supposed to think about these people using their formulations of the ‘truth’ to come to their preferred conclusion. Well we ain’t so dumb…

        So because McCain is a “war hero” victim he can’t be criticized? McCain is hiding behind that status as ‘war hero’ to get away with his gross incompetence at the border and in regards to immigration, which is a blatant problem for our country for the past 30 years and McCain has done NOTHING to address it… he may be a war hero victim but that does not make him sacrosanct. The man is a failure and its about time we hold him to account for that incompetence or outright intentional ‘looking the other way’ on the border issue. Facts fully in context would be that McCain is a war hero victim, some 50 years ago and now is a 30 year overrated Senate incompetent boob.

        1. Right you are David. We are sorry we voted for him because of that war hero tag he is on. But his record in the Senate for the VETS. , for the economy and for the Borders is nothing to be happy about. Calling people CRAZIES is what he did first that is why Trump got off on him. I much rather have a businessman who loves this country and employed thousands to help the economy than a POW that never did anything but bad mouth people. A son of an Admiral who is a spoiled brat is not my kind of a leader….fooled once by the media’s promotion of him but not anymore. I much rather have a TRUE AMERICAN WHO LOVES THIS COUNTRY AND WILL SAFEGUARD ITS PEOPLE AND MOST OF ALL CAN TURN THE ECONOMY AROUND WITH HIS EXCELLENT BUSINESS ACUMEN.

      8. I’m a retired disabled Special Ops veteran. I like many veterans, don’t use our status to sponge off and screw over the country instead we make our own way in the greatest country in the world, no different than the majority of Americans. McCain has become a disgrace that uses his status as a POW no different than others use the race card. McCain has violated his Oath to the Constitution and has not supported his constituents nor veterans. He voted to cover-up the VA scandal that killed over 1000 veterans. He voted away the Senate’s treaty approval authority. He visited and supported rebels in Syria and Libya, now known as ISIS.

        1. ” I like many veterans, don’t use our status to sponge off and screw over the country” then you go into the failures if the VA

          Hey moron, the VA is using your status for SPECIAL rights to health care. You are an idiot

      9. How could trump ever be commander in chief of the USA’s armed forces, after saying BS like that? He is a disgrace and hopefully his dis-respect of McCain and all other POW’s and citizens that served this great nation, will be his downfall for good.

      10. His comments were directly at John McCain not at all veterans this is something personal between 2 men. Quit trying to make things there not.

    5. Frankly Maggie, I think it is in fact McCain who should be apologizing, not only to Trump for starting the feud, but to the constituents of the Republican Party to whom McCain referred to as “crazies”.

      1. Correct, McCain must apologize to all the people he called CRAZIES. BUT THE PAID, BIASED MAINSTREAM MEDIA WILL DESTROY TRUMP BECAUSE HE IS THE ONLY ONE GOOD FOR AMERICA RIGHT NOW. He has guts to tell the truth and the business acumen to turn our economy around. Our urgent problem is our economy and the safety of the American people which the current politicians seems to be in denial. Trump cannot be bought and will not be beholding to anyone because he has the money for his campaign. Foreign leaders will also take him seriously and will be afraid when he revamp our flawed foreign trade to a more favorable terms for our US companies. He might be blunt, but that is what we need right now to regain respect all over the world.

    6. virginia Coverdale

      McCain and Kerry helped cover up evidence of POWs and MIAs. They did everything in their power to make sure their own records didn’t come out. McCain made 32 propaganda videos for the enemy. They called him the “song bird” because he gave up information so fast to the enemy. He let veterans rot in his own state when their VA hospital was turning away veterans who would later die because they never received treatment. He did nothing. Trump miss-spoke for one second, immediately fixed it but of course jealously let loose the dogs on him. Unfortunately for the rest of the field, the American people who watched the video and understood a bit of tongue and cheek, and heard what he really said are unwavering. Every GOP candidate who spoke out against Trump in their typical cowardly P.C. way helped reduce the field to two; Trump and Cruz. I think Cruz would make a fine VP.

        1. trump is a liberal and has been most of his life, He even supported AMNESTY til recently, he supported hillary in 08, IS Pro-Choice, favors obamacare and knowingly hires illegals to work his construction sites, as for cruz, he’s hoping to pick up trumps supporters when trump bows out, why doesn’t trump attack the dems ????? he’s called billl & hillary “2 of my dearest friends” and hillary was at his last wedding

    7. He can apologize, if he sincerely feels he needs to, after McCain apologizes for smearing a wide swath of Republicans as ‘crazies’ and bigots. McCain’s track record in supporting veterans’ affairs is also contradictory to his meme of heroic soldier. Regardless of his service, that does not give him license to malign conservatives, the Tea Party, and anyone who opposes amnesty.

      1. Um, calling a large swath of Republicans “crazies” and “bigots” is NOT a smear, because it’s true.

      2. I agree with you. I voted for McCain/Palin. Now he calls me crazy?
        I even donated to his campaign in 2008. I wish I could have my money back. I voted for MCCain/Palin because of PALIN.

      3. How come the press has ignored the fact that McCain started this crap by calling Trump supporters “crazies”? McCain should sail off into the sunset and get a job in the private sector and quit being paid by the taxpayers.

    8. “Obviously, all are free to draw conclusions about any candidate or politician. But the news media has a responsibility to do its best to report accurately and fairly–even when reporters find a candidate and/or his positions to be personally distasteful.”

      THAT was the funniest statement I read in the whole article. This might have been true 50 years ago, but the left wing has completely taken over the MSM and nothing is printed that doesn’t support the Democrats.

      1. Hey Scott! Have a got a documentary for you!! Watch “You’ve Been Trumped”. Trump is a narcissistic, egomaniacal BULLY!!! He does not have the temperament to be president!!! Can you say MEGALOMANIAC!!! Trump is Hitler reincarnated!!

    9. They completely miscontrued Trump’s meaning intentionally. To me it is clear that Trump meant that calling someone a war hero doesn’t mean they are some real life war movie hero who rescued three prisoners and then blew up the entire enemy base or something. All he was doing was clarifying the meaning of the term ‘war hero’, so that people would have a more realistic idea of the reason McCain was even being called a war hero in the first place. McCain got captured and survived captivity and got called a ‘war hero’ for it. Just so that people have a better understanding of it. In other words, McCain is a hero, but here’s the reason he was called a hero , so you can measure how realistic a statement it is to consider McCain some sort of John Wayne superhero or not.

      The Washington Post made it seem like Trump meant that McCain was captured and that because McCain was captured, it meant that McCain was not a war hero.

      What a bunch of idiots and liars.

      1. Thank you for the post. This is the best one I have seen to date on this entire subject! This is exactly what Donald needs to reiterate.

    10. Sorry to break it to you Maggie, but simply being captured does not make you a war hero.

      Obama called Bowe Bergdahl a war hero for deserting his post and being captured, and now you’re calling McCain a war hero for being captured and then making 32 propaganda videos for North Vietnam and giving military secrets to the NVA. Not to mention that he wants to arm the Syrian “rebels” (ie., ISIS) and advocates for any and every war he can imagine.

      You’re the one that needs to apologize.

      1. I feel you are correct. I remember when McCain said in defending illegals in his state “Illegals are only doing jobs that Americans refuse to do”. I know, because I contributed money to the watch dog group who went after McCain for making those comments. The Watchdog group asked for letters from anyone who needed a job in Arizona, and they were inundated with letters begging for any kind of job. Those letters were taken to McCain’s Washington office where they died.
        McCain has had a less than clean record (I am being nice) since he became a Senator from Arizona where his wealthy father-in-law bankrolled his political career. All one has to do is pull up videos of him singing like a bird to the Vietnamese when he was captured. Instead of giving them his name, rank and serial number, he bragged about his family history of military service, asked them to contact his family and tell them he is o.k. He was put in an officer’s hospital where the doctors there repaired the broken bones that he received when he (reportedly improperly) ejected from his plane. People should research this philandering liar, and they would be shocked at his record.

    11. Let’s do ourselves a favor – leave the negative slumming to the media, (who serve the corruption mess we have), and look for what was intended. McCain is a hero primarily because he was captured. Trump and most any reasonable person prefer heroes that do something heroic – “that is the definition of the word”. McCain could have become a hero by using his many years and positioning since being released to advance the plight of Veterans. But NO, Trump has to do that too ! All muck-rakers would do the Country a favor by intelligently starting to think so as to not need it spoon fed to us.

      1. Well said Cliff. The whole controversy is just smoke and mirrors from the establishment RINO’s who want to get rid of Trump who is upsetting their oh so comfortable apple cart.

    12. “I doubt I could cross the line and vote Republican. I have tremendous respect for McCain but I don’t buy the war hero thing. Anybody can be captured. I thought the idea was to capture them. As far as I’m concerned he sat out the war.” Al Franken 2000 on McCain
      Why wasn’t he condemned?

    13. McCain called the people athat attended Trump’s rally in PHX as “crazies”, aka “nuts”. What is he (McCain) indirectly saying with that…? That Trump is crazy too. Trump fires back and does not care about how it affects him. Thats refreshing considering the dumbo/traitor we have in the WH now.

    14. I appreciated that Sharyl put these comments in perspective. John McCain does not hesitate to resort to name calling against those who disagree with him. Remember “Wacko Birds”.

      The transcript seems accurate to me. I think adding tone and body language goes a little far.

      Let’s stay to the issue. Only Trump has had the courage to discuss illegal immigration so openly. This issue needs to be faced by the other candidates. I choose not to allow the McCain tangent to distract.

    15. Is he really a hero for being captured? Lets seriously get honest here. The point Trump was making seems wrong because we have become so used to people saying watered down things that are ultimately incorrect but what Trump said was in fact correct. Simply being captured should not constitute becoming a “war hero” if did then what would you make of the men who fought and were not captured, what about the ones that surrendered without fighting at all? Are they war heros? Lets just make everyone a war hero! This proves my point that republicans have become liberals without realizing it. This is basically the same “everyone gets a trophy” debate but because McCain is technically “our guy” we give him a pass. Hypocritical. Trump is already accomplishing his goal on making the country great again because he is presenting an opinion that hasn’t been heard in 30 years or more…. winners are celebrated and losers take a back seat

    16. McVane Barnipple

      Get over it. Trump’s point is that McCain isn’t very bright and hasn’t done anything for Vets. I don’t care if Trump misspoke about why McCain became a hero, that is a trivial point.

    17. I agree that Donald Trump needs to apologize , no matter what , John Mccain was a veteran of the service and deserves more suspect than he received from him.

