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14 thoughts on “Over-counting Covid-19 Deaths (PODCAST)”

  1. James Darrell Patin

    That’s not the only way they over count. If they counted the flu deaths in the same way we would have over 500000 flu deaths a year. Most people die with the flu not of the flu. They do the opposite with COVID-1984 numbers. Most people die of covid not with covid. It’s an obvious fear tactic that they have been using since the beginning that is easily seen to anybody that looks.

  2. Tried to make a one-time $50 donation, but the processing app button insisted on a ‘monthly’ donation. No other option.

  3. We have personally witnessed the miscounting of CCP (COVID) Virus deaths. A 56 year old female member of a family we are acquainted with was recently hospitalized after having had a stroke. She subsequently developed blood clots that caused her lungs to fail and she died. As is common procedure, she was tested for CCP when she was admitted. She tested positive. According to her family, her cause of death was listed as COVID-19.

  4. Locally, the hospitals-we have two-are counting anyone vaxxed, BUT without 14 days past the booster, as VAXXED for death toll. Doctors admit that anything that comes in and dies, they have to find a way to call it a “covid” death. A 100 year old, dementia patient with heart disease, diabetes, old age who dies in their hospital, gets labeled a covid death. They also are not giving covid patients the meds. Only oxygen in post cases-per orders from whom we do not know-they are ONLY GETTING OXYGEN. We know the three drugs that work, but the hospitals WILL NOT GIVE THEM.

    1. I don’t understand what you are trying to say in your first sentence. I am not trying to express a disagreement with it; it just is so poorly formed that I cannot figure out what you are trying to say.

  5. Why come Sharil Attkinson does not interview democrats? On her Full Measure show, it is always people who share her view that she talks with. that is not journalism. A journalist is supposed to be impartial, hear all sides before making any useful statements.

    1. You must not really be watching the program. Every person I interviewed in the first cover story this season was a Democrat.

      My cover story two weeks from Sunday interviews only Democrats, as it happens.

      I have interviewed many, many Democrats as well as Republicans; though most of my reporting is nonpolitical in nature.
      A few of the many examples include:

      Eric Swalwell

      Surviving Jonestown

      28 Pages

      For Profit Colleges

      Immigration Issues

      While I sometimes interview Democrats or Republicans for some stories, most stories that touch upon politics will represent both sides such as:


      Here is my Emmy-recognized report for undercover story on Republican fundraising practices: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/gop-freshmen-big-bucks-donors-hobnob-at-resort/

      Here’s my story on the questionable “charity” run by a Republican member of Congress who resigned shortly after my story aired. (The story was praised by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Talking Points Memo, see below:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7uLmwUhOtY

      Here’s one of my three-part Emmy award winning reports on President Bush’s bait-and-switch regarding the bank bail-out:

      Only you know why you would claim I “don’t interview Democrats.”

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