The SALT tax debate, Mercenaries, and “What Black and White America Must Do Now”

Calif. State Senator Holly Mitchell talks SALT with Sharyl

There’s a great debate over SALT.

And by “SALT,” I mean “State And Local Taxes.”

In states like California and New York, residents pay high state and local taxes. Part of that cost used to be offset by allowing them to deduct those taxes from what they owe the IRS for their federal payment each year.

But that changed in 2017 under President Trump’s tax cut plan. The new law drastically limits what high tax state residents can deduct.

Now some of those states have banded together and are fighting to get back the higher deduction. They say they’re being unfairly punished.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and others who support the way things are now– argue that when high taxed residents get big deductions, it pushes their burden onto the people who live in the rest of America.

We’ll investigate both sides Sunday on Full Measure.

Lisa Fletcher will have a fascinating look at soldiers for hire and the big role they play in helping fight America’s wars.

But use of mercenaries is not without controversy.

And entrepreneur and author Armstrong Williams joins me with an off-narrative look at “What Black and White America Must Do Now.”

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20 thoughts on “The SALT tax debate, Mercenaries, and “What Black and White America Must Do Now””

  1. Well first off you’re a big liar in you’re very first paragraph stating that states like California and Texas! Texas pays zero state income tax. Why do you think so many Californians are moving there! ? Why do you think Elon Musk moved Tesla there?

    1. The first paragraph I read says California and New zYork. Would have been much better to say what you did in the last sentence rather than calling someone a liar for what could have been a printing error or someone without our knowledge of Texas taxes changed it. I highly doubt that anyone who wrote this article was trying to lie to anyone. Give people the benefit of the doubt and then if it turns out they are dirty you can wipe the floor with what is left of them.

    2. In many area’s Texan’s pay high property taxes because of the lack of an income tax. Dallas County is getting ridiculous with the county taxes on peoples home, residential property taxes need to be capped.

    1. Yeah Mark but ignore the higher property taxes Texas property owners have to pay because of the lack of the income tax.
      Everybody should pay for Texas infrastructure not just home and small business owners. Don’t pee on my leg and tell the sales taxes is paying for all that, it ain’t !

  2. These states that have high taxes are wrong. One problem is to.much government. THEY need to trim their fat & get rid of it. Every YEAR our taxes go up. EVERY YEAR! It’s ridiculous & all you see is more malls, more houses being built. But the upkeep of the neighborhood isn’t that great. Why, if we pay all these taxes have better services & infrastructure? Then the federal government taxes us. It’s not like we are wealthy. As a matter of fact we are retired & on a fixed income. Too much corruption too much government!

    1. University of Ohio state has 100 special administration employees called diversity positions, these employees are very
      well paid, paid by the Tax Payers of Ohio !
      There is a $10 million budget set aside for their pay & benefits.
      Divide $10 million by 100 people. Yeah, it is gross !

  3. Would you investigate why Dr Fauci and CDC he’s not been giving guidance for boosting immune system with Vit. D, C and Zinc in addition to prioritizing people at high risk (say who they are) to be seen by Dr or health department to arm them with information, blood test for Vit D, lower blood sugar, etc

    It seems they do not want people to have best opportunity to fight sars-2 and create their own antibodies.

    Also we need reporting on the persecution of doctors like Scott Jensen MD and MN State Rep.

    You are the best!

    1. You are exactly right! I know a lady whose father is 93 years old, 325 pounds, post cancer, with heart issues. He got corona, had a sore throat and other symptoms for 3 days, then is fine. He has been studying ways to boost his immune system for years. Aside for the obesity, a strong immune system probably saved his life. Everyone should think in that direction, especially during the flu season.
      But then, there isn’t a lot of money in boosting immune system. It’s mostly just natural and using common sense.

  4. Sharyl,

    The Shadow CABAL of men is made somewhat
    vulnerable by PRETTY females, such as ITS use
    of Mary Bruce—as primary anti-Trump HATER:

    “Mary Bruce is a beautiful woman with golden
    hair, a slim body, and brown eyes. Besides, she
    is 5 feet 6 inches tall with a mass of 58 kg. She
    has a body statistic of 35-24-35 inches.” -Wikipedia

    Now, to the crux of why the CABAL harassed you :

    —NOT so much for your reports, but for your
    sexual attractiveness.

    I’ve a report about “The Secret Lives of Boys and Men,”
    but it’s too HONEST/Raw to post here.


  5. Hi Sharyl, Big Fan! I live in VA BTW! Can you please add to your SALT debate about how unfair it is for GOP voters in traditionally “blue states!” My family has played to the previous tax code for 3 decades and now – we are underwater in our primary home (likely bc of 8 bad Obama years!) and cannot sell to change our position so we are stuck w a huge real estate tax we cannot mitigate. To make matters worse – we own a second home in FL and since they don’t have income tax – real estate taxes are very high and we get slammed there as well – we are WELL over the cap! So as conservatives who did everything correctly and played by the rules for decades – we are getting slammed by Trump’s SALT position (it’s really Moore and Laffer- but I digress). Also, in FL – in May of 2018 after everyone paid their taxes under the new code – every property value in my area dropped about 100K bc no one wants or can afford the huge tax bills! If Trump could reverse the SALT cap- property values would rise and in this low-interest rate era – we’d have a huge property BOOM – which we are on the verge of anyway!! And we need this for the post-COVID recovery. Not to mention the unintended consequence is that blue state voters flee to red states and bring their very bad liberal voting habits with them – Trump is turning places like FL TX and AZ purple without intending too!!! It’s really a huge botch for Trump – bad advice from brilliant economists – I have tons of respect for – but this one was a mistake from beginning to end.

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