Equal number “motivated”; “enraged” by Campaign 2020

About the same number of people feel “motivated” as feel “enraged” by Campaign 2020, so far.

That’s according to the latest unscientific SharylAttkisson.com poll.

Far fewer report feeling “discouraged” or “bored.”

The full results are below. Meantime, vote in our newest poll at the SharylAttkisson.com home page. Look for the black box on the right sidebar or scroll way down on the mobile site.

Re: Campaign 2020 I feel…

18% Excited

34% Enraged

11% Discouraged

3% Bored

33% Motivated

<1% I don’t care

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8 thoughts on “Equal number “motivated”; “enraged” by Campaign 2020”

  1. They say the best form of defence is attack, but why is it a one way street? Why can the FBI send in a WB maybe even paid before the event to make a story, Hearing a story and moving it around to make the complaint fit the box, Is this what we are becoming? Outside politics this would not even allow a search warrant let alone an impeachment enquiry? The WB then is conveniently hidden inside the CIA and is able to hide like a rat in the sewer so he can not be found? The letter clearly states it was compiled over four months, how can such an enquiry be made to fit a phone call not even heard, but maybe three removed just hearsay? Then Pelosi declares an enquiry even before the letter is released. What is wrong with the people to accept such garbage. Pelosi should be charged with giving false statements, Then asked what about her frequent flights on Govt. planes in what appear personal flights? Then if looked into maybe the tree will show more interesting habits?

  2. Yes…in today’s environment someone says something that takes only a couple of seconds. Then we have countless hours of ‘investigation’ and discussion by committees, media and such.

  3. If respondents had been allowed to choose, or had a combination answer of “motivated and enraged”, I think that one would have received the most votes. I feel both things right now.

  4. Re above: You’re making a lot of assumptions! Reread the whistleblower complaint, section 4. That explains what your question about inquiry months before the phone call. The phone call happened to fit prior observances and, basically, wrapped them up in a bow.

    A whistleblower is not a paid rat simply because you disagree with what is claimed. This complaint was vetted by Trump’s appointed ICIG who agreed it was of urgent concern, not meant to sit with Barr a few weeks. (Reminiscence of a prior report Barr sat on after making a false summary of the report.)

    Finally, Pelosi called for impeachment inquiry based on the TV statements both Giuliani and Trump made days before, not based on whistleblower’s complaint: “The President has admitted to asking the President of Ukraine to take actions which would benefit him politically. The actions of the Trump presidency revealed the dishonorable fact of the President’s betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections,” (Pelosi)

    1. The IG was the worst mistake made by Trump the guy is a total shill used to be the chief of staff for one Robert Meuller… He is a deep state plant so do not call him Trump’s guy because he clearly is not. I could go on with even more ties this IG has to even more deep state Democratic operatives but the info is out there and so this Coup continues .

  5. What is even more damaging(for this country) is that there are only a few republicans who have expressed outrage at what is the most obvious false leftist claim .

  6. The Democratic Party is throwing America under the bus to protect themselves from prosecution for the Act Of Treason They Committed Against OUR CONSTITUTIONAL FEDERAL REPUBLIC!

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