Massive protests against ‘unscientific virus pass’ and other Covid restrictions in France and around the world

French citizens protesting a proposal for “virus passes”

Updated Sun. July 25 to include protests in Greece

Huge protests continue in Greece over the government’s mandates of Covid-19 vaccines for health care workers.

Protests are also underway in Italy over  “green pass” requirements proving vaccine status to eat inside restaurants or enter other public areas.

Italy protests

Thousands have also taken to the streets in Australia to protest continued lockdowns. Greater Sydney has been in lockdown status for four weeks. Residents must have a “reasonable excuse” to leave home.

Government officials say the protests are irresponsible and will contribute to the spread of Covid-19, which is reported to be surging in some cities. Demonstrators say the government restrictions implemented to date have not proven effective, are contrary to science, and violate citizens’ rights to freedom.

Original article:

Massive protests in France are being held in opposition to a proposed law requiring a special “virus pass” in order for patrons to eat at restaurants. It also mandates Covid-19 vaccinations for all health care workers.

Some propagandists in the U.S. are falsely labelling the protests as “anti-vaccine.” While attendees say some anti-vaccine protesters are no doubt part of the group, they insist the protests are centered on “freedom, liberty and science,” not opposition to vaccination.

Protesters point to scientific experts who agree that natural immunity after Covid-19 infection is proving to be longer-lasting and more effective, so far, than immunity conferred by Covid-19 vaccines. In Israel, the Pfizer vaccine has proven largely ineffective against a dominant strain of Covid-19. Vaccine manufacturers have said a booster is already needed just months after vaccinees received the recommended course of shots. Also, the vaccines have been subject of numerous cautions and warnings around the world as new side effects emerge.

Still, U.S. health officials generally recommend vaccination for most everyone, saying the benefits outweigh the risks.

The guidance of health officials has fallen into question as Covid-19 and restrictions have lingered. Polls show only half of the public trusts the CDC and FDA.

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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is been mired in controversy over its oversight and recommendations on Covid-19. Earlier this year, the agency and it’s top immunization scientists got caught intentionally misrepresenting studies on vaccine effectiveness for those who have already had Covid-19 vaccine. To date, CDC has not fully corrected the misrepresentations, nor explained who is responsible for widely disseminating them even after the agency acknowledged they were wrong.

Protests against Covid-19 restrictions are also taking place in Italy and other countries.

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5 thoughts on “Massive protests against ‘unscientific virus pass’ and other Covid restrictions in France and around the world”

  1. Mandates of any kind, always contribute to divisiveness. We do not need more divisiveness. Requiring a passport to enter free enterprise establishments will contribute to a even more sluggish economy. Small business does not need more obstacles. When 50% of the population is not fully vaccinated, a lot of money is taken out of the economy. Seeing that most mandates have NOT been working, the long term ramifications are huge.

  2. People are catching on that there is something else going on here than “keeping people safe.” These protests are generally peaceful, with no looting or burning, yet most coverage is extremely critical—totally unlike the BLM protests organized last summer that resulted in $2 billion in damages, at least 20 deaths, and countless serious injuries. Governments genuflect before protests against perceived racism but scorn huge numbers of people crying out for freedom.

    From the very beginning of the Covid scare, I found it extremely suspicious that 186 governments signed on to the lockdowns. When do 186 countries agree on anything?

    A lot of strings are being pulled in the background.

  3. Marc Maximilien Authier

    People are starting to understand what these passports are all about. By the way if you read correctly your history books, the first regime and country that introduced the ”health passports” idea was NAZI GERMANY. It was first launched in 1934 in Hambourg.And naturally there was forced vaccination in Nazi Germany. What does this really mean ? It means the State decides what medical treatment you MUST TAKE and if you refuse no social gatherings for you, NO JOB, no education, no travelling in the country or outside. People like Bill Gates must called for what they are; criminals against humanity and yes, NAZIS. I have family living in Israel where this crap of ”green passports” where first introduced. Israelis true to their tradition of behaving almost like sheep they were in the 30s instead of fighting vehemently their truly dictatorial government obeyed blindly in taking the deadly vaccine and now are under a Gestapo like green passport regime where they are denied even to go to the Synagogue if not vaccinated or PCR tested. It is truly surreal what is now going in Israel. Israelis which have beeen passive and cow like these last months better learn now from the rest of the world before they find themselves again in a concentration camp not ruled by German Nazis this time but by the likes of the WHO and Bill Gates. The New Yellow Star is now called the COVID 19 PASSPORT. The goak is clear. They want to own even your body. What you decide to do with your body should NEVER be the responsability of the state. Remember NURENBURG. trials and respect and apply the Nurenburg Code against tyrants like Gates or any evil politician wanting us living like in Nazi Germany or USSR or Communist China.

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