(GALLUP) Top worries: inflation, economy, drug use, healthcare, Social Security

The following is from Gallup.


  • Increased worry about drug use, Social Security and healthcare
  • Fewer are worried about energy and the environment
  • Six in 10 worry about inflation and the economy, highest among issues

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Among 15 key problems facing the country, more Americans worry about inflation and the economy than any others, with six in 10 expressing “a great deal” of concern about these issues.

Americans are about as concerned with inflation and the economy as they were a year ago, but they are more worried now about drug use, healthcare and Social Security. They are less likely to say they worry about energy and the environment.

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7 thoughts on “(GALLUP) Top worries: inflation, economy, drug use, healthcare, Social Security”

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  1. I would think that election integrity would be a serious concern, but it’s not even on the list. Were people given election integrity as an option?

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