(BREAKING) Attorney General Barr: Expect a development tomorrow in probe regarding government investigation of Trump campaign

Attorney General William Barr says he is pleased with the progress being made by Connecticut’s U.S. Attorney John Durham as he investigates the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation. 

Tonight on the Hannity program on Fox News, Barr said coronavirus has caused some delays but “There are going to be significant developments on this before the election.”

Barr went on to say:

Tomorrow, there will be a development in the case. It’s not an earth shattering development, but it’s an indication things are going along at a proper pace, as dictated by the facts.

Attorney General William Barr

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27 thoughts on “(BREAKING) Attorney General Barr: Expect a development tomorrow in probe regarding government investigation of Trump campaign”

  1. How about getting congress and the
    senate back together to figure out a stimulus plan that will actually help the people and help thses politicians egos.

    1. My guess / hope is that they announce the people who have already plead guilty to various crimes. It will be hard for the media to argue. It will also open the conversation about future indictments (based on plea bargains). We will most likely have to wait until after the election for that. We’ll know soon.

  2. When Barr prefaces a development as ‘not earth shattering’ it is probably something we already knew about. Maybe they should have left the investigation to the American people, we’d have had these criminals incarcerated a couple of years ago. I guess every facet of our government has no clue that we do not trust them any more. When we watch their criminal activity go unpunished and dragged out for years with no justice administered,,,,our level of trust sinks even lower.


  3. If Trump loses, it will be because of fraud first, but also because of both of his Attorneys General. Almost 4 yars with no indictments, no grand juries, no convictions. We’ve tried to wait patiently as we watch our president being disrespected as no president ever has been before. We’ve shown our support in spite of media bought and paid for by Soros, Clinton and Obama. All talk and no action. So what will we hear? That someone might get a subpoena? That will be the development? I weep for my country.

  4. I’m sorry I wish this was true. Power protects Power regardless of Ideology for some day they too may need to be protected

  5. The Democrats brought in jail time for many of trumps people, regardless whether they stuck or not they made our people suffer. It’s about time we bring in some fish and put them on ice. Really disappointed with all the smoke and mirrors on the Dem. hunt.

  6. Don’t turn coward on us Barr. If you don’t prosecute that stinking scum we are coming to DC with baseball bats in each hand. Do You Understand?!!!

  7. In three years The Deep State, the Obama Gate, General Flynn framed by Obama, Commey, etc and nobody has been arrested even with a mountain of evidence

  8. With a milquetoast statement like Barr’s, expect an announcement something to the effect that Lisa Page drinks grape Kool-Aide

  9. I have trust in Barr to uphold the rule of law. Very seldom do we see a man of his integrity in office and I think he’s going to play a much more significant role in dismantling the corrupt left (and right eventually)

  10. He’s just trying to appease people. I can’t believe that they are staking their reputations for these low lives! If AG Barr and Durham loves this country, they need to reveal outcome of their investigations that has been going on for almost 4 years now, with millions of dollars spent, and nothing to show. We demand justice!!!!!

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