(READ) Donald Trump statement on Rep. Matt Gaetz and pardons

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
“Congressman Matt Gaetz has never asked me for a pardon.  It must also be remembered that he has totally denied the accusations against him.”

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10 thoughts on “(READ) Donald Trump statement on Rep. Matt Gaetz and pardons”

  1. Nobody really knows what the truth is about the democrat accusations of Geatz misconduct are, however, I don’t think they are credible until we all see the actual evidence against him?! Feels like a democratic conspiracy to many people though!

    1. He has posted texts and I think a letter or email that seem to indicate there was an attempted shakedown. Why else would the payment and the allegations be mentioned together in the same communications? Only one reason I can think of.

      1. The global establishment is in-fighting about the “post” covid hoax world they assumed… These people are severely delusional if they think they will win, the satanic eugenics have lost the war, they don’t even know it yet. Society will collapse, faith in government and it’s institutions is already lost and will hit the point of no return soon. Only once that happens, will the new society re-emerge without the germ theory fraud, ethanol instead of oil used for transport, teaching kids how to learn instead of what to learn, etc. Gaetz is on the zionist side, and trump came to his “aide” because he was told to do so. Look who invested in Cadre over the last few years, company owned by the kushners.

        The two factions fighting are the zionists/rothschilds vs the rockefeller/soros/gates EU faction of the eugenics. It even plays out in the US politics as well. The far left democrats and blm are controlled by the Rockefeller faction, antifa and the “republicans” are the zionists side for the most part. Antifa is in bed with MI6 Andy Ngo, controlled opposition from the UK. Both sides want to destroy the US, but the geopolitical battle is about eu/china one world government or israel one world government.

        Trump is absolutely controlled by the peter thiel US zionist side. It seems the rockefeller faction, which is the biden admin, has some zionists puppets in the admin but overall, they are sided with EU. EU/rockefeller eugenics want to be friends with China to conquer earth and form it’s one world government, zionists/israel want to destroy the entire world and have israel as the capital of the one world government. That’s why europe and china are friendly towards iran.

        Both factions agree on everything, except for post mass depopulation. Ben Rothschilds died of a “heart attack” few months ago at 57… That doesn’t happen to the family who controls part of the world, he was killed. Trump is obviously a zionist shill, please wake up and face the truth. Rebuild the republican party locally, then at the state level, then federally.

        1. You can’t possibly believe that Nazi/Muslim debunked invention, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I recommend The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism by Chuck Morse. If you are open to the truth that destroys your narrative, that is.

          1. Ted Cruz? Marco Rubio? Paul Ryan? Desantis? Mcconnell? Even Rand Paul! Pompeo can’t talk for 1 minute without mentioning Iran or Israel…

            Trump is a rabid zionist, ivanka dated nathan rothschilds, wilbur and jacob saved trump from bankruptcy in the 90s, they go way back.

            Fox news is a rothschild front. Every “news” propaganda outlet serves the establishment, but the “republican” one is literally controlled by Israel. I don’t know if you’re honestly confused or shilling, but it’s painfully obvious to see the mirage and theater of “politics”, especially US “politics”.

            If politicians receive Koch money or republican establishment money, they are serving the zionists over America. It has been that way for over a century and will be that way for at least a few more years.

            There are no republicans or democrats… You serve the cause, or you don’t get to perform the theater act on TV, it’s pretty simple.

  2. This is a typical democrat smear campaign against Matt Gaetz. That’s typical democrat MO. DEMS ARE THE DIRTIEST, MOST CORRUPT GROUP ON THE PLANET. MATT WILL GET THROUGH THIS VICIOUS LIE

  3. With a biased quick to convict media in their corner the left feels free to attack with flimsy or no evidence.

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