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3 thoughts on “VIDEO UPDATE in Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI for govt. computer intrusions”

  1. Elizabeth Mendoza

    Hello, Sharyl Attkisson, The black dress you wore on Sunday was very nice, not too low on top & skirt legenth just above knee. Was very modest also appropriate for your professional job. Please let me explain, I’m not a prude, just a mom that tries to teach my girls to dress appropriately for the occasion. Be modest. Dress age appropriate. I hope you don’t take my remarks the wrong way, appreciate modest dress is more flattering. Especially at our age. Thank you, love ur show Full Measure.

  2. I hope you win not for the sake of winning but just to put the Gov on notice that American people don’t want this to happen to american citizens and especially the press. It should have stopped when Fienstin was spIed on but she never pressed it because of Obama. I hope it doesn’t drag out as long as it has taken you to get it to this point.

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