CBS admits crowded “New York” hospital was actually in Italy

CBS News has reportedly admitted to an embarrassing mistake: the network misrepresented video of a crowded Italian hospital as being a New York hospital filled with coronavirus patients.

Last week, “CBS This Morning” showed the video in a segment about New York City.

Many observers flagged the mistake on social media.

According to Fox News, CBS issued a statement saying, “It was an editing mistake. We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows.”

The error evoked an incident in which ABC News misrepresented night video from a gun range demonstration in Kentucky as being a battle in the Middle East. Social media users flagged that mistake, too.

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15 thoughts on “CBS admits crowded “New York” hospital was actually in Italy”

  1. Editing? The only editing CBS did was to cut the first few seconds of the Sky video to eliminate the green sign on the door which is clearly written in Italian.

    CBS News – All the news that fits the narrative. Even if we have to fake it.

  2. Mistakes can happen but really? At the very least try harder. I am not going down the conspiracy rabbit hole on this as I do not have the time to do my due diligence. I think its just as dangerous to see a conspiracy in everything as it is to blindly trust what you see and hear.

    1. Obviously not a mistake. Intentionally cropping out a watermark/logo was something the editor did. Opinion: NOT a conspiracy. SOMEBODY made the call. Cut them out. Call them out. Apologize. Move on. I am a CBS alumnus. What WE ALL need is credibility. If this had been a commercial use it would be Piracy.

  3. Sure…..CBS regrets their mistake. How about CNN and Maddow saying that the Navy Hospital ship was weeks away from deployment or their breathless coverage of Mr. Avenatti for President or the Steele Dossier?

    It is stunning how so many people fall for this garbage being peddled by the MSM. My casual conversations with friends and family are proof that the lies sink in and become truth for so many who are not able to step back and analyze what we are being fed. It is sad…and leaves me feeling that we need more journalists that actually want to sink their teeth into stories.

    Thanks Sharyl – I trust you more than anyone else out there.

    1. I also trust Sharyl for the truth. May she never be persuaded away from it.

      It is quite refreshing & encouraging to learn that there are still investigative reporters in the USA today.

  4. When mainstream media intentionally deceptively edits your words, intentionally draws false conclusions and then editors defend their corrupt work, it is very hard to accept obvious bad journalism as an honest mistake.
    Good luck with your efforts with NYT.

  5. I do not believe for one minute that this was a mistake. The MSM ignores facts and reports lies. Where are the reporters at the hospitals in NYC? Where are the stories of people who have recuperated from the virus?

  6. Nothing will change until So-called Media will have to pay huge financial fees for publishing lies.
    Because “” Honesty, Professional Honor, Dignity” are foreign words to them.
    The worst part is that for many people it is the only source of information. And who has time to verify everything ?

  7. It seems that the major news networks make this kind of mistake rather often and usually when it supports the desired narrative. If the situation is so devastating in NY hospitals, shouldn’t be any problem getting footage of it.

  8. Sharyl, we really a timeline of statements, opinions,and outright lies concerning the MSM. They played this off for a long time and either said Trump was over reacting or down playing it

  9. How many are actually dying from Coronavirus? NO ONE KNOWS! Because the “authorities” are ginning up the numbers to stampede an unsuspecting populace into willing acceptance of a useless and deadly vaccine being promoted by the owner of the Coronavirus patent (???!!!), Bill Gates!
    For crying out loud! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! The “people” behind this entire Coronavirus catastrophe are the same people behind the Georgia Guidestones |philosophy,” Guide # 1: “Maintain humanity UNDER 500,000,000 in permanent harmony with nature!” This population goal is to be achieved by the year 2030, meaning 8 BILLION people must be eliminated in the next ten years! Do ya think the Coronavirus is part of that program? Ya think? For crying out loud! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! DO NOT LOOK FOR THAT 2030 POPULATION OBJECTIVE FILE ON THE INTERNET, IT WAS SCRUBBED MANY YEARS AGO!

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