READ: Washington DC Mayor Bowser predicts “violence and criminal activity” at pro-Trump march

Mayor Muriel Bowser requests Washington D.C National Guard deployment for pro-Trump march, saying she predicts a large influx of violence and criminal activity.

Read the letter below:

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11 thoughts on “READ: Washington DC Mayor Bowser predicts “violence and criminal activity” at pro-Trump march”

  1. Was it not the case that the march was peaceful until ANTIFA and BLM attacked the gathering? That is what the news outlets reported.

  2. My son and I attended an Obamacare protest in 2010 on freedom plaza. Next to us was a Dad & Mom with a couple of kids on a blanket with a family picnic lunch. Gave the nearby LEO a bottle of water. LEO told us they all wanted to work this Saturday protest as they knew it would be easy overtime.

    Yeah, violent I tell you. LOL!

  3. If you are going to dc plan accordingly. Stay in groups. Be aware of agitator antifa disguised as patriots. Bring a walking stick or cane to assist you in safely walking. If you bring a baseball bat, bring a glove. Your lawyer will thank you for it. Remove Trump sticks from your car to avoid it being targeted while you are not in it (or even when you are). Remember that there are no rules when the enemy attacks you. Fight as if your life depends on it. It does.

    Stay as safe as you can. We all will need you in the coming fight.

  4. With my own eyes, I observed video on national news of pro-Biden “anti-protesters” physically attacking– battery to the back of the head of an unsuspecting pro-Trump participant. The same pro-Trump marchers were subjected to hurled frozen water bottles that fell into crowds of people, some were knocked to the ground and beaten.

    Weeks prior, the pro-Biden riots had set fire to monuments and statues around DC, destroyed property, and even assaulted lawmakers that were leaving the White House grounds and returning to their respective hotels on public streets. These are all shown on video. Only certian networks will show the violence against Trump supporters.

    These same networks are now claiming that Trump supporters are inciting violence, but show no evidence that is happening.

    I beleive that this country has split so deeply that we will likely have a civil war. Maybe not immediately, but soon.

  5. Dear Washington DC Mayor Bowser,

    Enjoy this short time of power as it will be but a puff of a teapot in terms of eternity

    There is a heaven and there is a hell. How you govern a people clearly reveals which of those two places you enter in. Remember this, there are no exits in hell.

    -Righteous indignation

  6. This Mayor , Muriel Browser, needs to be removed from office. She knows this is not true. It will only be true if they send in Antifa or BLM groups to start trouble. She knows that Trump won and is part of the group that wants to have Marxism and communism in USA.

  7. From the video I saw last night the crowds seem extremely peaceful and we’re singing the national anthem they said there were a few protesters but the crowd was enormous. God bless America.

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