Profile of U.S. Coronavirus deaths to date: Elderly, sick

(As of Fri. March 13, 2020)

  • All but 11 deaths are in Washington State
  • Half of all deaths are from the same nursing center in Washington State

As Americans spend their first full day under a presidentially declared national state of emergency, many are wondering about the profile of those who have succumbed to the coronavirus so far.

The number of U.S. deaths has been growing since the first one reported in Washington state on Feb. 29. The victim’s name was not released, nor were details of his circumstances. But officials said he lived in King County, was in his 50s, and had “underlying health conditions.”

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As of Friday, the total number of U.S. deaths attributed to coronavirus stood at 48. All but 11 of the deaths were in Washington state.

Of the total deaths reported through March 13, more than half (25) were from the Life Care Center nursing facility in Kirkland, Wash., where a serious outbreak occurred. (Continued…)

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8 thoughts on “Profile of U.S. Coronavirus deaths to date: Elderly, sick”

  1. Thank you for your continued real journalism in a world mostly devoid of it!

    I’d love to know how many of the elderly covid-19 victims had previously gotten Fluad, the flu vax with squalene adjuvant. And did folks in other area nursing homes, who didn’t die from covid-19, get Fluad or any other flu vaccine?

    Data on Fluzone use (with 4 times the antigens of normal flu vaxes) would be interesting as well. Though I’m more interested in the Fluad/squalene connection, since squalene is associated with major autoimmune reactions and death.

    Thanks for keeping eyes open!

  2. Wilfried E. Dehne

    Diamond Princess gives us an accurate test case.
    ~3,700 people exposed to the virus. Many elderly.
    ~700 confirmed cases. (7) dead as of now. Excellent care from Japanese hospitals for critical patients is reported. We have 0.2% fatality based on total population and 1% based on confirmed.
    I think this data is more accurate than what we see in the media for various countries.

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      With respect, that gives us a snapshot in time of a certain population… that apparently skews elderly…correct?

      1. Yes, I read the average age of the ship passengers was 58 (which is not elderly in itself but obviously a lot of people significantly older than that). My view is that this is a very serious matter, BUT that the mainstream media has sensationalized it and sown panic for ratings, and perhaps also for political ends. I’m trying to encourage people to follow CDC guidelines while staying calm & optimistic. We want to keep our older and vulnerable citizens as safe as possible without crashing the global economy.

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