    18. Thank you! Context is everything and having seen the video it becomes quite clear Trump not only said he was not a war hero because he was captured, he was generally derisive in his statements about McCain. Obviously the Author is being biased which is the opposite of being ethically responsible if you’re presenting yourself as some type of journalist.

    19. Apologize to Songbird McCain….(hey…i didnt give him that nickname the north vietnamese did for all his cooperation when he was a pow) course his fellow POW’s call him the same thing.

      Go ahead, just google code name songbird. To many storys to ignore. Sorry…McCain is scraping the bottom of the American political barrel. You dont get to be called a hero if you were giving info after capture to the enemy…not how it works.

    20. You left out– I like people who weren’t captured.. How do you square that with your spin? Sharyl I’m very disappointed in your take and the part you left out. I would like to know how the other American Hero’s and their families that were captured in all wars feel about not being liked by Trump because they were captured.

    21. smallwhitepenis

      Trump said he was not a war hero. Backpedaling won’t help. Trump is running on being Mr. Truth Teller. Trump dodged the war, bankrupted many companies, claims Obama was born in Kenya yet cannot prove it even a little, Trump manufactures in China, Trump claims to have secret plans to beat Mexico, Iran, China, ISIS yet only if morons elect him will he divulged them. He is the Liar King.

    22. Tom Vietnam Veteran

      I guess it is hard, as a Vietnam War Veteran (with uite a few combat decorations I might add) to understand the English Language any longer. We were spit on, discriminated against and called “baby-killers” by most (although the records seem “cleansed” of any record of this) in our age demographic who now call us “heros.” Can someone explain to me how the words “baby-killer” became interchangeable with “hero?”

      The use of the word “hero” has begun to ring as hollow as the obligatory )thank you for your service” if you ask me. Politically correct phrases some ad agency executive came up with while looking for catch phrases for some politicians I think.

      McCain was heroic in the way he stood up to the folks at the Hanoi Hilton, but face it. He barely graduated (594 out to 599 in his class?) and crashed 5 aircraft I believe. His actual VN Service was very brief as well.

      However, In my estimation, he is just another politician now who is afraid of his or her own shadow and cowering at every juncture (just like O’Malley apologizing for saying “all lives matter.” Most blacks are killed by black folks.

      Trump is the only breath of fresh air we have. Go Donald!!!

      1. No, she’s just wrong here. We all know what trump implied. His m.o. is to insult and bully because he is insecure of himself…

    23. So why is it a big deal when a group of reporters who would never had supported Trump ‘turn’ on him?The Post is not above skewing what someone says to fit their template of what they want people to think he means.It obviously will fool people who don’t think for themselves.Who knows this early whether Trump’s presence will ultimately be a positive or negative in the campaign,but his habit of saying things the oh-so-careful class of politicians would never say at least shakes up the re-election at the cost of integrity crowd.

    24. I am turned off by the media ( left and right ) that seek to silence those they do not agree with.

      Trump has moved from not a possibility to #1 for many . We see him becoming the lone voice to

      Talk about the ridiculous policy that will not deport or jail illegals who commit crimes.

      WHETHER hero or not john McCain, media darling ,should not be exempt from criticism.

    25. Most media do spin what is said and rearrange context to give the story more punch and attract readers. Truth is always a distant third in any story. Trump is used to saying what he wants and sometimes says things before thought takes hold. We all do it to some extent but when someone has no regulation because the repercussions are non-consequential to him he puts his mouth in motion before putting his mind in gear. At this point in Americas decline we need people who can say what they want without the restrictions and control of government or media. Even outright lies have basis in truth so we must have enough reasoning power to sift the false from truth by knowing the history of the persons they speak of. I know that Senator McCain is not a true conservative and being a war hero has no bearing on personal beliefs. I can only define him as a politician. Trump is Trump, undefined.

    26. McCain started this garbage with his “Trump is firing up the ‘crazies'” comment. THAT was disgusting and MCCAIN needs to apologize for that. McCain is a sellout to the progressive New World ORder and his “hero” card has long expired by his actions in the senate.

    27. Trump’s statement “he’s a war hero because he got captured” implies that Senator McCain is only a war hero only because he got captured as if to say had McCain not gotten captured he would not be considered a war hero. That is certainly debatable. But Trump’s additional statement “I like people who don’t get captured” is a slap in the face to every POW from every war. Donald Trump doesn’t like the men who were forced to participate in the Bataan Death March.

    28. We get the gist of what Donald is saying. His bombastic statements reveal a megalomaniac and narcissistic personality disorder. He has revealed himself to be a person of low character and horrendous judgment as well as questionable intelligence. He is emotionally at about the 6 yr. old level. Watch him strike out at those that criticize him legitimately just like a spoiled child. His vindictiveness knows no bounds. A truly ugly American!

    29. Veterans, House Members and Senators are featured in this discussion of the record and anti-veteran behavior of Senator John McCain, particularly after his release from his North Vietnamese captors.

      They remark how odd it is that John McCain, once held as a POW himself, would be so bitterly opposed to efforts on behalf of those who might have been left behind by our nation and still be being held in captivity. Those acts include blocking the release of classified intelligence regarding the issue of POW/MIA’s. Former Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) describes information being deliberately withheld from a Select Committee on POW/MIA affairs by the U.S. federal government.

      Veterans raise the question of whether or not McCain was a collaborator with the enemy, as is strongly rumored, and whether it is out of concerns for damaging information being revealed that McCain is so protective of the still classified information.

      There is evidence that the United States is complicit in actively covering up information relating to POW’s and MIA’s in both Korea and Vietnam, and their subsequent transfer to other nations, such as China and the former Soviet Union, now Russia. McCain and John Kerry are exposed as assisting in that cover-up.

      Another interesting point about John Kerry that is revealed by Tracy Usry, a former US Senate Chief Investigator, is that the Heinz Family, which is John Kerry’s wife’s Ketchup Empire, was given sole rights for the negotiation of all real estate issues within Vietnam. If that is true, there could not be a more egregious conflict of interest imaginable.

      There is also information regarding McCain’s reputation and nickname given by his captives of the “Songbird,” which refers to his willingness to sing like a bird, telling all he knew from the very beginning, and without the need for torture.

      John McCain has never had these questions raised on a national stage before. In spite of the complicit media doing their best to condemn Donald Trump and rally to McCain’s assistance, thereby eliminating a serious campaign threat to the status quo of non-representative government, the truth may be leaking its way out of the tightly held grip of McCain, Kerry and their anti-American collaborators.

      McCain may wish he hadn’t picked a fight with Donald Trump. There are lots of people who have come to that realization the hard way. With a reelection fight due 2016, McCain may have introduced issues into the debate he would have preferred had remained outside of the public domain and discussion.

      Rick Wells is a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit http://www.rickwells.us & http://www.truthburgers.com.



      McCain has never really earned anything. He is from a wealth pampered background and not fit to lead this nation.

      A “war hero” doesn’t finished 894th out of 899 and still get stationed at a Navy champagne unit and promoted ahead of all but two of his 898 other classmates.

      A “war hero” doesn’t crash three U.S. Navy jets out of sheer incompetence and ineptitude, including two during non-combat training sessions.

      A “war hero” doesn’t get written up on drunk-and-disorderly, fraternization, disobeying orders, and insubordination charges more than two dozen times in less than three years.

      A “war hero” doesn’t get promoted to squadron commander of the air field named after his own grandfather immediately after crashing his third airplane. A “war hero” doesn’t have all the military records that cover his time in Vietnam and all disciplinary actions against him censored and sealed “as a matte r of national security.” A “war hero” doesn’t get 28 medals awarded all after-the-fact “for bravery” for no other reason than being shot down and captured and then go on a celebrity public relations tour because he’s the son of two acclaimed Navy admirals. A “war hero” doesn’t repeatedly cheat on the wife who’s back in the states waiting for him, and then cheat on her more when he returns to the states, and then divorce and abandon her.

      A “war hero” doesn’t systematically vote against every single pay and benefit increase for military and veterans throughout his entire political career, all the while claiming to be “the soldier’s Congressman,” and then take credit for the passage of a G.I. benefits bill he that voted AGAINST. A “war hero” McCain III lost jet number one in 1958 when he plunged into Corpus Christi Bay while practicing landings. He was knocked unconscious by the impact coming to as the plane settled to the bottom. McCain’s second crash occurred while he was deployed in the Mediterranean. “Flying too low over the Iberian Peninsula,” Timberg wrote, “he took out some power lines [reminiscent of the 1998 incident in which a Marine Corps jet sliced through the cables of a gondola at an Italian ski resort, killing 20] which led to a spate of newspaper stories in which he was predictably identified as the son of an admiral.”

      McCain’s third crash three occurred when he was returning from flying a Navy trainer solo to Philadelphia for an Army-Navy football game. Timberg reported that McCain radioed, “I’ve got a flameout” and went through standard relight procedures three times before ejecting at one thousand feet. McCain landed on a deserted beach moments before the plane slammed into a clump of trees. McCain’s fifth loss happened during his 23rd mission over North Vietnam on Oct. 26, 1967, when McCain’s A-4 Skyhawk was shot down by a surface-to-air missile. McCain ejected from the plane breaking both arms an d a leg in the process and subsequently parachuted into Truc Bach Lake near Hanoi. For 23 combat missions (an estimated 20 hours over enemy territory), the U.S. Navy awarded McCain a Silver Star, a Legion of Merit for Valor, a Distinguished Flying Cross, three Bronze Stars, two Commendation medals plus two Purple Hearts and a dozen service medals. “McCain had roughly 20 hours in combat,” explains Bill Bell, a veteran of Vietnam and former chief of the U.S. Office for POW/MIA Affairs — the first official U.S. representative in Vietnam since the 1973 fall of Saigon. “Since McCain got 28 medals,” Bell continues, “that equals out to about a medal-and-a-half for each hour he spent in combat. There were infantry guys — grunts on the ground — who had more than 7,000 hours in combat and I can tell you that there were times and situations where I’m sure a prison cell would have looked pretty good to them by comparison

      The question really is how many guys got that number of medals for not being shot down.” For years, McCain has been an unchecked master at manipulating an overly friendly and biased news media. The former POW turned Congressman, turned U.S. Senator, has managed to gloss over his failures as a pilot by exaggerating his military service and lying about his feats of heroism. McCain has sprouted a halo and wings to become America’s POW-hero presidential candidate.

      This article was written by an active, unnamed Marine. It was published by Gale Toensing founder of the Corner Report.com and she sent it to me. It is a true account of McCain’s real war record and evidence of his lack of fitness for the office of President.

