Warrantless wiretapping lawsuit against government dismissed

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the Bush Administration for “warrantless wiretapping.” The judge cited national security concerns.

The group Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed the suit more than a decade ago. It has said it plans to appeal the dismissal.

Read more in John Bowden’s article in The Hill:

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit Thursday against warrantless wiretap programs established during the Bush administration, ruling that the court could not determine the plaintiff’s legal standing without endangering national security.

Politico reported that U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey White dismissed a lawsuit originally filed in 2008 that argued that the Terrorist Surveillance Program set up by the NSA under President George W. Bush violated both the Fourth Amendment and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

White wrote in his ruling that allowing the case to proceed could have “devastating” consequences for U.S. national security, according to Politico.

“The Court cannot issue any determinative finding on the issue of whether or not Plaintiffs have standing without taking the risk that such a ruling may result in potentially devastating national security consequences.”

U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey White


You can read the rest of the article here: https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/440777-judge-dismisses-bush-era-warrantless-wiretapping-lawsuit-citing

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5 thoughts on “Warrantless wiretapping lawsuit against government dismissed”

  1. Jeffery Wayne Tartt

    D.C.B.S. They will use the same EXCUSE for SPYING on President Trump. What must a nation do when their government has gone rogue? Where does one go for Justice? They have now once again openly admitted to breaking the law and NOTHING can be done about it. The Great Hoax: America, Land of Equal Justice, B.S. period!

  2. In reply to Jeffery Wayne Tartt, I think the more interesting question is what must/can a citizen do when their government has gone rogue? Meanwhile the vast majority of the press has abdicated their role of honest and fair arbitrator and disseminator of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth without bias. In many ways, we are living in sad times but hope always exists. Thank you Sharyl

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