Opinion: Political bias is destroying faith in journalism

The following is an excerpt from investigative journalist Lara Logan’s op-ed in the New York Post

Journalists are not activists. We may share the passion for a particular cause, but our job is to follow the facts wherever they may lead. We can’t ignore something that reflects badly on a noble cause, as an activist might. We have to care about the means as much as the end because our duty is to search for the whole truth.

Nor are we lawyers in a court of law, cherry-picking facts to prove our case. Fortunately, there is only one truth. How we feel about it, how we perceive it, those things are subjective but the truth itself is not.

Above all, we are not propagandists or political operatives. That is not our job.

I have profound respect for my colleagues and for what we as journalists are at our best. Today, as a whole, we are not at our best. Just ask people in towns and cities across this country, as I do. Everywhere I go, people tell me they have lost faith in journalism. It comes from all people, all walks of life and all political stripes.

Frankly, I don’t blame them. Responsibility for this begins with us.

It is a fact that the vast majority of journalists in this country are registered Democrats. The colleges we come from are similarly dominated by one political ideology. This matters today because the reporting has become so one-sided. As we try to figure out why people have lost faith in our profession, let’s start by being honest about who we are. (Continued…)

Read the entire article in the New York Post by clicking the link below:


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5 thoughts on “Opinion: Political bias is destroying faith in journalism”

  1. This is spot on. I’m old enough to remember when a newspaper expressed its opinions on the editorial page, not on page one above the fold. Political bias has become blatantly obvious and is indeed undercutting peoples faith in all media. Not good in a democracy where the fourth estate is important.

  2. Thank goodness for journalists like Ms. Logan, who has been forced by corruption in the journalism profession to speak out with her opinion to try to save the integrity of her profession. She joins folks like Ms. Attkisson, Kimberly Strassel and other top notch investigative journalists who find themselves having to go beyond investigative journalism to fighting for their profession against a tide of corrupt propagandists.

    To the leftist mainstream media propagandists: You have no idea what Speaking Truth to Power really is, as much as you love throwing that phrase around. What these brave people are doing is what Speaking Truth to Power actually looks like.

  3. Wilson L Dawson

    I have tremendous respect for Lara Logan. Her treatment by the leftist media has been outrageous.
    She continues to stand for journalistic integrity and to advocate for honest journalism. Like millions of Americans I look to her articles for honest, unbiased reporting. Thanks Sharyl for sharing this piece with us.

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