US Academy of Dermatology: vaccine skin reactions are no reason to skip Covid-19 boosters

The following is an excerpt from MedScape.

Requests for a medical waiver to avoid a second Covid-19 vaccine dose or a booster after cutaneous reactions to the first dose are not justified on the basis of risk, according to an analysis of several large sets of data presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology.

According to the data, “there are no serious adverse consequences from these cutaneous reactions,” said Esther E. Freeman, MD, PhD, director of Global Health Dermatology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.

This is important because the risk of vaccine hesitancy goes up dramatically in patients who experience reactions to the first vaccine dose, according to follow-up of more than 50,000 employees vaccinated in the Mass General Brigham Healthcare System (MGBHS).

According to Freeman, there was almost a fourfold increase in the rate of second-dose refusals for those with cutaneous reactions and a more than fourfold increase in those who developed angioedema.

“What we have learned is that fewer than half of patients who had a reaction to the first dose have a reaction to the second, and those who did have a reaction had a milder course,” said Freeman. (Continued)

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15 thoughts on “US Academy of Dermatology: vaccine skin reactions are no reason to skip Covid-19 boosters”

  1. Before you will get your first jab, drink some glasses red wine.
    Afterwards all view days a glass. And/Or Aspirin . Some days little red wine, some days Aspirin. Of course not together, because you can not drink always wine, than take for several days Aspirin. What is also good to drink several cups Fenchel tee.

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  3. I’m still wondering why the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION is censoring journalist JOHN SOLOMON over his reporting of the vaccine converting DNA in the liver from a very reliable group of scientists in Sweden. In fact, the WHO and NIH have used this group for guidance on several occasions. If you click on John Solomon’s article….a message pops up with a warning that the site is basically dangerous! Also, the almost NON-Reporting in VAERS about very serious health issues that are showing up across the country….but don’t look at those pesky Insurance reports and be assured that our military is being honest when the rise in deaths amount the young and physically fit since 2021 is due to a “computer glitch”….sure….I have a bridge to sell you in the Sahara Desert

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    1. A family member with a history of various skin cancers had bizarre grey eruptions after v@x. They protruded .25 inch, and were hard. Of course then paid Dermotologist to remove them.
      I don’t trust any medical organization that supports the 5h0t5.

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