    30. Nonsense. Getting shot down means you’re a lousy pilot, not a war hero. Saving lives, charging an enemy position, those are act of heroism – not getting your sorry ass shot outta the sky.

    31. We’ve labeled the likes of John Kerry and Bowe Bergdahl ‘heroes’…and neither of them were worthy…While John McCain served with honor, he has been constantly rewarded throughout his political career, for his service and sacrifices…but for me, the first time he embraced the illegals who spit on our nation’s laws on the way in, he lost my respect…If he no longer believes this nation is worthy of respect, then I don’t believe he is either.

    32. Seeing the response of the political class and over reaction of the media to everything that Trump
      Says makes us appreciate his open comments very much.

    33. He said McCain is only a war hero because he was captured. A war hero because he was captured. Got that? He said he is a war hero. He also implied that, had he not been captured, he might not have been. Had he not been the son of an Admiral, he might not have been. Had he been some schmuck buried in an unmarked grave, he would not have been.

      War has many heroes and many victims. What is a POW? Both, I’d say, but more victim than hero.

      And this is why what Trump said is so important. He said he favored winners over victims. That was the second taboo he broke. America idolizes victims and demonizes winners.

      Hence the demonization of Trump.

    34. Donald was exactly correct in his statement to John McCain. Everyone is upset with what Donald said but when he stated McCain was not a war hero people do not understand that if McCain had not been captured he would not have been classified now as a war hero. McCain has used his status as being a prisoner of war to maintain his status as a senator. Go here and see if you could conceder him a war hero, because I don’t. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hr37eE0nO8 He has not done any justice to the many veterans that are considered War Hero’s in my book.

    35. Donald Trump will apologize after Barry Soetero apologizes to the American people for lying through his teeth about the cost of Obamacare. Donald Trump will apologize after Slow Joe Biden apologizes for all of his insensitive remarks throughout his decades of public disservice.

    36. Allison St. Pierre

      Come on Sharyl. We all know that what Trump meant in his comments was that the only thing that makes him a hero is that he got captured so therefore he’s not a hero. To validate a blowhard like Trump, who has no military record, is wrong. The Washington Post was 100% correct in their reporting. And Americans are getting fed up with the personal attacks rather than addressing the issues and their stance.

    37. Sarcasm and intent speak louder than words.

      He said he was a war hero, then his words, the sarcastic tone and intent of the next statement “He’s a war hero because he was captured” imply that had he not been captured, a fighter pilot who ran countless missions wouldn’t be considered a war hero.

      He’s unfit to lead as commander in chief. Much of the military wouldn’t follow him. No hispanics will. Nobody in the left two thirds of the political spectrum will. Moderate republicans won’t. People who don’t like rude people, which is what he is. Its not “bucking the establishment” or “speaking his mind”. He’s a jerk.

      So his followers will be hard right non establishment, non hispanic, non military who like jerks. As we well know, the nutbags vote in the primary which is why he polls well. It’d be nice to see him as the republican candidate so whoever the dems put forward gets a free ride to the white house.

    38. No, he does not. J.M. is as dirty as the rest of them. Somebody needs to call these crooks out and I don’t care if it’s Trump or Carrot Top.

  2. Trump needs to clarify, and probably due to inaccurate reporting. Such is the press’s power that they will wield out of sheer hatred for the Donald.

    1. You can watch the video yourself. There’s no “inaccurate reporting.” He said exactly what he was quoted as saying. Now he’s trying to backtrack (sort of), but it’s too late.

      1. Bill, though I hate to admit it that was what I heard too. I’m no fan of McCain. I held my nose and voted for him when he ran for president, but I don’t think his war record should have even come up. When the moderator said that McCain was a war hero Trump’s response should have been that that was more reason to be disappointed in McCain’s for his lack of action in supporting our veterans, and left it at that. Instead he got into a bombastic argument with the moderator and kept digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole. What struck me was when he said that McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured. I wonder if he thinks all those who perished to keep us safe are losers too? After all ,they lost their lives so if we use Trump’s logic they would be losers too.

    2. He can clarify and then they will just attack his clarification by slicing out his statements again. I think he needs to move on and avoid getting baited. The McCain chatter is certainly not the way Trump should go down. McCain is overrated and in his later career a fraud so by giving him anymore coverage would be insane. Trump knows this well.

  3. I know the liberal media will do anything to stop the truth from being told. As a U.S. vet living in AZ I was insulted that he called me crazy. I’m also against McCain for not helping us vets here in AZ. McCain is a coward and not a hero in my book if he can’t support his fellow brothers. I see the point Trump is getting at and know that his comment was directed at McCain and not us Vets.

    1. I agree. As far as being in the military and doing his job, he should be commended. From what I have become aware of over the last 35 years personally, his commitment to the USA stopped when he left the military. From that point on his only commitment was, and is, himself. He has been in the US Senate Far too long with nothing positive for his constituents to show for it. He spouts off about whatever he wants to and hides behind his POW status to deflect any criticism. Enough, McCain needs to stop playing powerful know-it-all about military/war Senator and step down so someone who is committed to helping this country heal and get stronger.

      1. McCain’s a loser and always has been. He comes from a long line of losers. He granddaddy ignored weather signals sailors have used for a thousands years to lead Halsey’s fleet into a typhoon that cost the Navy more ships than the Japanese. McCain got into – and stayed in – USNA because of his lineage; fellow cadets couldn’t stand him. His shipmates had no use for him. Then he got shot down cuz he’s a lousy pilot. And since he’s been in Congress all he’s done is blow his own trumpet, doing no good for anyone else. We need to skip term limits & just impost a mandatory retirement age on the clowns who represent ONLY themselves in Congress. We’re the youngest and most entrepreneurial nation in the world, yet we allow ourselves to be ruled by a buncha washed-up has-beens & never-was’s. Put these clowns out to pasture at 60. If the FAA says you’re too old to fly a commercial airliner at 60, surely you’re too old to understand and make decisions on the fast-moving world of today.

    2. Ok so what exactly would you like John McCain to do sir?Also,why so butt hurt over someone calling you crazy? You are a US VET,but you cant even handle someone calling you crazy sounds weak.MAYBE YOU SHOULD CALL HIM A COWARD TO HIS FACE INSTEAD OF COWARDLY CALLING HIM A COWARD ON THE INTERNET.

      1. So someone must like and except everything that is said to them, or they are weak? Really? So I guess every single liberal, and every single person complaining about what Trump SAID, is a panty waste, weak coward. Just like YOU.

    3. Fellow Arizonan here. You are spot on about what McCain hasn’t done for the veterans here in our great state. Remember the last re-election campaign? Did he keep any of his promises? Did he secure the border? Did he dig into the God awful mess that is the VA Hospital here in Phoenix?

      John McCain continually insults his own constituency, and we are just supposed to shut up and take it because….war hero! John uses his war hero status every re-election, and we fall for it every time.

      Take it to the bank, I am NOT voting for him in ’16. And he can take Jeff Flake with him.

      1. Oh, by the way, he has been called a coward and a traitor in a townhall meeting last year and it left me speechless for once. All he could say afterward was, “Everyone has their own opinion.”

    4. John McCain lied to naval investigator about what happened to his plane in his 1960 plane crash. While dare-deviling in Spain he knocked out power lines – but he was promoted in spite of these incidents that would have resulted in the cashiering of other pilots.

      He, like Brian Williams, embellished his role regarding the USS Forrestal incident.

      A hero status should not be bestowed on this former POW than it should be concerning former-POW Bowe Bergdahl.

      The fact that I am a decorated Vietnam War vet does not increase the veracity of that which I have written. It simply refutes those who would argue that not serving in the military negates any criticism of Senator McCain.

  4. Not surprising. The Post conflated three data sets to state Trump was lying re: illegal immigration crime. But this one is much bigger in getting under the skin of the culture. McCain is a war hero because he was captured is also a way of saying a lot of heroes died unknown because they were not captured. But that’s the tip of the iceberg: America is obsessed with victims. Trumps preference for soldiers not captured not only implies a respect for unknown soldiers but contempt for the notion that being a victim makes you a hero. A POW may be a hero but he’s also a victim. Trump is about winners and has pealed the bandage off the really difficult thing in the culture: the rewarding of idolized victims and punishment of demonized winners.

  5. Thank you for your fearlessness. Something that shouldn’t be required for telling the truth. But, in times of tyranny, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. You are one of the most admirable women in our nation. Thank you.

    1. I wanted to express my appreciation as well. You have made a simple but perfect statement, so I will agree with you in thanking her.

  6. “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

    He was saying the first part sarcastically, as is made unquestionably clear by the second part.

    1. I take his comment as also bestowing the hero title to those who weren’t captured. What makes a POW any more worthy of the hero title than the grunt on the ground still fighting and dodging the bullet? Nothing. Trump just has a greater admiration for those still fighting and thinks they are heros.
      It was a jab, but a well deserved jab back aimed at just one person, not all POWs.

      1. Right you are Kay. My husband is a disabled war veteran and he is not called a hero, I like the way Trump said it. He said McCain is a hero because he was captured, a (POW). If you look at the accomplishments of these two men and see honestly who you think served this country more: McCain served in the Senate and on his watch took us to trillions in debt, nothing for the Veterans, nothing for the border security whereas Trump employed thousands of People, reorganized his companies to survive the downturn and save employees instead of closing his doors. To me saving the livelihood of thousands is more of a heroic act than sitting on the Senate floor collecting huge salaries and perks from tax payers. What do you think?

  7. Maybe Trump was referring to the content of this video? https://www.youtube.com/embed/4hr37eE0nO8 It’s common knowledge that many Vietnam vets & fellow POWs don’t like McCain. After all, the Vietnamese nicknamed him Songbird for a reason. If more people would watch this video, maybe they would agree with Trump, as I do.

  8. I am a big fan, Sheyl – but the video I saw on TV tonight clearly showed DT saying, “he’s not a hero – he’s a war hero because he got captured.”

    Thanks again for your work.

    1. Ray, there is a possibility that he was saying that we have made him a hero because he was captured. Check out the video link posted by Geri, located right above your comment. He is videos giving up all kinds of info while a POW and contrary to what we have been led to believe, he did it to AVOID torture, not because of it.

    2. Ray, there is a possibility that he was saying that we have made him a hero because he was captured. Check out the video link posted by Geri, located right above your comment. He is videos giving up all kinds of info while a POW and contrary to what we have been led to believe, he did it to AVOID torture, not because of it.
      Lola like there was a chance I posted this 1 times but I was left without options so if it is a duplicate…… My apologies.

