POLL: Ninety-eight percent (98%) say Biden should keep his “hands off” the structure of the U.S. Supreme Court

“Hands off!” the Supreme Court of the United States, said 98% of the over 2,300 people who responded to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com.

Two percent (2%) said that President Biden should change the structure of the Supreme Court.

Should President Biden change the structure of the Supreme Court?

2% Yes!

98% No, hands off!

< 1% Not sure

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8 thoughts on “POLL: Ninety-eight percent (98%) say Biden should keep his “hands off” the structure of the U.S. Supreme Court”

  1. The one-two punch of HR1 passing and the packing of SCOTUS equals end of America as we know it. Which, I suppose is their goal. We’re already well on our way to that.

    1. There is still a chance of changes by the Senate to pull out sections that are plain wrong but to say it’s passing is the “…end of America as we know it…” you should add…”In your lifetime”. SCOTUS has changed the # of justices several times ranging from 5 to 10 justices over its history. Nine seems perfect to me, so lets have no further changes. And, within reason, anything that makes it easier for working people to work is a good thing.

    2. don’t lose heart just yet. Hr1 passed the house but seems so far “stuck” in the senate. And I think most politicians that want re-elected know not to mess with the supreme court size…despite the few that are angling for it and the bulk behind them that want it but don’t want to lose their job voting for it…But then I’m an optimist so…

  2. The Left’s idea of immigration reform, is also necessary to complete the destruction of America.
    HRI & Amnesty will destroy America way before the 1st Justice is sworn into office. HRI will legalize every means the Left used to cheat in 2020.
    I believe the failure of the immigration protests about 2006-2007 prevented America’s destruction. I would guess the aimed for destruction would have taken place between then & now. Like maybe, 0bama was supposed to turn of the lights of America during his term of office. I believe it was thought that he could get it done in what later became known as his first term.

    1. Nothing wrong with legal immigration and even setting a number to be allowed to arrive in each “group” or special skills or a means of supporting themselves; criteria used in the past. After all, during the great migrations the US actually sent home some of the legal immigrants that arrived here. The issue these days seems to be that our doors are open for whites only!
      Now if you are totally against any legal immigration (from where ever) I have to assume you are a native American because everyone else here came from some immigrant family, even members of DAR.

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