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7 thoughts on “Not Yet, Brexit (Podcast)”

  1. I am still unclear about how the vote shakes out. Wales, Scotland, and one of the irelands retain EU membership? Which means only GB is getting out? If this is accurate, then in the end it looks more like an existential threat to GB (Empire / Commonwealth)???

    1. The GB is Great Britain, which includes England, Wales and Scotland, not only England. These, along with Northern Ireland, make up the United Kingdom. The Brexit majority vote to leave, if finally and fully enacted, would take all these countries out of the EU – none of them would ‘stay in’. There is indeed a possible existential threat to the United Kingdom – this comes from Scotland whose nationalists want another referendum to leave the UK, become independent (and then try to rejoin the EU and lose all that, which is bizarre but their stated policy). Wales also has objectors to leaving the EU but they are currently a minority and most of Wales voted to quit the EU. If we leave, we all leave. As far as I can see, there is no threat to the Commonwealth, which runs separately from anything to do with the EU.

  2. It is all part of the worldwide move toward “democratic socialism”better known as Despotic democracy(akaDEtocqueville). In essence the worldwide progressive group need UK all in so that the larger EU can become more effective as a bankroller, along with the US, of the worldwide socialistic agenda, being pushed by Soros,Obama,Marcion, Steyer, and other tyrannical leftists.

  3. So i voted out. Beacause i don’t like the control the EU has over us. But primarily because of immigration. No problem with immigration, we have always had it……but we don’t have the infrastructure to support it. The givernment has been spending less and less on the NHS, schools, housing. It is not uncommon for there to be 10 children in a class (out of 30), whose first language isnt english. In fact they may not speak any English at all. The government doesnt give the schools any money to schools for them to have extra staff to support these kids. So, the teachers spends their own time trying to figure it out, to the detriment of the other kids. Not uncommon to wait 3-4 weeks for a doctors appointment because they have too many patients registered. It wasn’t this way 10-20 years ago. The politicians are not interested in what the people voted for, they are only interested in what will benefit them personally and professionally. Disaster for democracy

  4. Excellant and this is one of the few places that the dialogue is reasoned and thought out
    different opinions identified and disclosures of what we know and what “might” be the current circumstances

    balanced / different viewpoints / thoughtful

    w/o the hype.. much appreciated
    interesting that the main stream media hasn’t realized that there are alternatives to themselves

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