Trump approval rating of 53% matches earlier high points, beats Obama’s: Rasmussen

The daily presidential tracking poll by Rasmussen Reports finds President Trump reaching a level of 53% approval on Friday, September 18.

That matches the highs Trump reached on April 9, 2019 and Sept. 24, 2019.

The Rasmussen chart, seen at the link below, compares Trump’s approval to that of Obama at the same point in his first term.

The latest number is four percentage points higher than Obama’s for the same period in his presidency. The two presidents’ ratings go back and forth in terms of which one had higher approval at a given point in time. But the lowest number on the chart belongs to Obama: 41% June 18, 2010, and the highest belongs to Trump: the three 53% dates mentioned.

Friday’s 53% level for Trump bests Obama’s on that day in his presidency by four percentage points (49%).

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5 thoughts on “Trump approval rating of 53% matches earlier high points, beats Obama’s: Rasmussen”

  1. Well, 53% approval even with 4 years of uncalled for attacks by the so called MSM.

    I still have difficulty believing that we have one party that is for open borders, defunding the police, and dismissive of law and order. The best thing that can happen for our Country and for the Democratic party is that president Trump wins by a landslide. This (hopefully) will cause the democrats to reevaluate their values and return to core values and disavow the extreme views they are now following.

    The Country urgently needs the MSM to report truthfully and objectively, This is the only you hold both party’s accountable. Effective, honest journalism makes for a successful 2 party system. The Country comes first always!

  2. I believe that the MSM will be losing their collective minds when the President squeaks through the election to victory. The “Left Coast” will lose their minds (the media, anyway) as well as politicos. The Eastern liberal establishment will chime in and in those areas of the country mayhem will ensue (cue the marxists/communists).
    We’ll see the President once again have impeachment charges leveled against him. Act 2, scene ? (I lost count.)
    Brace yourself; it’s going to be a bumpy 4 years.

  3. This poll was taken before RBG passed away….so I wonder what it is now. I only have one question….why must the Democrats canonize everyone that dies? What did Justice Ginsburg actually do that was so great? Give women the right to murder their unborn babies? That’s it?

    1. Trump’s response when he was told of her death was priceless. Brought tears to my eyes. He was sincerely surprised and praised her life on the spot. Beautiful.

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