REPORT: CDC will recommend vaccinated people only socialize with other vaccinated people at home

According to news reports, the CDC is soon to release its guidelines on what it will say is safe for “fully [Covid] vaccinated” people to do: “only socialize with other vaccinated people at home.”

The following is an excerpt from an article in WebMD:

The CDC will recommend that vaccinated people try to only socialize with other vaccinated people at home. They should still wear masks elsewhere while observing other safety measures, such as social distancing, reported Politico, citing two unnamed senior administration officials.

In describing the upcoming guidance during a news briefing Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s chief medical officer, said:

“I use the example of a daughter coming in from out of town who is doubly vaccinated, and a husband and wife doubly vaccinated, and maybe a next-door neighbor who you know are doubly vaccinated,” Fauci said. “Small gatherings in the home of people, I think you can clearly feel that the risk — the relative risk is so low that you would not have to wear a mask, that you could have a good social gathering within the home.”

The new guidance was expected to be released today, but Politico reported later the rules have been delayed. A new date for publishing is not yet clear.

When published, the CDC guidance is expected to describe how vaccinated Americans should respond in certain scenarios, such as while traveling, Politico said.

The guidance comes as more people become vaccinated and coronavirus cases and deaths decline across the country, yet health experts warn that “normalcy” remains a long way off.

Read more here.

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42 thoughts on “REPORT: CDC will recommend vaccinated people only socialize with other vaccinated people at home”

    1. So evidently the vaccination does not really protect you. All this is is limiting people’s exposure by 4/5s by further locking them down and making their immune systems weaker.

    2. Vaccine is a loose definition of what the shot is. I’m not anti shot, but this technology is very new, and very suspect in what it can and cannot do. I will not get the shot, perhaps others will leave me alone :-)

    3. This was all planned out by the global bankers and eugenicists in 2010. Read “Rockefeller Lockstep”. Lockstep starts on page 18 –

      The most recent planning was carried out 0n 10/18/2019 at the Event201 global pandemic exercise –,%20conducted%20on%20October,sectors%20that%20will%20be%20needed%20to%20fill%20them.

      Research “Cold Harbor Eugenics Laboratory.” Bill Gates Sr. was heavily involved –

  1. Are they going to enter homes and check how many shots did the neighbor you are having in for coffee has had? This is crazy ?
    I live in Poland, and I remember how the govt threatened us with such control by the police during the Christmas and Easter holidays. Of course, that would be logistically impossible and no police was entering homes, but the health minister is already calling off Easter again.

  2. They will take whatever steps necessary to force everyone to inject this “medicine” into every arm. This will not end well for America.


    They hate loosing control of the masses. More scare tactics by the communist liberals who want to force the American people into submission. Time for Fauci to go!

  4. Can someone ask the CDC if this means cruise ships can start up with no masks or social distancing… so long as everyone (including crew) are vaccinated? That seems like a logical extension of this guideance… but watch if this is asked they will have more vague and unscientific reasons why they don’t mean gatherings of strangers…just family and friends

    1. The main argument (which may or may not be valid – we just don’t know) is that you may be immune but your mask is for the possible protection of the unvaccinated since there is supposedly not enough research as to whether China Virus immune people may possibly still be transmitters (a la Typhoid Mary).
      Since we don’t know, I personally elect to wear a mask where requested out of courtesy to others.
      However, where others are not involved, I’ll be dropping most of the “rituals” intended for my own Wuhan COVID-19 protection.
      All that said, I take ANYTHING claimed by any government agency or any member of the media with a very large grain of salt. Especially since Biden and his handlers took the reins.

      1. The masks do nothing except gather bacteria. What comes out of your body should not go back in! People pull them out of their filthy pockets, purses or the rear view mirror of their sanitary car, then place them on their faces. Great advice from the CDC. How about giving a five on how to stay healthy. Anyone listening to these clowns after all the cheating lying and deceiving going on in the illegitimate government should have their head examined.

  5. If the vaccine works as a vaccine is supposed to work then vaccinated people have nothing to fear from unvaccinated people, right? Or maybe this vaccine is not a real vaccine? Perhaps it does not protect people the way people are being told. If it doesn’t protect you from getting the flu (COVID is nothing more than the yearly flu) then why take it at all and risk death or damage? This has NOTHING to do with health. It is ALL about money, depopulation, control and surveillance of all people on earth.

