(UPDATE) Attkisson v. DOJ/FBI for govt. computer intrusions

Sharyl Attkisson prevailed in a hearing on some procedural disputes Monday in the Southern District of New York. In the lawsuit, Attkisson is suing government agents over their illegal intrusion of her computers while she worked as a CBS News investigative correspondent.

As a result of the hearing, CBS must produce the intruded-upon computer hard drive that the company has been withholding from Attkisson and her legal team, by April 27.

Additionally, CBS must make a good faith review and identify any and all communications between CBS and the government and/or Congress that took place discussing Attkisson and the computer intrusions, by May 5.

It was recently revealed in depositions that the independent forensic firm hired by CBS notified the US government about what the analysts saw as crimes committed involving Attkisson’s computers and the uninvited intrusions.

According to the forensic experts, the FBI sent a representative to the forensic firm hired by CBS to retrieve information about the intrusions and crimes, but then never followed up with the company.

Neither the cyber forensics company nor CBS nor the FBI informed Attkisson of any of these actions at the time.

Much later, was later learned that the FBI opened a case into Attkisson’s computer intrusions but never told her, interviewed her, or offered any assistance. In fact, the FBI falsely denied having any information or documents related to the case, until Attkisson sued the FBI for violating the Freedom of Information Act and received limited materials.

Attkisson responded to today’s hearing by saying that “small victories in an uphill battle are appreciated.”

Attkisson has received a clerk’s default judgement against one former federal agent who admitting being involved in the government spy operation against her and many others.

She is also currently suing an ex-Secret Service agent who has served time in prison for unrelated government corruption.

The Dept. of Justice has refused to investigate and hold accountable the guilty parties, instead spending taxpayer money to fight the lawsuit on multiple procedural and technical grounds.

Attkisson’s lawsuit is being supported by Fourth Amendment and whistleblower advocates on the political left and right. No journalism or press groups have ever expressed any interest or support in her case.

Read more below, including legal background; documents; and corrections of misinformation put out by the pharmaceutical/left-wing propaganda group Media Matters and its proxies, and misreported by their partners in the press.

Attkisson v. DOJ & FBI

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7 thoughts on “(UPDATE) Attkisson v. DOJ/FBI for govt. computer intrusions”

  1. I’m wondering how it’s even possible to sue a government that uses the corporate media as a conduit for propaganda that serves the deep state’s interests. In other words, it’s as if CBS pretends it is somehow disengaged from the intelligence matrix while following narratives contrived within the military-industrial surveillance complex. Where’s the integrity? Where’s the ethical intention within the media machine? Obviously, for the oligarch stakeholders, money and power matter more than telling the truth. I wish you success in the quest for truth Ms Attkisson. You are a courageous human being.

  2. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    ROBERT PHILIP HANSSEN dob 4-18-1944 was a Counterintelligence Agent employed by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), tasked with investigating Russian spies. Today Hanssen is incarcerated at a prison in Colorado following his arrest for giving away secrets to KGB agents who paid Hanssen cash for information about Top Secret operations. It has been reported that Russian double agents were summoned to Moscow where they were given death sentences for their espionage activities. The Traitor Hanssen caused people to die.. Brian Kelley was a CIA Officer whose life was turned upside down because the FBI felt he was the mole giving secrets to the Russians, when in reality it was FBI Agent Hanssen who was the guilty party. Kelley did nothing wrong, but paid dearly. Mistakes have a way of becoming enduring topics when innocent people are investigated and/or falsely accused. The predicament the FBI finds itself in today will not be erased from history. The only route that can begin to repair the damage caused by the self inflicted wounds is a fervent effort toward honesty, and a willingness to look into the rear view mirror and acknowledge the mistakes of the past.

  3. “Trust” but verify.
    There most likely is a silent majority within the FBI, that abhor what has occurred by a few in control. They are protecting themselves by silence and waiting for changes by a new administration and an honorable congress.
    I do not expect to see a change in my lifetime.

    Congratulations on your continued success.

  4. I long for the day when this turns into larger victories in downhill skirmishes. Congratulations are in order nonetheless!

  5. Best of luck! Under the most favorable circumstances, suing the media is extraordinarily difficult. It must certainly be exponentially more-difficult suing the media-government complex as it exists today. To prevail will require the patience of Job and the bankroll of Midas.

  6. Here is a prime example of how a corrupt government organization, a untrustworthy media will use the judicial system. The laws and the courts are not there to protect the innocent, if they can be manipulated, used, twisted, challenged for years and years. Costing hundreds of thousands in legal fees, not to mention the government’s use of my tax dollars to continue this charade. We’re not living in a free and fair country. The Constitution is being trampled on every day.

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