  9. Thank you Ms. Attkisson for stating facts as well as pointing out media “on purpose” errors. I am a military spouse and support Mr. Trump and watched the full video as well. It is so clear that the media, the left, the right/GOP do not want to give Mr. Trump a seat at the debate table.

  10. Republican Voter

    Amateur work here. Trump shot himself in the foot. He insulted not only McCain, but every one of our soldiers ever captured.

    1. With MSM being what it is we are constantly having to look deeper. Just a little bit ahead of your comment, “Geri” posted a link you need to watch. It shows many elected Senators who were trying overwhelmingly to help our military guys, but who were stonewalled by McCain. It is about 9 min and includes McC. In the H.H spilling everything to avoid torture, not because of it. He is oh where he is today because the truth was not getting out to the public. I am the daughter of a WWII Army Capt. McC. Is not worthy of the respect he has enjoyed all these years. Please watch.

  11. Ms Attkison,
    I have long admired you, because of your honesty and courage.
    I really have a hard time trusting anything coming from our monopolistic media.
    You are one of the last credible voices in our press and without any partisan slant whatsoever.
    Thank you for what you do and the admirable way you do it.
    Chuck Emerson
    Evans, CO

    1. Amen Chuck, She is what a TRUE JOURNALIST should be, unlike the puppets we hate from the mainstream media who insults the intelligence of the American people.

  12. I’m not sure if you have only watched what the Post offered up on what Trump said, because you may be right that they did not provide enough of what Trump said to their point. Fine. But I watched the youtube clip of this incident as I’m sure you have and Trump clearly says “[McCain] was a hero because he was captured. I like people who were not captured, I hate to tell you, okay”.
    I wrote this in response to number 3 in your blog.

  13. Heroism is defined, among other things, as bravery. It should be obvious that all veterans qualify as such. Another defintion is great achievement which perhaps is where Mr. Trump takes issue with Mr. McCain, believing that he has fallen so short (lack of achievement) by not defending veterans needs and causes. This would certainly be the opposite of heroic; it would be weak and shameful.
    If Mr. Trump wants to truly be different from a politician, he might be wise to forego name-calling, even if true, and focus on how his solutions specifically will address the problems we together face as a nation. Straight talk, honesty is where it is indeed at…but so also is true humility!

  14. Umm, you missed the fact that the times he said “he is a war hero” his voice was SEETHING with sarcasm.

    The transcript alone doesn’t reflect the fact that Donald obviously didn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth, so the reporting on this has been quite accurate. Nice try though.

    1. With all the lost memories around here McCain should have no problem getting everything he wants. Go back and see who he really is and how his treatment of the families of the MIA and POWs who never got to come home was shameful. His embellished accounts of his experiences in captivity read like a fairy tale when you know where they come from.

  15. Character assassination from either side, has no place in a political campaign. There is no reason that justifies attacking anyone on a personal level. The office of President of the United States should be treated with dignity and respect at ALL times, even while campaigning. There have been far too many attacks made on a personal level in the last few campaigns. This trend isn’t new, just a continuation of “mud slinging’ from all sides, which diminishes the character of all parties concerned. The attacks on Mr. Trump have been brutal, and terribly biased, and as they say, “he’s returned fire.” This has to stop. It’s diminishing the dignity of the office for which they’re campaigning. The world is watching and forming opinions. This is probably the most important election there is. It should be kept on a professional level, addressing only the issues.

  16. Sharyl, you are an incredible journalist and are so refreshing. You remind me of the way that I would cover a story or do an investigative piece. I love how you point out all the inaccuracies in the Post, and their bias. You’re awesome and this is how journalism should be—unbiased and factual. You’re a rare find and I absolutely love your work. Shame on the Washington Post for not including both sides of the issue.

  17. I have no respect for “insane” John McCain. Call him a war hero if you like, but he is a traitor to America in many other regards. A total garbage pail.

    Good for you Donald! Keep outing the dishonorable trash like McCain, Krauthammer and the like!

    1. The irony is that what he is doing is advancing the issues in a positive way. The fact is that the border issue has been with us for 40 years and no one has done anything about it. In two weeks, Trump has brought it to the forefront in a way that no one else has been able to do. He is doing the same thing with the VA medical care problem by attacking McCain. It is highly effective. I thought he was a clown act when his candidacy started but I’m becoming a believer. When he says, “All McCain does is talk, but he never gets any results,” it resonates with people like me and probably more so with vets struggling to get medical care.

  18. The fact still stands that Trump said it. And then specifying that he is no war “hero” for being captured. Afterwards correcting his statement to leave a dubbel negative. Its asinine and childish to even walk this path he is doing. So in essence the original article captures the blatant behavior of Trump. And thats all that matters when you have a CiC candidate.

    Trumps persona is arogant, full of bigotry and sprinkled with hybris. He could easily be seen as the Putin/Berlusconi of US.

    1. McCain doesn’t deserve an apology now. His actions after the fact say more than enough. He does what he always has when his integrity(or lack thereof) has been questioned. He goes into a snit. He is a petulant child, as always.
      Heroes, actual heroes that have risked life and limb by performing an act of bravery in order that others might live. A selfless act. Those people do not react like McCain so often has. They do not like being called heroes. To hear them tell it they were merely doing what anyone else would have done in the same situation. They don’t use their status to get elected to office or pass a bill that others clearly have problems with. They remain humble first and always. McCain only becomes humble when he has been reminded.
      McCain is arrogant, egotistical, and has a nasty way of treating others when he doesn’t get his way.
      He’s a bully. McCain is a bully and a punk.

  19. Come on. He said “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” He’s obviously means to take McCain down a peg with that remark.

  20. Well stated on Trump comments on McCain. Just found your site. Keep up the good work. You saved me looking up anther smear on words.

  21. Didn’t you leave a segment of Trump’s own quote out though? He said something like “I like people who aren’t captured.”

  22. If you listen to the video, when he said that McCain is a war hero because he was captured, his tone was sarcastic and as he followed the statement up with “I like people who aren’t captured.”

    1. Perhaps because he feels hero status should be given to all? That the guy still fighting deserves it more? Or none deserve it at all unless they did something really outstanding, which McCain did not. Meaning he did nothing more outstanding or more deserving than the guys still out in the jungle fighting. That’s what I take from the statement.

  23. McCain is a self-proclaimed “progressive” – might I remind everyone the source, the origin of that appellation is with the Fabian Socialists? Marxists? Communists? Hillary Clinton and Barack Obeyme both refer to themselves as progressives.

    McCain has used his cover as a “war hero” and a POW for his underhanded Senatorial dealings over the decades to enrich himself and his state and sell out US sovereignty to globalist powers.

    Call it Stockholm syndrome if you really want to be kind, but I think that is another bit of slight-of-hand.

    McCain has helped to incrementally – progressively – engineer the overthrow of the US government, the founding of the “North American Union” and the police agencies and regulations necessary to keep us all in line during the transition, like it or not.

    He’s a political criminal and deserves the fate of Ceaucescu or Mussolini. As a vet myself I’m more ashamed of McCain’s legacy than Trump’s pronouncements. Get ’em Donald. Give ’em hell!

  24. Nice job Sharyl as usual. I didn’t even know you had a website until I heard Trump mentioned you this morning for your honest reporting of him in Ames. I will definitely bookmark it.

  25. I’ve now read the Post “version” and watched the entire Luntz interview. Great job Sharyl for setting the record straight. Your recounting is spot on to what he said. The GOP candidates with the most to say about it are those at the bottom of the polls, unsurprisingly.

  26. Keep up the good work Sharyl! Thanks for taking a stand against news organizations who try to make the news instead of reporting facts.

  27. Trump-Senator McCain

    I believe Trump supports our military and our veterans. I would like to hear him state that he would have a military and the will to use it to rescue captured American’s any where, any place, any time. I want to know the Commander in Chief would not leave a pilot in captivity for five years. I would like to know that our Commander in Chief would rescue vulnerable diplomats, government agents and our military without doubt, and swiftly.

    I would also love to hear a President tell so many of the bureaucrat agency heads in our government….YOUR FIRED!

    Thank you so much for your commitment to journalistic integrity.

  28. I’m a VET and say that Trump is 100% correct! McCain was NO WAR HERO! He was in-fact a TRAITOR! He got those medals because his Father and Grandfather were 4-Star Navy Admirals. However, McCain was a COWARD! He sold out America on day four of his capture! He gave away Classified Information which cost 100s of American lives, not even to include the fact that McCain also made over 30 videos for the Communist Party to use as propaganda! McCain is a disgrace to both the fake US CORPORATION as established by the ACT of 1871, and a disgrace to America! I’m a VET and say “hey news look into the truth of McCain’s Medals!” McCain got those medals for selling out America, much like him getting rich off of selling out the voters to which ever lobbyists pay him the most for his vote! McCain is all that is wrong with government! Should we give Bergdahl those same medals because he was a prisoner for 5 years? The same applies here! He’s not a hero, and none of those medals would hold up to scrutiny… his medals are what true vets call boilerplate awards with nothing to back them up!

    1. He was tortured!!! I’ll bet you never even left stateside or saw combat. Mr. McCain was over there 5 yrs because he refused to leave until his comrades were released as well!! Watch “You’ve Been Trumped”. Trump is a narcissistic, egomaniacal BULLY!!! He does not have the temperament to be president!!! Can you say MEGALOMANIAC!

  29. In my opinion, Trump’s statement was intentionally malicious. That is his style…black and white, winner and loser. I’m pretty sure this is Trump’s way of calling McCain a loser because he was captured.

  30. Thank you Sharyl. The truth is refreshing. McCain is in fact a tired old man, resting on his laurels of yester-year. He has done nothing to help the veterans nor the Republicans in a very, very long time. I say…”Go Trump!”

  31. Speaking of lacking context, you left out that Trump said simultaneously: “I like people who didn’t get captured.” Watching and listening the only reasonable conclusion was that he doesn’t like people who got captured. Your perfume on his manure doesn’t make it edible.

    1. A simple understanding of a statement made involving many undercurrents that was directed at one individual, not the many you assume.
      Let me explain how I understand it. McCain insulted Trump supporters. Trump let him know he believes the people still fighting in the jungle were as deserving or even more deserving of hero status than McCain himself. Which they were and are.

