(WATCH) 5 key videos of the riots

One man holds a shop owner while another beats her

The Patrol Section Investigations for the Rochester, New York police department is using its Twitter account to post videos and photos of rioters who have turned violent against innocent citizens, police officers and firefighters. (The Twitter handle is @PatrolRpd.)

One of those videos, shown below, shows a group of men violently attacking a store owner and her husband who were trying to protect their business from looters. (If you can identify any of the suspects, contact the Rochester police department.)


A restaurant in Santa Monica, California, reportedly owned by a Japanese family, is torched.

Protesters hand over to cops an agitator who was chiseling a brick out of the street in Washington D.C.


In Jackson, Tennessee, a police officer gives water bottles to peaceful protesters and gets hugs.

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3 thoughts on “(WATCH) 5 key videos of the riots”

  1. Sharyl

    That is me in the flight suit back when you visited England at RAF Lakenheath.

    I liked your approach to journalism then…and like you even more now.

    Stay well…love to say hello some time

    Bill Delgrego, Col (ret) USAF

    Reach out anytime

  2. I hope you follow up on who these people are. I want to know who the gray haired AntiFa brick chiseler in DC is. Why? Because it’s a fact that teachers and college professors not only support radical Anti-American groups, but they also join them in the streets. This man was obviously horrified that his hood was torn down and didn’t want his identity known. If teaches kids he should especially be exposed.

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