  6. Perhaps if doubly vaccinated people wore, say a “Red V” (for vaccinated) so others could identify them, and all unvaccinated people wore, say a “Blue PC” (for Potential Carrier, of course), then vaccinated (“V”) people could socially distance from the unvaccinated (“PC”) people. The PC people should continue to wear masks, too! Just sayin’

    1. Was thinking more like “s” for the sheep who got the shot and an “F” for those free thinkers who question a “vaccine” that the government seems to have little faith in.

  7. This is a clear admission that they really don’t know if the vaccine works or not. If it did vaccinated people would not have to separate themselves from other people. Nobody is going to comply with this ignorant recommendation.

  8. If you are vaccinated, why do you have to worry who you socialize with ? Doesn’t make sense— like all the rest of this nonsense. They do not want to give up the control.

  9. If you ask me, this is really creepy social engineering type speak.

    Are they really telling you that if you have another loved one in your house that’s not vaccinated, you have to stay away from them? Wasn’t that the whole point of the vaccination? If it is truly effective, you shouldn’t have to worry about who you’re around when it comes to COVID-19.

    Do they issue the same warnings when it comes to the Flu vaccine? Get the Flu shot, but isolate in your home anyway. Stay away from other people in your house because they haven’t received the Flu shot yet.

    They are effectively saying that the vaccine doesn’t work, and that you should be even more careful after you get it.

    Even with all of these ridiculous recommendations, I can still walk into any hospital, pass a temperature measurement device, get a sticker, and go visit whoever I want! I don’t even have to be vaccinated.

    None of this makes any sense at all, and they are not even trying to explain it. It’s all done by edict. Follow the science, unless we tell you not to…

  10. The reason for such recommendations is that the “vaccines” are not vaccines in any traditional sense. Here is a quote from my state health department’s guidance for medical practitioners:

    “While mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have demonstrated high efficacy at preventing severe and
    symptomatic COVID-19, there is currently limited information on how much the vaccines might
    reduce transmission and how long protection lasts”

    This “vaccine” is essentially a treatment, protecting only the person who gets it for an unknown amount of time. The “vaccinated” person may continue to spread covid-19 everywhere they go. The “vaccinated” present a potential invisible transmission risk to anyone without natural immunity because the “vaccine” blocks symptoms they might otherwise show.

  11. Guess I can kiss my family good-bye and prepare for a life of isolation. They’re all vaccinated or planning to be and celebrating the fact that they’ll be able to resume regular family gatherings. And they all bow to the CDC and Fauci’s increasingly ridiculous opinions and dictates. I, on the other hand, at the advanced age of 70, refuse to be vaccinated, so I guess it’ll be just me and my cat until sanity returns … if it ever does.

  12. These people are imbeciles they talk about herding then the dumb A$$e$ seperate people wowwwww. They must be using powerful drugs to reach those conclusions.

  13. I guess my understanding of what vaccines do is incorrect. I thought the whole point of vaccines is that they provide some level of protection against getting the disease. Apparently, I am wrong. If, after having been vaccinated, I’m still susceptible to the Chinese coronavirus, then what was the point of getting vaccinated at all?

    What am I missing?

  14. Jeffrey L Olson

    If you believe the CDC and the endless propagandist “cry-wolfers” I have some swampland in South Dakota with a buried treasure chest of fools gold to sell you. The people lying to us for control and profit will never stop lying on their own volition. The only way this manufactured crisis ends is when people decide to start ignoring this utter claptrap.

  15. What are the odds the CDC will say this, for the purpose of holding off the cytokine storm deaths that could appear when ‘the vaccinated’ meet the wild virus, and all die like a bunch of laboratory ferrets did in an earlier coronavirus vaccine attempt?

    I’d say they are too high, considering just about everything about this pandemic has been lies, exaggerations, and tricks.

  16. Can we stop calling it a vaccine? It clearly is not and is actually gene therapy. This is completely illegal by the way…

  17. Lately I’ve realized God willing I’ll be living in a cave eating locusts and wild honey. Mom n pops are getting their second jab Monday. They celebrate evil for good and practically bow down to the tv with newspaper brains. The truth is wasted on swine.

  18. I know of several cases where one spouse is vaccinated and the other is not. So does the CDC recommend divorce?

  19. We are living in the twilight zone and the media is enabling the fleecing of citizens. Democracy in America is dying quickly and the effects for the next 10-20 years are chilling

  20. This insanity and so many gullible people is unreal. No mask at work, along with 270 others ever during any of this. Everyone is doing just fine and has enjoyed a functional society, business and city. While covid may have killed 3 million world wide, if you believe the faulty counting, cancer killed 10 million. No vaccination or mask ever, period.

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