  32. If you don’t believe in sarcasm, then you are absolutely correct that Donald Trump really called John McCain a war hero (contradicting what he said at the outset). When he said “he’s a war hero because he got captured,” it’s clear that what he meant was “he’s only considered to be a war hero by everyone because he got captured.” If you watch the video, it’s clear that’s what he meant. The fact that he then follows with “he’s perhaps a war hero” is him backtracking because he knows he’s angered some people in the room.

  33. mike Di Francesco

    As a strong Trump supporter, even arguing with friends in support of MR. Trump’s views, his even mentioning a naval aviator, and a POW is not a war hero really hurt a lot of his supporters. There are some things that are taboo. The fact that Mc Cain flew many missions and was shot down and spent 5 years as a pow, tortured, beat up is all true and should never be minimized There is no reason that justifies attacking anyone on a personal level. Trump is correct.. just because you are a war hero, doesn’t make you a good Senator. Mr Trump stick to the record and performance of these Senators and Congressman, you got plenty there to prove your points, and turn our country around and make it great again. I will continue to support you in every way.

  34. Sorry but your article is pure BS, it’s just pure semantics about the definition of the word ‘hero’, don’t try to soften up what he said. Trump clearly believes McCain is not a war hero. His comment “He’s not a war hero…he is a war hero because he was captured”, clearly states that he truly believes that war heroes either die in action or save someone and being captured is simply far from honor.

  35. I think what many are missing is that it was Frank Luntz who made McCain’s military service the issue. Was he doing a George Stephanapolous, trying to change the subject from fact that McCain, Mr. Amnesty, called 15000 patriotic Americans who are outraged over Obama’s lawless amnesty “crazies?” Here’s what the Donald should have said: “Frank, Sen. McCain’s military service, which I respect, of course, is not the issue. The issue is his relentless support for amnesty, and his causing people who disagree with him “crazies.” Then there’s also the pathetic ’08 campaign … I don’t understand why you chose to make it about military service. Did Reince Preibus or Mitt Romney tell you to do that?

    1. I noticed that too. Frank Luntz is doing the bidding for the RNC and it is very obvious to anyone who pays close attention to these things.

  36. The media these days SELDOM IF EVER reports the facts as they are! The problem is the same as with all the candidates running for office, BIG CORPORATIONS OWN EVERYTHING, thus all reports are reflecting only what their owners want reported and how they want it reported!

  37. Finally TRUTH in the MEDIA – The only reason why everyone is twisting what Trump said is because he’s leading in the polls and the only ones who have come out against Trump are the ones who barely register in any of the polls. Ted Cruz even though he’s unfortunately not doing as well as I’d like in the polls has always stood up for Trump. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump would make great running mates – Could you imagine how many great things could get accomplished when they take office

  38. I suppose the point Trump was making is, that it should NOT require you to be captured, and then decline a POW exchange because you don’t want people to think your father being an Admiral had anything to do with it, nor that you co-operated with the enemy– in order for you to be thought a “hero.”

    I suppose Trump was saying, and rather infelicitously, “OK, some people wanna call McCain a ‘war hero,’ though perhaps it’s open to debate– but even if he IS, etc. etc….”

    1. I beleive, he meant that their was others who did save a unit or should I say their platoon, that have never been recognized as heros, I have a letter that my brother sacrificed and could have died, when he went in and dismantled land mines, it was stated as heroic, he went through hell, but the letter is all he got, and spit on when he came home, and called a baby killer, he was a true hero, as many others were , who layed their life on the line to save others, he never received any recognition except the letter, I hold dear. He died in 2010 of agent orange . He was a true hero , and the world doesnt even know his name, the same for many others, I think Trump meant you only get labled hero if you were captured. Just my opinion, and it doesnt mean much. God Bless the USA, God knows we are living in times, we need God to send someone who can get America back on track, the turmoil we have now is terrable.

  39. If true this is the same as in 2012 when Obama said ” If you have a small business, you didn’t build it.” Conservatives circulated this leaving out that the previous sentences were all about infrastructure, and he was clearly saying a small business owner didn’t build his own infrastructure ( roads etc ) but that didn’t stop the GOP from circulating the edited version.

  40. I wish the media would give one tenth of this kind of scrutiny to what Obama says and, what Hillary says and, what Sanders says and, what the rest of the looney left says on a day to day basis.

    They outright lie to the public every single day and their echo chambers repeat it verbatim unchecked. Then, they’re shocked when a reporter dares ask any question of substance of their president…as they conveniently forget their own behavior during the Bush Administration when every question was accusatorial in nature.

  41. The problem here is not Trump’s comments about McCain directly. It is the “He’s a war hero because he was captured, I like people who weren’t captured”. It isn’t about McCain, it is about his disrespectful comments toward POWs in general.

    Regardless of what McCain has or has not done, anyone who flies a combat aircraft through a screen of air defense missiles over enemy territory is an American hero. He wasn’t just “captured”, he was shot out of the air over enemy territory.

    Trump seems to imply that McCain was some sort of idiot for being captured (by saying that he likes heroes that WEREN’T captured) and in doing so disparages all POWs as being somehow lesser heroes for being captured.

    1. ketchemandfleezem


  42. John McCain called thousands of people “crazies” because they do not agree with illegal amnesty. Sounds like John cares more about the illegals more than the American people who oppose this. I hope this comes up if McCain decides to run again in Arizona.

  43. I am 87 year old white female and grew up during the depression. My 37 year father died leaving my 30 year old mother with 6 small children oldest 11 years and youngest 2 months. We grew up on a farm (without electricity) . I and my sisters and brothers worked in the fields to survive. (We were dirt poor). We have a corrupt administration. America needs DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT. He has my family and my vote. WAKE UP AMERICA. Save America – VOTE TRUMP.

  44. I was a Trump supporter until he opened his mouth yesterday. I agree with his stance on immigration, but after yesterday I’m done with him (and since his comment, I took a look at his Twitter feed which looks like it was written by an angry third grader with it’s constant name-calling and slamming anyone who isn’t 100% supportive of him).

    His exact words as paraphrased in this article do not reflect the tone and body language of what he was saying. He clearly, when you put it all together, suggested that McCain is NOT a war hero because he was captured and Mr. Trump even said “I prefer soldiers that aren’t captured”.

    I can’t speak for everyone else, but yesterday was enough for me to jump off the Trump bandwagon and run FAST the other way.

    1. It actually got me to consider him seriously for the first time. The fact is that this pathetic and tired act of isolating and demonizing people with contrarian views has gone too far. It is bad enough when these Saul Alinsky communists do it, but it is even more sickening when GOP candidates do it (e.g. Perry, Rubio et al) If Donald Trump doesn’t believe McCain is a hero, so what! If Donald Trump believes McCain wears pink underwear, so what! America needs to grow up and get back to respecting others rights to express their opinion without being immediately pressured for an apology. The fact that these GOP candidates are doing this has caused me to scratch them off my list. I’m down to Trump, Cruz, and Carson who are showing that they’re the only adults in the room that don’t go off on some dopey demonization tour. I was very disappointed that Scott Walker took this bait; pathetic.

    2. Which is exactly what the mainstream wants you to do. If you are willing to vote for a bought and payed for by special interests politition then you are just part of the continuing problem!

  45. My question is: Was Philip Rucker paid by a PAC or candidate for president to print the misleading article on Trump?

  46. Regardless of what you think of the man or his politics – Trump is the conduit, the means for American’s to voice their angry screams of disgust over our corrupt crony capitalist government. The time is beyond late, it is now or never for the country. Trump has tapped into the fact that the country is fed up, and with his help ( be it temporary or not) it is our last chance to stick it to the oligarchs and “Bring America Back” to the people. Let’s all hope and pray he is locked on this time around to go all the way. When you stop and think about it, his age and personality (too old to give a damn) and financial independence from the Uniparty bosses are the only way to break their backs. All they have is money and ridicule to control the candidates. With Trump, neither one works. This includes the MSM. And it is sooo satisfying to watch the bastards squirm.

  47. Mr. Trump starts to say something like “McCain is not a war hero because of valor in combat, he’s a war hero because he was captured.” He stops at the 6th word to rephrase, then simply to say the last 8 words. If he owes anyone a correction, he provided it in the same sentence. His favorite war heroes were not captured POWs, but men decorated for valor in combat. Yawn. Will the media and the GOP establishment collaborate to destroy him over this?

  48. Sharyl,

    You forgot to mention, in the context of your analysis, that Trump also said, “I like people that weren’t captured.”

    With that tidbit, and having viewed the video to form my own opinion, I must conclude that the Post got the story mostly right, your linguistic analysis notwithstanding.

    1. Little known facts about the rest of McCain’s war record…..he crashed 5 planes (the number he was issued) and almost single handedly sank an aircraft carrier killing 136 sailors. He also graduated 894 out of 899

  49. FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton supporters slam McCain’s military service. Newsworthy (but ignored), is the fact that Clinton failed to reject her supporters “shameful” comments.


    FASTFORWARD: Hillary Clinton rejects Trump’s comments regarding McCain’s military service


    I find it hysterical that liberals and its media empire didn’t reject democrat rhetoric regarding McCain’s military service in the past, but are NOW “standing up” for him. Politics(?), nahhhhh.

    I voted for presidential candidate McCain. Ironically, McCain has the nerve to call me crazy? Hey McCain — Trump aside — why don’t you apologize for calling me crazy?

  50. A hero is someone who shows bravery and carries out some act of heroism. Trump got that correct. But a hero can also be a term associated with a POW, and for that reason America termed him and all POWs heroes. It is clear that is what Trump said. So what’s the big deal. The Post’s writer was just out to stir up controversy. And it seems Trump’s $ million donation to McCain’s once upon a time presidential ambitions was overlooked. This is just more media effort to destroy Trump, and misusing and embarrassing both persons. More media scum!

  51. Sharyl, Trump also said that he prefers heroes who weren’t captured. That is even worse in my opinion than saying McCain is not a hero in the first place.

  52. Trump told the truth again. The more I see and hear of him the more confident I become of his qualifications to be president. I was uncertain at first. I though his mouth would do him in but he has proven the opposite.

  53. Donald Trump is used to cracking heads, some of those whose heads are being cracked will complain so there are two choices, 1) step up the game or 2) don’t show up. I recall the term “ugly American” referring to America’s aggression in the ’60s. We need more of that era’s “ugly Americans” on the world stage to keep us safe and America strong, Trump among them.

    1. Ugly American started in the 40’s. Americans go overseas, meddle in the affairs of Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan and leave a mess for the natives while politically connected contractors like Haliburton and the Carlyle group profit.

