Fast and Furious Redux

Above: ATF Special Agent John Dodson more than 6 years after his first landmark interview with me breaking open the Fast and Furious story[hr]

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s been more than six years since I first interviewed special agent John Dodson as he blew the whistle on the secret Justice Department “gunwalking” program that helped arm Mexican cartels with thousands of assault rifles and other weapons from U.S. gun shops. This Sunday on Full Measure, we reconnect and find out what happened to him after he took on some of the most powerful forces in our government—and what questions remain unanswered today.[hr]

*NEXT WEEK* My new book: The Smear is released. Preorder today anywhere.[hr]

Joce Sterman has an eye-opening report about the billions of tax dollars we’re spending to clean up nuclear waste and pay workers sickened by radiation effects. She’s checking to see if there’s waste, fraud and abuse within all that spending.

And does it seem like everybody thinks they’re  experts these days, often because they read a story on the Internet? We’ll have a fascinating interview on the end of true expertise.

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4 thoughts on “Fast and Furious Redux”

  1. My name is Dr Jack Grenan. I hold a PhD in hypnotherapy that I use to treat Vets with PTSD as well as other clients who have suffered severe abuse. I have masters degrees in Education and Psychology waiting to take my exam for full licensure after 6 yrs of practice with my TLLP. I also am a survivor of 4th stage colon cancer and a 3 month coma with a constant 106 degree fever. My most unusual cases are regression therapy for people who wonder IF they have been abducted by aliens or not. My phone may be tapped and yours DEFINITELy due to the people you are criticizing and the others who are behind the scenes. You are no fool you know what happens & NO ONE is safe. Just look at the list of Hillary’s carnage that cannot ALL be coincidence, Look at the POOR SETH RICH ROBBERY!!
    i WILL be getting your books and I have followed F&F for years! The WATERGATE theme rules follow the money! It is an American tradition! With respect Dr Jack Grenan [email protected] Stay safe trust NO ONE!

  2. I continue to be impressed and experience trust in Sharyl’s work. No fluff, no angles, just straight up information that can be counted on. I mean it when I say that her page is my source for daily news. Just fantastic writing with diverse coverage.

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