Jon Stewart’s Operation “Fast and Furious” Comedic Primer

As Jon Stewart retires from The Daily Show, it’s worth revisiting his sardonic commentaries that explain in simple terms the absurdity of the government’s ill-fated Fast and Furious operation. (Disclosure: he borrows liberally from my CBS News reports).

WATCH: Jon Stewart on the Wisdom of Fast and Furious

In this episode, Jon Stewart plays The Substitution Game:

WATCH :Jon Stewart on Obama Withholding Fast and Furious Documents

Fast and Furious News Coverage

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1 thought on “Jon Stewart’s Operation “Fast and Furious” Comedic Primer”

  1. “Absurd” indeed. Tracking small objects into a veritable war zone is impossible unless they embedded GPS trackers into the weapons, but that doesn’t appear to be the case, with insignificant exceptions. Thinking rationally we must conclude that ATF had picked sides in the war between the cartels and was simply arming their allies, just like we’d arm allies in e.g. Afghanistan. The true absurdity is in the persistent belief among our political “leaders” that prohibition of narcotics can lead to anything OTHER than open warfare among completing suppliers. We learn the lesson a thousand times but somehow never learn.

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