Big chunk of first coronavirus money earmarked for overseas

NEW ORLEANS – Louisiana National Guard Soldiers and Airmen test first responders for coronavirus, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 20, 2020. Photo By: Staff Sgt. Josiah Pugh

The following is an excerpt from my latest article at Just The News.

As Congress crafts a third taxpayer-funded coronavirus aid package totaling more than $1 trillion, it’s a good question to ask where some of our first monies were approved to be spent in this pandemic.

The short answer is … a good bit may end up overseas…

As much as $2.3 billion of the first $8.3 billion in funding falls into the categories of foreign aid, foreign affairs or overseas disease surveillance. Here’s how some of that breaks down:

  • $435 million for the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Global Health Programs.
  • $300 million for “international disaster assistance.”
  • $300 million for global disease detection and emergency response under the Centers for Disease Control
  • $200 million more goes to the State Department Foreign Operations Emergency Reserve Fund ·
  • $264 million for State Department Foreign Affairs for diplomatic response and evacuation over the next two and a half years. 
  • $836 million for the U.S. or global response under the National Institutes of Health. (Continued…)

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1 thought on “Big chunk of first coronavirus money earmarked for overseas”

  1. Your work is excellent and honest as always. But, I think the headline was off the mark.
    It is a little inflammatory to say that the money earmarked “for overseas” if it is for CDC to go places like China to collect data. Likewise is it not inflammatory call money “earmarked for overseas” when it funds USAID spending to help poor countries to be able to recognize& control emerging disease before it gets here.

    PS: Keep up your great work. It’s nice to there are still some real journalists out there

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