  54. i watched what trump said, several times

    trump has lost my support and vote

    over the last 2 weeks i have left dozens of supportive comments
    of trump at many websites

    i saw his disparaging remarks again mccain (and i HATE mccain as a POLITICIAN)
    and trump’s remarks that he prefers people who ‘aren’t captured.’
    is BLATANTLY insulting to ALL VETERANS.

    our P.O.W.s and M.I.A.s deserve honor and recognition at all times

    there’s no question, that every man or woman who wears a military uniform
    and serves honorably is an … AMERICAN HERO. period.

    i was going to give trump a second chance hoping that he’d that today
    he’d apologize to mccain and to all veterans

    he was interviewed for 10 minutes this morning on fox and friends

    he doubled down on his negative remarks

    he lost my vote

    GO CRUZ!

  55. “Donald Trump appears to have gotten under the skin of not only Democrats”

    Can we fact-check the fact-checkers? Which Democrats has Trump “gotten under the skin of”? Are any Democrats annoyed with Donald Trump? The reactions of Democrats I know have ranged from mild snikering to rolling on the floor laughing.

  56. Nelson Abdullah


    I have the highest regard for your diligence and integrity and your sense of fair play. You probably realize that people will sometimes change course in the middle of a statement after dropping a hint of something they wanted to say but decided at the last minute not to. Trump’s initial remark to the interviewer’s comment may have been the beginning of an opening salvo about John McCain’s treasonous conduct while a POW in North Vietnam.

    It’s common knowledge to anyone who looks at the story that John McCain was given preferential treatment throughout his naval career because his father was the admiral in charge of the Pacific Fleet during the war. Certainly his captors also knew this. But McCain has been accused by fellow Vietnam Vet retired Army Col. Earl Hopper of revealing highly Classified information. “the most important of which was the package routes, which were routes used to bomb North Vietnam. He gave in detail the altitude they were flying, the direction, if they made a turn… he gave them what primary targets the United States was interested in…the information McCain provided allowed the North Vietnamese to adjust their air-defenses. As result…the US lost sixty percent more aircraft and in 1968 [and] called off the bombing of North Vietnam, because of the information McCain had given to them.” Col. Hopper’s entire story is in his story entitled:
    John McCain: Privileged ‘War Hero’, Liar, Collaborator, Traitor

  57. LiberalsForLunch

    Nice job on the fact checking. Trump really has a way of unsettling liberals with truth… otherwise, the Wash Post wouldn’t have bothered to misconstrue the facts like they did.

  58. McCain is a classic Washington Politician who can’t let go. He’ll be about 80 if gets re-elected.

    How about this John? Take a seat. Let’s someone else get in there.

    You may think you are irreplaceable, but you aren’t.

    Support Terms Limits :
    3 terms for Senators
    10 Terms for Congressman

    Experience and Freshness in balance.

    Beginning, Middle. End.

  59. There are two different points here:
    1) did Trump denigrate McCain’s war record?
    2) is John McCain a coward.

    The answer to both is YES.

    It is clear what Trump meant to say if you watch the whole video. To paraphrase he said ” just because McCain was captured doesn’t make him a hero” If you see anything else there you are suffering from extreme cognitive dissonance.

    And it is clear that after the Bush team swift-boated him during the 2000 election cycle, he was too cowardly to stand up for Kerry when they did the same to him, or to stand up for Murtha when Bachman lectured him on military service, etc., etc. He was rewarded for his cowardice with the 2008 nomination – how is that working out for him?

  60. What a breath of fresh air!

    At last we have real UNBIASED fact checker in Sheryl Atkinson as opposed to those on the liberal side who pretend to be fact checkers.

  61. …and yet McCain DID break under pressure and give out US installation locations and admitted to bombing civilians and his taped confession was played endlessly at the Hanoi Hilton to break other US POWS WHO DID NOT BREAK UNDER TORTURE!

    The RINO ROYALS & FOX’S MURDOCH hate Trump and will spread any lie they can to get him out of the race. Unfortunately for FOX’s porn publisher, MURDOCH, and the BUSH ROYAL FAMILY and the other RINO ROYALS, Trump won’t quit.

  62. Donald Trump is right, John McCain is a war hero BECAUSE he was captured. Thousands of veterans did their jobs exceptionally well but have never been recognized as a hero because no one knows what they did. John McCain got a lot of publicity because of his father and because he was a POW. That does not take away from anything he die, but just states a fact! The powers to be hate Donald Trump and will do anything to ruin his campaign. If you don’t like Trump, at least his honesty is refreshing!

  63. Actually, there was/is a program that aired with McCain as the storyline. Within the interview he confessed that he had not followed his wingman and ended up in enemy territory. He himself said he was not any sort of hero. He was not held as a prisoner as he was immediately released.

  64. I am still very much on Donald Trump’s side and I most definitely will vote for him. I personally don’t care how he views John McCain… it’s irrelevant. I really could care less. What I do know is this: I don’t have to question the fact that Trump is a 100% conservative and a 100% American Patriot. The ONLY reason he’s facing criticism is because he is telling the truth – even when it hurts.

    I have agreed with him on every single issue he has addressed and I will continue to support him. Donald Trump is the man America needs right now – even if it’s no more than just 4 years. That’s the same length John Adams served… and he did all right.

  65. I think sharyl is so freaking hot!!! But she’s the one reporter i believe and not just because she’s so freaking hot!!!

  66. I agree with Attkisson. Leave it to the media to engage in slanted journalism to achieve their goal of attacking Trump from any angle they can on any subject they disagree with him on. His comments were taken out of context by leaving out key information he stated while making his comments re McCain. In all fairness, Trump was actually standing up for vets who he felt were thrown by the wayside by McCain. He stated they have long wait times in horrid conditions to be seen by doctors, all of which is very true. The media is trying to twist his words to insinuate he is attacking all vets & POWs as well as McCain. So not true. In fact, it is just the opposite. It was clearly evident to me upon watching the video clip that Trump cares very deeply about vets, and he is disgusted w/McCain for not doing enough. Anyone can leave out key facts to achieve a certain goal they want to portray to the public. This is a classic example of that by the media hounds who want to destroy Trump and take him down.

  67. If anyone needs to shut up and go away it’s John McCain. He had his chance to run and make a difference and we all know how that turned out. We don’t need his brand as a model for this election. He has done enough damage already but he insists on interjecting his worn out comments. The only missing apology is McCain to the citizens he disrespected by calling them crazies. BTW…… THE ELECTION IS NOT ABOUT JOHN MCCAIN ! Does anyone besides me think there are much more important issues to focus on?

  68. As an old guy, a lifelong conservative, and an Arizona resident, I think an apology is owed to America by the Arizona republicans who keep letting this American traitor represent us in the U.S. Senate Trump said absolutely nothing out of line and should be applauded for telling the plain truth.

  69. Senator John McCain should respond to Donald Trump with a list – in chronological order – of all the many positive and wonderful things McCain has accomplished assisting and supporting all of our veterans during his past and current tenure as a Senator.

    In fact, this should be posed as a question, “What have you done to support and assist all of our veterans?” – addressed to all the presidential hopefuls – Republican, Democrat, etc.- when they’re campaigning in towns and cities across the U.S.A.

  70. i have listened to john mccain for some years. most if not all his ramblings never come to fruition. i agree with mr. trump. they dont call mccain the songbird because he can hold a note

  71. Keep in mind John Kerry served his country with honor, came back and spoke hard truths about the fraud that was Viet Nam then disgusting Bush Republicans including friends of McCain Swiftboated him with lies. Republicans like Cheney, Bush, Trump love to dodge the draft and insult those who are fooled to serve.

  72. Unfortunately, we live in a country that glorifies the military. Anybody walking through the airport in fatigues is considered a hero, even if they never leave the US. The term hero has been co-opted to mean “is in the military”.

    To me, and I think Trump, you are a hero if you do something really brave and fantastic. Getting shot down does not meet that definition to me.

  73. Aw! McCain the man of gang of eight. The fair man who ran a political campaign for the highest office in the land and refused to exploit what he knew about the Communist Obama. No,no, he was a fair man and he knew Obama, the good man would never hurt this great country. And he let the media savage his vice president pick. No, no he would not go on the attack. No,no he was a war hero, a fair man who will vote anyway that will give him power. Him and his useless friend, Lindsay Graham who rides your coat tails, proud of their position, befriending the other side to the detriment of the many out there who think of McCain as the war hero. Oh yes, the war hero. What would have been his fate if he hadn’t been a POW? I know one thing, the country would have better off without him as Senator.

  74. Y’know what? Americans need to know that Trump is extremely talented with linguistics. The words he says are not wrong at all … but the way he presents those words cause the media and everyone else to play right into his hands.

    Immediately everyone starts attacking and they find out later that they weren’t listening to HIM closely enough and find out they were wrong with their attack and that the media and their own minds have twisted their words to make them hear incorrectly.

    THIS alone is how he could build a wall and have Mexico pay the tab. Do y’all get it yet???????

  75. There is a concerted effort by Big Media to push Mr Trump off the election stage.

    Appreciate hearing an alternative opinion.

    McCain is ineffective as a Senator. He let the VA fall into dysfunction.

    The bias against Trump by the Establishment Media reminds me how they did Ron Paul.

    The two political parties own the White House and Congress. There is some serious angst by the powers that be regarding Trump’s rise in the polls.

    The mainstream media supports the corrupt two-party system that perpetuates our dysfunctional domestic and foreign policy. Donald Trump will continue to expose hypocrites and the Media will keep smearing him. Thank you, Sharyl!

  76. Trump qualified all his statements about Trump being a war hero, except one where he was interrupted before he could finish so he might have qualified that one.

    “because he was captured”

    He did not qualify the statement “he is not a war hero”, but in fairness he was interrupted there.

    The WP paraphrase seems OK to me. Trump was questioning his status as a war hero because it was based on the fact he was captured.

  77. One Of The Crazies

    The issue is not McCain’s Service record. Whatever you think of him in that regard is up to you.

    The real problem is a Republican Establishment that is NOT LISTENING! Trump is delivering a populist message that resonates with millions because he talking about doing something constructive to solve some of the most pressing issues of the day. McCain is not doing that, and neither is the rest of the Republican Party. We, The People, gave the Republicans a majority in BOTH HOUSES of Congress, with the mandate to oppose Obama and everything he stands for. Instead of doing that, the Republicans are caving at every opportunity they can so that the Press will “love” them. The Republican Establishment is looking at demographic forecasts and are trying to be “Democrat Lite” in order to sway the growing number of illegals and their Hispanic friends and families already here to consider a vote for the Party of Old Abe. They think the way to do it is to act like the Dems – give everything that walks or talks welfare at tax payers expense – which is not the way to do it. The way is clear: deliver the message that we welcome all immigrants, but they must do it legally. We need to work with our Southern Neighbors and get them to establish training centers that will provide important skills, including English as a second language classes, so that when someone applies to immigrate to the U.S., we are getting people who are skilled and really care about the country, and don’t see it as a way to make a few thousand pesos to send back to the village every year. We need skilled, educated people who care about themselves and their families, not just establishing a presence in the U.S. with anchor babies. I want to here McCain and his cronies talk about that idea.

