POLL: If Trump runs again, “He’ll win bigly”

If Donald Trump runs for president again, “He’ll win bigly.” That’s according to an unscientific poll of more than 1,400 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Seventy-six percent (76%) of respondents predicted a hypothetical Trump win.

Seven percent (7%) said he would “lose bigly.” Another 12% said the race would be “razor close.”

If Trump runs for president again:

76% He’ll win bigly

7% He’ll lose bigly

12% It will be razor close

5% I have no idea or don’t care

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7 thoughts on “POLL: If Trump runs again, “He’ll win bigly””

  1. Love all you do for all of us. You are diamond in the rough. You are appreciated. Please stay safe! I used to be friends with you on fb before I was deplatformed.


    Yvonne Breese

  2. I believe Trump would win AGAIN in a landslide…but, the voting process needs to be corrected. Without a fair and just voting system (no cheating, no fraud, etc.), the silent majority will remain silent.

  3. The left has been targeting the uninformed by using the MSM to twist the truth and outright lies.
    Most young folks don’t care about politics, they’re too busy with their own issues including college students.
    I know, I was ignorant a loooong time ago. Now (75) I’ve been following the way the country has been going down.
    The corrupt Clinton gang, Godmother Nancy, the CIA and FBI.
    I’m amazed that the us $ is still where it is today but for how long?
    Trump uncovered so many issues that’s why he was dogged for 4 years and still.
    I’m a naturalized us citizen, us army vet. and want to see America great again.
    Also, we must stop this lobbying and the industrial military complex from encouraging new wars.
    Thank you, Sharyl, for being a journalist I trust!

  4. I believe if the voting process could be trusted, president Trump would be re-elected for another term. Other than president Regan, there hasn’t been a president in my lifetime who has brought more people together and done so much for the common good of the people.

  5. If a fair and legal vote is achieved, but I think we have progressed beyond ever having that again in this country. We have passed the point of no return and are headed for a “civil war”. BTW, there is nothing civil in this war.

  6. The Spike Proteins are kicking in now. The UnVaxxed are the enemy when it Is the Trogan Horse
    Jab that will destroy the American People and open the door for China to kill the rest of us off.
    There will be NO 2024 Election.
    We were brain washed to believe that WW# would be Nuclear.
    In Reality is Is a Biological Attack on the Free World and the World and a Cyber Tran-Human
    Do you know about the 1859 Carrington Event?
    We we lucky days ago when the Sun Blasted 2 Class 5 CME’s out going in the opposite direction.
    If such an event happens again,, we will be living in the 17th Century.

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