POLL: People mixed on Musk at Twitter

Adult users of Twitter are overall unsure as to whether Elon Musk stands to make the popular social media platform better or worse.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

In a telephone and online survey, 34% of adult users of Twitter say Musk’s purchase of the site will make it better.

An almost equal percentage, 33%, say they think Musk will make Twitter worse.

And a hefty slice of people, 24%, say they don’t think Musk’s ownership will make much difference.

Elon Musk paid $44 billion to buy Twitter after long complaining about its censorship and tilted application of questionable moderating, as well as Twitter promulgating widespread misinformation produced by government and corporations.

He has since been targeted by liberals and the Biden administration, who support the censorship policies that saw Trump and many conservatives banned, as well as those whose opinions differ from liberal and pharmaceutical-driven narratives.

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6 thoughts on “POLL: People mixed on Musk at Twitter”

  1. Disclaimer, I have never been on Twit-error and won’t be joining the platform now or in the future. I have never been a fan of Musk as I felt his wealth was built off the taxpayers with the subsidies for Tesla both in purchasing the vehicle and the incentives he got to build the plants in CA and then TX. The taxpayers also funding much of SpaceX. Having said that, there is no doubt the man is a genius.
    I appreciate the Twit-error dumps that are showing the people how misled they have been for the past decade regarding the corruption of, not just the Biden crime cabal, but the democrats overall.
    I caution people as to considering Elon Musk as the hero. Much of his business wealth includes China. That has to be troubling so while we appreciate what he is doing now, what is the end game? Is Musk willing to risk a significant portion of his wealth to go against China/CCP or is this genius playing 3D chess/mahjong on one hand while conservatives are only watching the opposite hand?

    1. If, and only if, you don’t claim ANY deductions to which you are entitled on your income tax filings can you legitimately criticize Musk for doing so. I am opposed to many tax subsidies myself including mortgage interest, but don’t criticize people who use them.

  2. I am always suspicious of polls so I take these types of articles with a grain of salt. It is very easy to skew the results based on who is surveyed.

  3. Sharyl,
    may i suggest you conduct your own online survey, the accuracy may reflect the publics true feelings instead of reflecting any bias by those that conducted the referenced survey.

  4. This article and Elon Musk, and rest of social media and tech companies ? Elon Musk don’t like for people to track him ? But there platforms are doing it to rest of Americans 24\7 Hiding in the background of Apps and Browsers even if you don’t have accounts with these people or there apps installed on your devices ? Domestic Spying ??? I was running a security program with browser set strict and to be blocking these 3rd Party cookies and other 3rd Party trackers, and found out later visiting websites as you visit different websites 50 or more 3rd parties are installing various 3rd Party tracking stuff in the background anyhow..= Privacy settings Ponzi-Anti-Trust Fake settings, exploiting you me and your under age Children on these Devices. “Hence” Stalking and Data Laundering ! Users administration rights to privacy “What could possibly go wrong here in anti-trustl laws ??? Note ! Some of these Data Brokers in background ( Data Launders ) could be from other countries collecting Americans info and user information because there is no way to screen all these bad actors ?

  5. This Article and my earlier post on these matters, catching the Bad actors from all countries requires exposing the Truth’s so your Kid’s and grand kid’s will have a better future from Bad Actor’s hiding in the backgrounds = ” Miracles is the energy forces greater to relative force_ Wm. Andrews Discoverer since the 80’s and copyrights owner later, of New O.S. Binary energy systems… Bilnary Copyrights U.S.A.. Bringing another New un-squared constant mass energy equivalencies formula to this space we call our Galaxy…

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