  78. John McCain called Tea Party people (I am one) “whacky birds.” I do not care for John McCain even if he was captured in North Viet Nam.

  79. If you saw the 1 minute soundbytes, Trump owes an apology…
    If you watched the 7 minute or longer clip.. McLame has been trashing Trump for couple weeks. Trump did nothing and let it go… until McLame Called trump’s supporters … CRAZIES.. then TRUMP Lashed out.. standing up for his People, his supporters.

  80. Ms. Attkisson, What a pleasure to read a news account that looks at a story with the sort of fine brush that used to be the standard for reporting. I can’t express properly the disappointment and now cynicism with which I view the entire news media precisely due to the sort of failures you so competently point out in your fact check. It is surprising how hard it is to simply see a thing for what it is. Please keep up the excellent work – hopefully somehow the news media will eventually be shamed into doing their job the way it is supposed to be done.

    With regard to the substance of your article; though you are precisely and technically correct, it is clear that Dump (my abbreviation for the oozing pile of slime that is the subject of your piece) really believes that “hero” status should not be awarded to those who simply serve and manage to get captured.

    Without going into the sort of nuance that is really necessary to properly understand this assertion, I will simply say that I agree with him (what I take to be his momentarily exposed and thinly veiled belief) in a general sense on this – to be clear, I do not agree with “McCain is not a hero” but I do agree that “simply serving or being captured does not accord an individual “hero” status.

    I think the public square is either simple minded or necessarily hypocritical on the knee jerk “hero” appellation to all members of law enforcement and military. The reasons why this is so are well explained in Plato’s Republic, by social science and general human nature. I am sure that members of the military know the difference between “heros” and their fellows.

  81. Why McCain never did a stretch in Federal Prison for the Lincoln Saving and Loan debacle is a testimony to the corruption of Washington D.C.

    McCain isn’t really a war hero. He is 3/5 an enemy ace. He lost a US Jet in Training. It took his father – WWII Hero Admiral McCain – to save his career. McCain’s jet was the aircraft that fired the Zuni rocket on the USS Forrestal causing a massive deck fire on the aircraft carrier during the Vietnam campaign; his aircraft was lost in the deck fire. Last, McCain lost his jet to enemy anti-aircraft fire.

    McCain has three jet aircraft wrecked, wrecked one aircraft carrier, and was directly involved in the S & L collapse in the late ’80s. With “friends” like McCain who needs enemies? It’s Arizona’s shame this man isn’t in jail.

  82. quick clarification: I am sure that members of the armed forces can distinguish between heroes and those that aren’t among their ranks. While it might not be “polite” for a civilian to say so in public the notion that all members of the military are “heroes” is simply a polite fiction that some perpetrate knowingly and others simply parrot because they are among that mass of people who need the illusion that fiction provides.

    1. Please delete my previous entries awaiting moderation and consider the following instead. Thank you.

      Ms. Attkisson,

      What a pleasure it is to read a news account that looks at a story with the sort of fine brush that used to be the standard for reporting. I can’t express properly the disappointment and cynicism with which I view the entire news media precisely due to the sort of failures you so competently point out in your fact check. It is surprising to me how hard it is for most people to simply see a thing for what it is. Please keep up the excellent work – hopefully somehow the news media will eventually be shamed into doing their job the way it is supposed to be done.

      Though you are precisely and technically correct about what Trump said, it is clear – when tone and audience reaction and Trump’s immediate realization of the effect of his initial “he is not a hero” – that he in fact believes that “hero” status should not be awarded to those who simply serve and manage to get captured.

      I admit that it is with no small amount of displeasure that I agree with Trump’s momentarily exposed and then thinly veiled belief – that simply serving or being captured does not accord an individual “hero” status. I believe that words have meanings that should not be “Orwellianized” into meaninglessness or inversion.

      The public square is either simple minded or necessarily hypocritical with the knee jerk “hero” appellation to all members of law enforcement and military. The reasons why this is so are well explained in Plato’s Republic, by social science and general human nature.

      I am sure that members of the armed forces can distinguish among their own who is and who is not a hero. While it might be a breach of etiquette for a civilian to say so in public the notion that all members of the military are “heroes” is simply a polite fiction that some perpetrate knowingly because of self-interest and others simply parrot because they are among that large mass of people who need the illusion that fiction provides.

      Donald Trump is unfit to govern a condo homeowners association much less this large, complex and diverse country. His character, temperament and intellect are far beneath the minimum standard necessary to lead. But this latest impolitic admission is the least of the reasons why.

  83. This article was linked by Trump’s paid USAToday article, BTW.

    What about the actual video where he makes a joke about McCain not being a war hero because he was captured? Found it on youtube.

  84. A lot can be said from both sides, but McCain needs to understand that when he feels free to call his constituents “crazies” and refer to other GOP senators as “whacko Birds,” it kind of like the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe John needs to learn to exercise some judgement before opening his own trap.

  85. In a subsequent interview with Steven Hayes of The Weekly Standard, Trump doubled-down by saying that McCain was not a war hero. Hayes pressed him several times and he answered No each time.

  86. The fact check commentary is ridiculous. Trump explicitly said “McCain is not a war hero” using the word ‘not’, before he rethought it as said ok he’s a war hero because he got captured. Both diminishing his status as a war hero, regardless of semantically you want to be about the Post’s article. He also talked about McCain letting the GOP down in 2008 because he did not win the election. Following that up by say he does like losers. Same thing, referencing McCain as a loser – even though he didn’t explicitly say “McCain’s a loser”. It is exactly what he meant to say.

    As an American you do have the right to say anything you want, but for someone who has never served a day and who took FIVE deferments from servicing in Vietnam, talking about anyone else’s service at all makes you unqualified at best and incredibly disrespectful and hypocritical at worse.

    p.s. Donald, McCain is not running for 2016. You should learn who the other candidates are!

  87. I would be grateful if someone in the media (preferably the non-liberal media) could fact check what Mr Trump said about John McCain doing poorly when he attended Annapolis army school.

    McCain has been known to tout his performance at the school which would contradict when Trump is now reporting.

  88. This is the problem with the word “hero.” McCain has been in my studio more than once. He was pleasant and easy to talk to. Resilient? Yes. Tough? Yes, I think so. An amazing story of survival? Yes. “Hero?” I dunno … The word “hero” is too easily thrown around these days. Whattaya think?

  89. I have just watched Kay Griggs’s interviews. Do you think she’s credible, just someone seeking publicity or another conspiracy theory?
    Thank you

  90. disagree with his comment being over the pale. There are many story’s from his fellow POWS and many are not nice to him. Is there proof? Doubt it. Even if there was would tend to think it would have been destroyed by now

  91. Trump: “(McCain) insulted me and he insulted everybody in that room. And I said somebody should run against John McCain, who has been, in my opinion, not so hot. And I supported him for president. I raised $1 million for him. That’s a lot of money. I supported him, he lost, he let us down. But he lost and I never liked him much after that ’cause I don’t like losers. But, but — Frank, Frank, let me get to it.

    Luntz: “He’s a war hero. He’s a war hero …”

    Trump: “He’s not a war hero …”

    Luntz: “He’s war hero.”

    Trump: “He is a war hero …”

    Luntz: “Five and half years in a Vietnamese prison camp …”

    Trump: “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured. So he’s a war hero …”

    Luntz: “Do you agree with that?”

    Trump: “He’s a war hero, because he was captured, okay? I believe, perhaps, he’s a war hero.

  92. Is this the exhaustive piece of “journalism” that Trump champions as decisive analysis that proves he did not say what he said? Did Sheryl Atkission have to go to the chiropractor after bending and twisting to come up with some defense of Trump, regardless how weak and nonsensical it is. Reminds me of the old saw – “are you going to believe what I’m telling you, or are you going to believe your lying eyes?”

  93. I am tired of recycled politicians, and Mr. Trump is shrewd businessman that he is the only that can out America back on top. I am also tired of the Republican party that stands in everyone ways. I will never vote Democrat, so If the republican party wants to win this election put someone that makes sense, don’t want a softy to lead this county. we have one now and we all can see his results.

  94. Let My People Go

    It is both sad and ironic that liberals, who have consistently ridiculed McCain and his role in the war in Viet Nam, suddenly proclaim him the great war hero and patriot in an effort to smear Trump for telling the truth about the federal government’s refusal to enforce immigration laws. Al Franken, John Kerry,and many others have ridiculed McCain’s service, but suddenly one reference to McCain’s military service has them foaming at the mouth. They didn’t seem to be bothered by McCain’s reference to those who support law enforcement as “crazies.” Of course, I would assume that anyone who supports the rule of law would be considered “crazy” by rebellious liberals.

  95. I remember hoping that when Jeff Bezos took over the Washington Post it would become a real newspaper, unlike for example the New York Times.

    So what I mainly notice about this article and discussion is that the Post got things going by being a lousy newspaper. Don’t play games with the words. Just tell us what these people say. Then we will make up our minds for ourselves. My opinion of Trump and McCain are about the same, but I feel that Jeff Bezos is betraying the country and journalism.

  96. I agree with Sharyl the news media has stopped being biased worst being CNN. They pick and chose and manipulate videos and audio clips to get the story out the way they want it… And the sleeping sheep out there believe everything the news media is feeding them because they are to stupid or lazy to do a little inquiring of their own to find the truth. Everyone on the top want trump gone bcuz he doesn’t owe nothing to anyone. He has been bringing up truths and problems that our politicians don’t want us to think about or know. I think it’s about time someone different than a lazy politician that does nothing but take and spend our taxes and can’t work together to make the country a better place.

  97. This black USAF veteran can forgive The Donald for his comments about John McCain getting shot down.

    But I cannot forgive Senator McCain for his voting record or his behavior during his time in Congress over the years, especially as it relates to veterans and the Veterans Administration.


    Donald Trump has been steadfastly bringing up and discussing all the subjects no other politician is willing to talk about, putting the ugliness of it all out there in the open and telling the truth about it. Do many of the Mexican and other nationalities sneaking across the border have a lot of problems? Absolutely. Is the Mexican government benefiting from their journey north by saving a ton of money not solving the problems of the less fortunate Mexicans who cross illegally? Again, absolutely.

    Trump is the only candidate bringing up the uncomfortable subjects that no one else in this race dares to cover in detail. INCLUDING HOW LITTLE WAR HERO SENATOR MCCAIN HAS DONE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMATIC VETERANS ADMINISTRATION ISSUES.

    And good, bad or ugly, Trump is telling the truth about it all.

    McCain should be standing with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others in Arizona supporting anyone willing to tackle the border problem by arrest and deportation of those who are here illegally. But instead, McCain calls those who are willing to stand up and speak truth to power “crazies” – McCain’s words, not mine.

  98. Thank you Sharyl Attkisson for telling the truth as usual. Facts are facts. In my opinion, Senator McCain is NO HERO. He survived a POW camp and throughout his military career benefited as an admiral’s son. Regardless, I respect his service to our country in the military even though much of it per the record is quite less than stellar. NOTHING Trump spoke was worthy of any apology or retraction. Thank you for being an outlet of truth.

  99. For clarity:

    Luntz: “He’s a war hero. He’s a war hero …”

    Trump: “He’s not a war hero …”

    Luntz: “He’s a war hero.”

    Trump: “He is a war hero …”

    Luntz: “Five and half years in a Vietnamese prison camp …”

    Trump: “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured. So he’s a war hero …”

    Luntz: “Do you agree with that?”

    Trump: “He’s a war hero, because he was captured, okay? I believe, perhaps, he’s a war hero. But right now he said some very bad things about a lot of people. So what I said is John McCain, I disagree with him that these people aren’t crazy.”

    “I like people that weren’t captured” is the key statement that signifies Trump’s tone. That statement is curiously omitted from this “fact check”. Coincidence? Nah.

    If you watch the video, it’s evident that he’s saying that people call him a war hero because he was captured, but in Trump’s opinion, that doesn’t make him a war hero.

  100. In my view, one important thing not addressed in this review is the inference that Trump shamed those who had been in prison camps, by saying, “I don’t like losers, he is not a hero….. He is a war hero because he got captured. I like people who weren’t captured”.

    Although the rest of Atkisson’s assessment is technically correct, I believe a “shaming” issue has not been addressed.

    Trump did say, “I don’t like losers”.
    Trump did say, “I like people who weren’t captured”

    This inference is clear. Trump doesn’t like losers, and does like people who weren’t captured.

    Otherwise, I applaud Ms. Attkisson for bringing “the spirit of truth” to the media, as she exposes the “out of context” way the Post wrote its article, and made the case for objective reporting. Great Job apart from avoiding the shaming of the prisoners of war.

  101. It’s a hell of a note when telling the truth about what happened at an event is an action of reckless courage!

  102. Whether or not John McCain is a war hero, I do not know, since I wasn’t there and didn’t witness his behavior during his flight, ejection, capture, and incarceration as a POW. But, I do know that John McCain IS a traitor to conservatives and the Republican Party in general. He consistently talks conservative in order to get elected and then, once his term in office is secure, paddles to the left as quickly, and as reliably as possible. He needs to be removed from office by Arizona voters as quickly as possible; he has parlayed sympathy for his POW years into multiple elections to public office, but those years of capture in no way qualify him as a good decision maker on things of importance to our country.

  103. I don’t know if McCain is a war hero or not…. I could argue that EVERY soldier is/was a “war hero” but that wouldn’t necessarily be accurate nor does it reflect the valor of the brave men and women who have risen well above the call of duty to reflect TRUE heroism…

    My grandfather was a POW in WWII. He was abused, starved and nearly died. He wouldn’t and didn’t call himself a “war hero” however. Having been a POW itself is not enough to be classified a “war hero”. It is enough however to be classified as a former POW. I have a lot of respect for POW’s. They endured so much. However, they didn’t return home and ride that train for the rest of their life. They didn’t get riled up if someone didn’t call them a hero. They were brave men who fought for their country and should be recognized as such. At some point though a person ceases to be defined by one act of courage or brave action.

    What has McCain done since being a POW to justify a claim that he is a ‘hero”? He does go against the flow but usually, it’s against the flow of his party. He does like to lead and has sold out conservatism on many occasions. Are these the principles of a “hero”?

    Do I see McCain as a “hero”? NO. But that’s my personal viewpoint. He’s a former POW, the same as my grandfather. If my grandfather didn’t consider himself a hero, I’m sure he would say that being POW isn’t enough unto itself to wear that badge of honor, how can I call McCain, who doesn’t reflect the values of heroism, a hero?

    Honor McCain as a former POW. If you view him a hero, call him a hero. However, let’s be straight here, one act of heroism doesn’t define a hero. If that is his ONLY claim to heroism what does that tell you? Maybe that’s enough in your book, but not mine…

  104. What difference does it make about McCain being a war hero? WHO CARES? We have Vets that are unable to get healthcare, with scandal after scandal. Illegal Aliens pouring in to this country, and we FINALLY have someone who stands up and says something, and they want to attack him over semantics? War Hero, NOT War Hero, that was how long ago? What is he doing NOW? Is he a Congressional Hero? Has he stood up for our Vets to get them what they need? Has he done ANYTHING to support our wounded vets? Then no, he’s no HERO at all, he’s a RINO Loser left leaning Republican spineless loser, and I hope Trump wipes the floor with him and everyone like him.

  105. The crime, from my point of view, is not so much “what he really thinks about Senator McCain.” It’s how can anyone be that daft to say it?

  106. As usual SHARYL ATTKISSON has it right. The truth is the truth if if no one likes it. Only once in my life have I ever felt good about the man I helped elect. The rest have been based on the “lesser evil” philosophy which is a sad commentary on our choices since I am an old man. I am also a veteran and I? will tell you that if the right person gets a hold of you you will tell them everything you can and even make things up if you think it will stop the torture.The hero that won’t is a movie hero.The problem is too many Americans believe but don’t think, hear without listening and believe everything the media tells them, even the stupid movies. Mc Cain endured a lot if his book is credible.Not having been there I;m not qualified to speak on that. Still if one reads his book one finds always his admission that he was a screw-up most of the time. That said I have never been able to vote democrat but have voted independent and republican, although now I am considering adapting a page from George Carlin’s playbook. It doesn’t seem there much difference between the damnocrats and the rollovers. Maybe trump can shake things up.

  107. Charles Hitchel

    You’re better than this Sharyl.

    I’d still like to believe it.

    But any honest and thorough examination of Trump’s comments, as other objective commenters have pointed out, renders your examination incomplete at best and deliberately misleading at best.

    I know you know you know this. Which makes it all the more disheartening.


    You are above this Sharyl

  108. Sharyl, you seem to be hiding behind your words in this article. do you have a real point to make that you’re afraid of making? other than “bad bad The Post.. two little devils for you..” ??? this article is transparent in every little organized outline way. why the undertones? come out with it. in the same breath as any of your points, you’re inconspicuously degrading Donald Trump and throwing The Post under the bus while doing it.. not to mention highlighting John McCain’s shortcomings. but the distortion is hidden enough to salvage good standing by all three sides of this slinging of words. we all know what Donald Trump means.. and we probably all agree with him. We are lucky to have a good, smart, successful man of good morals, because I think we would all agree we can see through anything he says straight into a very genuine and very good heart. AND, we all know that veterans are are not called heroes only when they get captured and released. They’re all heroes for signing up. In fact, I would say those who did not get captured are more the heroes cause they were just better of course cause they didn’t get captured, hello? As for me, I give my “hero” vote to someone who sought to accomplished what was set out to be accomplished and last I checked, war involves killing… either that or those guns are used for something else. but back to my point.. this cleverly pulls the wool over eyes of whoever falls for this self-proclaimed fact-check. so, nice try. next time do yourself and keep your undertones and winking devils to yourself and say what you really feel.

      1. my comment was posted! well, given that, let me make sure my point was made. Any human who lives by the gun is a hero only as much as the gun is his sovereign accommodation. cause God forbid a man die. and anyway, what would a man be without a gun? something short of a man I suppose.

  109. Frankly whether McCain is a war hero or not is something that shouldn’t even be a concern now. It’s something that happened 40 years ago. What should be talked about is his record of the past 10 – 15 years as a Senator. He represents AZ, a state that has been inundated with illegal aliens and it’s still an open border. If someone cannot build a fence in 16 years (Bush + Obama), then his abilities as a Senator are questionable. For me he’s been in the Senate so long, he is part of the problem, not the solution.

  110. The issue is not Trump vs McCain but Trump vs the GOP – and eventually Hillary Clinton

    Ms Atkinson has proven the MSM are liars. Be still my beating heart.

    Regardless, can somebody explain why going into or surviving a POW camp makes one a “hero”?

    Thank you for your service John McCain but you had your chance and screwed it up. You were a poor presidential candidate. Please shut up and support whomever the GOP candidate will be and if that is Trump than so be it.

  111. W. Dennis Duggan

    This interpretation of Trump’s comments about Senator McCain’s war record is no better than the Post’s. It is clear from the video that Trump did not call McCain a war hero. Each of those statements was a parenthetical attached to some qualifier like “perhaps.” It was clear beyond doubt that Trump was being dismissive of McCain’s shoot down, capture, torture and 5+ years of prisoner of war time. Trump made it sound like McCain got drunk and wandered off post into an enemy patrol. The worst part of this mis-analysis is that it gave Trump cover to deny saying exactly what he said.

  112. “The Don” has a mouth that runeth over…… He knows how to stir up the anger.
    He is not presidential material if he can’t show diplomatic skill. Calling a hero
    stupid does not cut it with me ever. God Bless America and all Military people that
    have fought to keep our country free and continue to.
    Marsha Solomon

  113. Trump said McCain was not a war hero but was a hero be a use he was captured. That is truth. I have not found one report of McCain doing anything heroic in battle. In fact, his egocentric hotdogging on an air raft carrier started a fire that cost 150 servicemen their lives. His Admiral daddy had him pulled off the ship the ship the next day.

    If McCain hadn’t been captured, we’d likely never have heard his name. There are even questions about why his plane was hit. One report says he was disobeying orders and flying at lower altitude than others in his group, exposing himself to enemy fire. None of the other planes were hit. This would be in keeping with his well known propensity for rulebreaking.

    Again, Trump was correct in saying that McCain is not a war hero. He did nothing outstandingly courageous in battle. He is a “hero” only on the basis of his captivity and he may have brought that on himself.